Doctoring Up! A Musical Legacy--Prologue


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Prologue, the simselves go crazy!

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Doctoring Up! A Musical Legacy--Prologue

  1. 1. Christie: “………………..”
  2. 2. Christie: “*yawn*”
  3. 3. Christie: “Where am I? And why am I naked?”
  4. 4. Snor: “Oh crap. This isn’t the womanizer club house. What are we doing here? Why is my hair in a weird man ponytail?”
  5. 5. Snor: “Actually, this stupid place has ‘Person’ written all over it! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of her crazy shenanigans!”
  6. 6. Dan: “Maybe we are in her legacy! But I rather get home to my girlfriend Britney Spears….today is naked Monday!” *wink*
  7. 7. Dan: “What are these bracelets for, then?”
  8. 8. ?: “Hello, Peons.” Shadow: “Who are you?! Where’s the bubble blower?”
  9. 9. ?: “Isn’t it obvious? I am Person, and you are in my new legacy.”
  10. 10. Christie: “So why are we naked, then? And what’s with the nurse outfit?” Snor: “I don’t mind being naked, personally.”
  11. 11. Person: “Isn’t it obvious? You are going to mate with each other! And I will use the babies! And the beautiful part is, you have zero choice!” Christie: “Crap.”
  12. 12. Shadow: “…..Excuse me? Who is going to mate who?”
  13. 13. Person: “Great question, Snor and I will mate, Christie and Dan will too, and Shadow, you get me also! Isn’t it splendid?” Snor: “Splendid? No! I don’t want my baby to be used in some kind of crazy legacy!” Person: “No choice! Anyways, Christie and Dan, go into the door on the left.”
  14. 14. Christie: “*sigh* As long as it’s a legacy. Come on, Dan.” Dan: “Oh god.”
  15. 15. Person: “You too, Snor. Come on.” Snor: “Okay. I feel like a man skank.” ~Meanwhile~
  16. 16. Christie: “It smells good in here. So what do you think she wants us to do?”
  17. 17. Dan: “Hmmm…..Let me see.”
  18. 18. Dan: “Candles….”
  19. 19. Dan: “Extra soft double bed…..”
  20. 20. Dan: “….And a bar. What could this mean?”
  21. 21. Dan: “I…I think she wants us to……woohoo.”
  22. 22. Christie: “Ew…..remind me to kill Person.” ~Meanwhile~
  23. 23. Shadow: “Weee!” ~Meanwhile~
  24. 24. Person: “Okay. Ready, Snor?” Snor: “Yup, Person. Let’s do this!”
  25. 25. Snor: “Womanizer power, activate!” Person: “Woah!” Snor: “Heehee!” Person: “We are not doing it like that! Put it away!”
  26. 26. Person: “We will get into these chambers, then when its done one of us will be pregnant. Probably the one with ovaries.” Snor: “So not woohoo?” Person: “Of course not!”
  27. 27. Snor: “Aw…..” ~Meanwhile~
  28. 28. Dan: “So…you ready to do it?” Christie: “*slurp*”
  29. 29. Christie: “No! I need at least 3 more.” Dan: “I’m not THAT gross, you know.” ~Meanwhile~
  30. 30. Shadow: “Weeee!”
  31. 31. Person: “Just strip down, and get in.” Snor: “Person! Can’t we just woohoo, its so much easier!”
  32. 32. Snor: “Yowza! I forgive you, Person.” Person: “You sick teenage boy. Get in.” ~Meanwhile~
  33. 33. Dan: “*slurp*” Christie: “*smooch* I can’t feel the gross….only the sexy hotness.” ~Meanwhile~
  34. 34. Person: “*buzz*”
  35. 35. *beep* ~Meanwhile~
  36. 36. Christie: “Oh Dan!”
  37. 37. Dan: “Oh Christie!” ~Meanwhile~
  38. 38. Person: “Come on out, Snor. You can go. Get Shadow in here.”
  39. 39. Snor: “Good luck, Shadow.” Shadow: “Good luck? Pssh. I know how to deal with Person.”
  40. 40. Shadow: “You listen here, Person! I refuse to carry the baby. I’ll donate my genes and whatever, but I will not let it come out of me. Got it? Person: “Sure. I’m a family sim, so whatever.”
  41. 41. Shadow: “Damn, its cold!”
  42. 42. Person: “Okay, Shadow. Time to come out!” Shadow: “Person, I think I’ll stay in for a while. Woo its good!” ~Back in the love room~
  43. 43. Dan: “That was wonderful, Christie. You know what, I want to do this again. I’m really excited to see where this relationship comes to. I really want to woohoo again, too. I love you, Christie.” Christie: “Um, Dan….This was a one night stand. It means nothing.” Dan: “But…I love you!” Christie: “Stop ruining the moment!”
  44. 44. Person: “Okay, I just sped up all your pregnancies. You should feel it soon.”
  45. 45. Christie: “This is not the body of someone on Broadway!” Shadow: “That’s why Person is pregnant.”
  46. 46. Christie: “Ow! Early birth!”
  47. 47. Christie: “What the hell? Why is the skin Maxis? This baby isn’t mine! Baby it will be able to sing. Oh well, at least Peyton is a girl.”
  48. 48. Snor: “Person you suck! I feel a baby in me!”
  49. 49. Shadow: “What is this? I’m pregnant?! Person what the hell?!”
  50. 50. Snor: “AHHHHHHHHHH!”
  51. 51. Shadow: “WEEEEEEE!” Dan: “—Heehee...Pleasure sims.”
  52. 52. Snor: “Ooooh….I’ll name him Austin Powers. Because if he’s like his dad, he will be a womanizer.”
  53. 53. Shadow: “Ah! It’s a girl! Yay! Mary Jane. Perfect name.”
  54. 54. Snor: “You know what I think we deserve? A streaking party! Woo!”
  55. 55. Snor: “Rock n’ Roll!”
  56. 56. Christie: “Ah! Snor, put some clothes on!”
  57. 57. Dan: “How dare he go nude in front of MY lady?! He needs to pay!”
  58. 58. Dan: “Move, Shadow! I need to incinerate a problem!” Shadow: “Oooh! Catfight!”
  59. 59. Dan: “Take that!” Snor: “What? Your flashlight?! Get out of here, you nerd! I’m the hot drama king!”
  60. 60. Snor: “Daniel! I’ll get you! I hate you! I just had a baby for goodness sake! I can’t die!”
  61. 61. Snor: “*dead*”
  62. 62. Dan: “Poor, Snor. Got in the way of me and my woman, and had to die.” Grim: “Yo Dan, he’s going to murder you when he comes back alive. Its on my list.” Dan: “I’ll deal with that when the time comes.”
  63. 63. Dan: “Christie, don’t you think its sexy I did this for you? Right, it’s sexy? Christie: “Erm, not really. More stalker-ish.”
  64. 64. Person: “Frammit! This is why I hate simselves! So dramatic! Get out! Leave this hospital, all of you, and never return!” ~Now we go to the legacy lot~
  65. 65. At this time, I should introduce the founder. I mean, that’s what makes this story a legacy prologue and not some crazy simself mating story.
  66. 66. Meet romance sim Libra, Broadway Scrubs. Or, Broad. Broad: “Ahhh…It smells like woohoo.”
  67. 67. Ready for a legacy, Broad? Broad: “No. But I’m ready for woohooing 10 generations of sims!” If only that was how it works, Broad. If only. That’s it for the prologue, I know it was short, but its not a chapter! So make sure to comment and look for Chapter 1!Bye!