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How to get good ranks in search engine results


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How to get good ranks in search engine results

  1. 1. Link Building Tips: How To Get Good Ranks In Search Engine Results One of the most effective strategies for web traffic generation utilized by most, if not all, web marketers nowadays is the search engine optimization or more popularly known as SEO. SEO is basically, a list of tips and techniques on how to get top ranks in Google and in other search engines. Try out the following SEO techniques and get the top spot in search engine results pages in no time:1. Include the right keywords in your domain name. This is a basic, but very important, rule of SEO. If your web content or product information for example is about learning the Korean language, then you can come up with a domain that goes something like Once you get this trick right, you ll get a higher rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) than your competitors. Even if they have a higher page rank than yours, it wouldn t matter all the same if they don t include the keywords in their domain name.2. It s also important to include the keywords in your page title. For example, if your website is all about learning Korean, you can put up a title like Learning Korean Grammar and Basic Phrases. This can contribute a lot to your web traffic generation later on.3. Pay attention to keyword research. Finding the right keywords can increase your chances of getting the top spot. You need to choose keywords that are not commonly used because the competition for these keywords in the search engines are lower. Some keyword research tools you can utilize are the Google AdWords and the Market Samurai. These tools allow you to get substitute keywords for a particular word, and then shows you the number of competition for each of those substitute words so you would be able to make the right choice in selecting your keyword.4. Register with different search engines like Google and Yahoo. Register with all of them if you can. This may take a lot of time, but it will pay off in the end. To get a complete list of the various recognized search engines, just type site submission on Google or your search engine of choice. Follow these steps and you are sure to get an optimized website and a higher chance of getting top ranks in search engine results pages. Other things you can consider are article submission, blog commenting, social bookmarking, forum posting, video uploading, and blogging to name a few.