Inforum 2008 Cashiering Demo

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Casheiring Demo done at INFORUM 2008

Casheiring Demo done at INFORUM 2008

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  • 1. Hansen 8 Cashiering Perry Mehta Technical Trainer, CDR
  • 2. Agenda
    • Purpose/function of Cashiering
    • Cashiering Process
          • Setup
          • Cash Drawer
          • Drawer Transaction
          • Count Out/Lookup
    • Q and A
  • 3. World of Cashiering Cashiering Step 1 Setup Step 2 Cash Drawer Step 3 Drawer Transaction Step 4 Count Out/ Lookup
  • 4. Transaction Analysis Count In Select the Charges Make the Payment Print a Receipt Count Out
  • 5. Purpose/Function of Cashiering
    • Cashiering provides the tools that your agency needs to accept and track customer payments, manage the drawers and registers used by your cashiers, and monitor drawer balances.
    • After cashiers are assigned to active cash drawers, they can begin accepting payments. When a customer approaches a cash register, the cashier can search for the customer's charges, accept the payment, and print a receipt.
    • Hansen 8 will create a transaction record for the payment and for any other movement of funds during the period the cash drawer is in use.
  • 6. Step One: Setup
    • Setup Cashiers with Access and Licenses
    • Create Register Group and Update Access
    • Create Register that points to Register Group
    • Setup Internal and External Charges
    • Setup Cashiering (Denominations and Register Based Drawer)
    • Denominations
        • Quarters
        • Nickels
        • $1 Bill
        • $10 Bill
        • $20 Bill
  • 7. Step Two: Cash Drawer
    • Generate Drawer (create a template and use it)
    • Count-In the Drawer
    • Activate the Drawer by selecting Register
  • 8. Step 3: Drawer Transaction
    • Discuss the Main Menu options for transaction
    • Select two different Internal Charge and One External Charge
    • Make a payment as combination of cash and credit card
  • 9. Step 4: Count Out/Lookup
    • Lookup Drawer/Register Transaction
    • Count Out the Drawer
  • 10. Questions Answers