Youtube partnership perfect traffic strategy


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Youtube partnership perfect traffic strategy

  1. 1. Link Building Tips: Youtube, A Perfect Traffic Generation Strategy http://linkbuildingtipsandideas.blogspot.comAs for now, i presume you all have ideas on how link building works, so i will go to i must say isone important aspect you should consider if you own a website. Traffic Generation. Majority of YouTube users have no idea about the concept of YouTube Partnership. Itis actually a partnership program where YouTube provides special privileges for their partners.This partnership can benefit you in many ways, including, and most importantly, website trafficgeneration. Some of the benefits you will earn as a YouTube partner include better videoresolutions, revenue sharing, access to an Insight tool, and an available content privacy optionfor your videos. Yet, being a YouTube partner doesn t take over night to happen. You need to havethousands of views for your videos in order for you to qualify. Remember, you can apply as aYouTube partner, but it would be advisable to wait for them to offer you the partnership becauseyour chances of getting accepted are higher. Not everybody meets the criteria for the partnershipso to guarantee your eligibility, make sure to apply with a high count for your video uploads anda good number of subscribers. For web traffic generation purposes, there are a number of things you can do once youhave become a certified YouTube partner. First is access to the Insight tool. This tool is verypowerful in that it allows you to view your video statistics by dates, months, and years. It alsoenables you to see how many people are watching your video, who they are, and the particularspots in the video that are most popular among your viewers. When used brilliantly, there arecountless of things you can do with this tool. But if you re not yet a YouTube partner, there s no reason for you to despair over notgaining access to the powerful tools exclusive for them. You can make use of your ownresources as a regular YouTube member and utilize them to their potential. One of the things youcan do to optimize your videos is to add annotations. Annotations are basically text bubbleswhich you can overlay your videos with for commentaries or links to your other videos. You canalso make this an interactive time for you and your viewers by inviting them to add their own
  2. 2. annotations to your videos. Just make sure that you don t go off topic and that every annotationshould contribute to the value of the video, not downgrade it. It would be a privilege to be a YouTube partner, for sure, but while you re stillworking out your way in getting there, it s good to be the best at your own level. Gradually, andsurely, your efforts will pay off in the end.