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  • Biology - science of living organismElectronics – science tht deals with making devices and systems involving flow of electrons
  • Bioelectronics

    1. 1. BIO ELECTRONICS and Implanted Devices… Trisha Stephanie C. Cardona
    2. 2. What is Bioelectronics? • BIOlogy + ELECTRONics • the application of electronic devices to living organisms for clinical testing, diagnosis and therapy • the interactions of increased computing power, advances in prosthetic devices, artificial implants, and systems that blend electronic and biological componentsSources:
    3. 3. Do CYBORGs exist? • The earlier and more strict definition of Cyborg was almost always considered as increasing or enhancing normal capabilities, whereas now the term can also be applied to those organisms which use technology to repair or overcome their physical and mental constraints • Examples are artificial limbs and hands Kevin Warwick 1998Source:
    4. 4. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… eyes
    5. 5. • restore vision to patients with certain forms of retinal blindness • this happens when rods and cone degenerate • but nerve cells that connect the eye to the brain remains healthy • zooming in on distant objects • get useful facts to pop up in your field of view • surfing the Web • visual aids for vision-impaired people • immersive video gamesSources:
    6. 6. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… ears
    7. 7. • A cellphone implanted in the ear • six-axis piezoelectric accelerometer attached to the angle of the mandible, or the jawbone • using crystals that create electrical pulses when they change shape • on/off switch • hermetically sealed to prevent water entry and corrosion • Uses heat of the skin to power up the deviceSources:
    8. 8. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… heart
    9. 9. AbioCor Artificial Heart • Sept. 6, 2006 — A Massachusetts company received federal approval Tuesday to sell up to 4,000 artificial hearts a year • would be used only in patients who are close to death and have no other treatment options • tested in only 14 men • Two died from the operation, and another never regained consciousness • The rest survived only an average of five months, with one exception: • a man who lived 17 months, until the mechanical heart wore out.Sources:
    10. 10. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… lungs
    11. 11. BioLung • artificial lung that can replace the gas exchange function of a person’s native lungs during recovery from injury or illness, or until donor lungs are available for transplantation. • currently undergoing testing for FDA submission.Sources:
    12. 12. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… liver
    13. 13. Hepalife’s Bioreactor • External device • reduced levels of toxic ammonia by 75% in fewer than 24 hours • consists of three basic components: • (1) a plasma filter, separating the patients blood into blood plasma and blood cells; • (2) the bioreactor, which biologically mimics the liver’s function; and • (3), the HepaDrive™, a perfusion system for pumping the patient’s plasma through the bioreactor while controlling gas supply and temperature for best possible performance of the cells.Sources:
    14. 14. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… kidney
    15. 15. Hepalife’s Bioreactor • Kidneys remove metabolic wastes from the body and regulate fluid volume and distribution on a continuous, around-the- clock basis • Dialysis-on-the-go • With traditional hemodialysis, patients are hooked up to a machine for four hours, three times a week • provide cleansing and fluid balance on a continuous basisSources:
    16. 16. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… hands
    17. 17. i-limb ultra • vari-grip mode, allowing variable digit-by- digit grip strength • Gesture selection allows users to create custom gestures • Auto grasp feature to prevent objects slipping • Hand automatically moves to a natural position after period of inactivity • Low battery warning audio signalSources:
    18. 18. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… penis
    19. 19. Remote controllable penile prosthetic system • first fluid chamber means located adjacent a distal end of said prosthesis, and being inflatable with pressurizing fluid • second fluid chamber means for selectively storing fluid and located adjacent a proximal end of said prosthesis opposite said first fluid chamber means Electronic Condoms • 1995 paten image • Inflatable vibrating strip to make contact with the clitoris • Inflatable vibrationg ring to make contact with vaginal walls • Uses air or fluid • Actuated elictrically • Actuated by temperature sensitive materialSources:
    20. 20. Bioelectronics and implanted devices… foot
    21. 21. Proprio Foot • Capable of independent thought • Transforms the approach to stairs and slopes, as well as level-ground walking. • Reacts immediately, automatically and naturally.Sources:
    22. 22. Bioelectronics and implanted devices…