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    Einfinal Einfinal Presentation Transcript

    • No Man’s Land…or why your business isn’t 20 times bigger than it is
    • 4 Reasons You’re Likely Stuck1. Lack of marketing - #1 killer of small business growth.2. Lack of talent – Top people usually work for companies that are growing.3. Lack of systems – This usually comes with good people – Crutial to scale4. Lack of capital – To fund only growth after 1,2,& 3 are addressed
    • MarketingThe life’s blood of every growing business
    • Why Jimmy Can’t Do MarketingMarketing Options for MOST biz owners:1. Learn it yourself – in a couple of years you could be pretty good.2. Hire it done – Real marketing strategists NEVER work for a paycheck.3. Partner - The ONLY real option for most businesses
    • Only 3 Ways…The only three ways know to man to grow any business
    • 1. Get More Customers EIN leverages 34 methods of customer getting
    • Customer Getting Methods• Trade Show Marketing • Bounce Back Offers• Joint Ventures • Channels like Amazon,• Facebook Ads Sears.com, Overstock• Direct Mail Postcards and NewEgg• Groupon • YouTube Marketing• Google Adwords • Linkedin & Meetup• Search Engine • Power Referrals Optimization • Trade Publications• Social Media Marketing • Mobile Marketing
    • See why we typicallyTRIPLE new customeracquisition in 90 days or less
    • 2. Raise Profit Per Sale EIN leverages 3 big methods of increasing your average transaction value
    • Increasing Profits Per Sale• Immediate Upselling – Do You Want Fries with that (McDonalds)• Cross Selling – People who bought the also liked... (Amazon)• Bundling – You can get Phone, Cable & Internet… (Cable)
    • The McDonalds Example• $1.91 to get a person in the drive thru• 0.18 profit on a $2.09 burger sale• $1.77 fries and Coke add on $1.32 Profit 8 times that of the core sale
    • See why we typicallyTRIPLE transaction profits in 90 days or less
    • 3. Increase Frequency EIN leverages 4 big methods of increasing the frequency with which your customers buy
    • Boomerang Marketing• Constant Contact • Continuity Billing – Direct mail, Email, – adding auto-billing Newsletter Phone, solutions is the VERY TXT message, Social best of all methods to Media & Retargeting increase frequency• Loyalty Programs • Line Extensions – VIP promotions, – Sell more of what our Frequency discounts, customers buy often free merchandise via joint ventures incentivized referrals
    • See why we typically TRIPLE how oftencustomers come back to a business
    • The Good Part The Magical Math of Business Growth
    • Dynamic Business Growth• If a company profits $1,000 a day…• With 3 times more customers $3000• With 3 times the profit per sale $9000• With 3 times frequency $27,000How big would this $365,000 companyprofits be in 6 months?
    • $9,855,000.00
    • New Valuation $50,000,000.00 Us $35,000,000Owner $15 Million
    • The Better PartThere are more buyers for $10,000,000and Up Businesses Than Their Sellers? A Lot More
    • The Buyer’s EcosystemPrivate Equity Firms – 3-6X Multiples(Many times NO cash is needed at all) 6-18 monthsMergers and Acquisitions Firms 8-12X(Simply Aggregate to $100M+ to increase multiple)Public Companies 12-15X(MUST buy to meet street expectations, and have an instant way to double their money)
    • The Sucker (Stockholder)• Pays 25 – 30X multiple the very next day after the merger.• Usually takes 20+ years of holding to ROI from earnings alone• High risk of failure
    • $4 Trillion The amount of money public companies WISH they couldspend buying cash flow in 2012
    • See why it’s so easy to sell our businesses when they grow past $10M
    • M&A is a SELLERSmarket where businesses often sell to the highest bidder
    • At EIN, we specialize in growth from $2-$20M
    • There’s more:• We have 2 of the world’s most brilliant marketers on our team• We have in-house legal, accounting, HR & project management• Import and Export department with office in the US and Asia• Award winning technology and web team, social media and more
    • And all the capitalyou’ll ever need to fund your growth
    • The Filter Company• Bought 70% for ZERO out of pocket• Secured a factoring line $200K• Doubled Sales 1st month• Reduced raw materials 40% via import• Immediately TRIPLED net profitsCould flip today for a $1.2 profit… after just62 days ownership
    • Should Sell Next year for $8M to $13M
    • So here is the question: Are you happy where you are or would you rather…
    • Have a smaller piece of a MUCH bigger pie
    • That Owner Should Pocket Around a $4,000,000