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Risk ass

  1. 1. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot One!What:This front cover shop will be of my artist as a close uplooking directly at the camera creating an engagementwith the audience.Where:This image will be taken in front of a white /naturalbackground; this makes it easier to cut when it comes toediting for me to cut her out or to keep the backgroundfor my front cover.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:My artist will have a neutral tone in her makeup, this isnot to overpower the other colours on the front cover,she will however have a hint of colour on her eyes (seenin Q magazine) this is to make them stand out and notblend into the background too much as she is my keyselling point to my target audience. She will be wearingcasual clothes so that she can relate more to my targetaudience, she will be wearing clothes that are also smart(e.g. printed top underneath a jean jacket). For my frontcover I will not be using any props as this is not ageneric convention for ‘pop’ magazines as they usuallyhave either a simplistic close up or long shot.Colour & Lighting:The colour will be shown in her skin and through hermakeup (eyes), the lighting will be bright thus makingthese features stand out.
  2. 2. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Two!What: This back up shot will be of my artist but a long shotlooking down the lens of a camera.Where:This will again be taken against a natural backgroundthus making it easier to cut out or to keep a smartalready made background. This will be in the same placeas shot 1 however the shot type will be different andchanging up the look of the image.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:Her hair, makeup, costume and props will stay the same asin shot 1 this is because I don’t want to change themise en scene, just the look and style of the front coveras this will depend on the shot used.Colour & Lighting:The lighting and colour will vary slightly than in shot1, this is because if this is a long shot you will not beable to see her facial makeup very well thus not beingable to see the eye makeup. This alters my use of coloursslightly so to compensate I will use the lighting topromote features such as her hair and her clothes.
  3. 3. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Three!What:This shot will be of my artist, this will be a mid-shot styleimage.Where:I will take this against a plain neutral background in order tomake it easier to cut out when post production, this also willfollow the theme of my ‘popular’ magazine.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:My artist will be dressed smart and eye catching as she isgoing to be on the front of the magazine, her makeup will bepretty simple in comparison to the other shots I have planned.Her hair will be eye catching and will stand out similar tothat seen in the Q magazine.Colour & Lighting:The colour will be natural and come from the natural skintones, the lighting will be of high contrast in order to beable to capture the skin tones.
  4. 4. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Four!What:The main image is going to be of my artist. This will be amid-shot high angle image.Where:This will l take place against either a coloured or neutraltoned background, this is to not take anything away from theactual contents page.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:Her hair, make up and costume will again be simple, I mayhave her wear colour on her lips to make them stand out andher clothes will be casual but smart at the same time, thisis because I don’t want my artist being too eccentric likeLady Gaga who is a pop artist and I don’t want her to betoo revealing like Rihanna who is also a pop artist. I wantmy pop artist to wear the style of clothes as her targetaudience. I’m basing this image as the type of style ofJesse J or Emeli Sande because they both have a massaudience of various ages as they can relate to any agewithin reason.Colour & Lighting:The lighting will be high contrast to pick up the finerdetails on my artist. The colour will come from her make upagain as I want her face to stand out.
  5. 5. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Five!What:The shot again will be of my artist; this shot will bea mid shot of her from the side view.Where:This will be against a coloured or neutral colouredwall as I feel that adding the back colour will add acreative effect to the image and would become more eyecapturing.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:Her clothes again will be casual style, nothing too‘fancy’, her hair will be straight and her makeupwill be subtle as I don’t want her makeup to stand outas in the other images, thus I’ll keep to a smokysubtle shade.Colour & Lighting:The lighting will be natural as it will be an outsideshot, thus this will give her a natural look that hasnot been tampered with. The colours will be natural asthe lighting will produce the ‘glow’.
  6. 6. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Six!What:The shot will be of my artist; this shot will be a midshot of her from the side view/angled to the side.Where:This shot will take place in the ‘streets’ so at apark and on the roads ect. This is to show her in a‘normal’ place will relate more to my audience asit’s a place that they are too.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:Her clothes will be casual along with her makeup, toshow the audience she is down to each like them andthat they can relate to her.Colour & Lighting:The ;lighting will be natural because I will take theseduring the day, if they turn out too dark I will editthem using Photoshop, however this image should looknatural and not need editing.
  7. 7. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Seven!What:I will use close up shot of my artist similar to that thatI will use on my front cover and that of my contents page.Where:This shot will be in front of a white background thusmaking a simplistic background to the double page spread.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:My artists will have no props, but her makeup will be eyecapturing but subtle at the same time. You would not beable to see the clothes in shot as it is a close up and theclothes will be out of the shot. Her hair will be naturalas I don’t want it to take away from the image as well.Colour & Lighting:The lighting will be of high contrast to show the featuresof my artist, I may use colour in her makeup (eyes andlips).
  8. 8. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Eight!What:This shot will be a side shot of my artist looking overher shoulder down the lens of the camera; this will againbe a close up, with her making eye contact with theaudience.Where:This will be on a plain background as this is normally thestyle of a pop artist as it then makes the artistconcentrate on the artist rather than the background.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:Her hair, makeup and costume will be simple, for example,a simple coloured top and natural makeup tones so that theimage looks subtle and captures the emotion in her face,this is to capture and engage the reader using feelings.Colour & Lighting:The lighting will be of high contrast to pick out the skintones and subtleness within the image, otherwise I feelthat I will loose the emotion captured within.
  9. 9. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Nine!What:This will be a mid-shot of my artist as if she is onstage, I will edit this one to be black and white or add acolour overlay in order to make it look different to themain image on the double page spread.Where:This will be on a stage and will be a performance styleimage.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:Her hair and makeup will be simple and casual in thisimage as it will be hard to pick out the finer details inher appearance due to the contrast in lighting and colour.Colour & Lighting;This image will be a dark contrast image to create a vibefor the audience to make them feel like they are therewith her during her performance. I will add a colouroverlay to the image to create some depth to it and tomake it look different to the main image.
  10. 10. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Ten!What:This will be of her on a stage with a mic, as this is whatmy feedback suggested in order for it to look authentic.This shot will be a low angle longshot/midshot to give theeffect she is performing on a stage to an audience.Where:This will be on a real stage or on a dark background with alight shining behind her to give the effect that she is on astage.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:Her costume and makeup will stand out ore in this shot as itis a stage shot and most pop artists tend to put on a bigperformance to stand out. Her props will include amicrophone as this is also what my questionnaire suggested.Her hair will be curly in order to be bold and eye catching.Colour & Lighting:The lighting will be from a light from behind her, I willcreate this by shining a lamp behind her so when I take thepicture it will look like there is a spot light behind herthus creating an illusion. The colours will be added afterthe image are taken, I will add a colour overlay to create a‘vibe’.
  11. 11. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Eleven!What:This will be of my artist blowing glitter at the lens ofthe camera, this will be a mid shot.Where:This will be against a neutral background due to the factI will use coloured glitter to ‘pop’ it up a bit, thusby using the white background the glitter will stand outfrom everything else.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:I will have my artist have natural style of makeup, herhair again will also be simple because I don’t want totake away from the glitter effect. The only props I’lluse is the glitter.Colour & Lighting:The lighting will have to be high contrast in order tolet the glitter capture the light or the glitter will notglisten in the image. Colour will be used in the glitterso I will not add no extra.
  12. 12. Shooting Schedule, Misenscene and Locations Shot Twelve!What:This is my artist in an interview style pose, as theywill be sat down this will be a mid-shot.Where:This image will be in a normal environment such as a caféwhere my artist will act like they are in an interview,it will be casual however.Hair, Make up, Costume & Props:I don’t think ill use any props for this image as I feelthat it might take away from the actual image itself. Shewill be in normal clothing, nothing fancy, so the moodwould be relaxed and she would look casual.Colour & Lighting:The lighting will be whatever the lighting is in thecafé, if the lighting isnt working with the image I willedit it using Photoshop in order to create the image Iwant.
  13. 13. Risk Assessment Possible Locations Possible problems Risk Assessment • Could get busy • Return when less busy • Could disrupt others • Check to see if people mind Café • People might not like the pictures photo being taken. being taken • Could get busy • Conduct photography during School • Disruptive children running about lesson time • Could be busy, people rushing to get • Alter the placement of theTrain Station off the trains/platforms shot • Might not be able to get on platform • Keep out the way of • Could be busy • Go during school hours Streets • Main roads could be busy • No running and arrange • Weather conditions could not be fit another location if weather for shots (icy) conditions are bad • Could get busy • Make sure no one runs Park • Bad weather conditions, could be icy • Go during school hours so its less busy