The Recipe For Local Search Marketing Success


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Presentation delivered to the Greater St. Louis Restaurant Association that discusses local search marketing strategies for restaurants.

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The Recipe For Local Search Marketing Success

  1. 1. Greater St. Louis Restaurant Association The Recipe For Local Search Marketing Success by Thomas Peroutka Monday, April 16, 2012
  2. 2. About Me Digital Sales Manager at The Berry Company Certified Google AdWords Professional & Microsoft Accredited Advertising ProfessionalHow You Can Reach Me @thomasperoutka
  3. 3. Agenda Search Engine Marketing  Online Video  Paid vs. Organic Search  YouTube Local Business Listings  Social Media  Google Places  Facebook Local Online Directories  Twitter  Network  Pinterest  Statistics  Foursquare Local Search Ranking Factors  QR Codes  Citations  Analytics & Tracking  Ratings & Reviews  Questions & Answers
  4. 4. The Numbers
  5. 5. The Numbers
  6. 6. The Numbers
  7. 7. Why settle forjust the tip of the iceberg? And more! And more! And more!
  8. 8. Search Engine MarketingPAID SEARCH PAID SEARCH
  9. 9. Search Engine Marketing • Search engine marketing allows you to target the audience that matters to you, whether thats prospects and customers across the country or right in your neighborhood. • Search engine marketing shows your ads at the precise moment customers are searching on the search engines for your products or services. Keywords Ad Copypizza restaurant st. louispizza restaurant claytonpizza delivery st. louispizza delivery claytonpizza by the slice st. louispizza by the slice claytonpizzeria st. louispizzeria clayton
  10. 10. Search Engine MarketingGeo-targeting allows you to target customers based on physical location
  11. 11. Search Engine Marketing MAPSORGANICSEARCH
  12. 12. Google Places
  13. 13. Google Places
  14. 14. Google Places
  15. 15. Google PlacesAccount SetupThere is generally a three stepprocess to setting up your localbusiness listing on Google:1. Submit your information, from basic contact info to photos and video.2. Verify your listing by phone or postcard.3. Wait for your listing to appear on Google. Verification will take up to two weeks.
  16. 16. Google PlacesBusiness NameDBA including the type of service that youoffer (ex. “Italian Restaurant”)AddressMake sure your address contains the cityor town where your business is registeredPhoneA local phone number that you use forthis listing and not for any othersDescriptionInclude relevant local search keywordsthat you would like to be ranked forCategorySelect up to 5 relevant categories that arepre-populated in the drop-down menu
  17. 17. Google Places
  18. 18. Google PlacesAccount VerificationPIN Verification is required toconfirm that the person claiming andverifying the listing through GooglePlaces is actually the business owneror an authorized representative of (314) 374-8154the business. A PIN, also known as averification code, is sent to either thebusiness address or the businessphone. The business owner thenenters the PIN into the Google Placesaccount. Once the listing has beenverified, the listing will appear onGoogle.
  19. 19. Local DirectoriesClaim and edit your business’s local listingsfor each of the three major search engines:Google Places - Local - Local -
  20. 20. Local Directories
  21. 21. Local DirectoriesThe Network• Most preferred Internet Yellow Pages in the U.S.• – A “top 40” U.S. local search site• Over 185 million monthly searches• Distribution network of 20+ sites that includes Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, and Citysearch
  22. 22. Local Directories
  23. 23. Local Directories
  24. 24. Local Directories
  25. 25. Local Directories
  26. 26. Local Directories
  27. 27. Local Directories
  28. 28. Local Directories
  29. 29. Local Directories
  30. 30. Local Directories
  31. 31. Statistics ` National Top Industry Ranking Category Search Traffic Report for St. Louis, MO
  32. 32. Mobile Searches Happen While People Are Mobile50% of mobile searches looking for Restaurants & Dining were performed while in the car
  33. 33. Local Ranking FactorsThree Major Factors of Local Ranking Relevance 1. Relevance Did the user intend to search for this business or category? 2. Proximity Is this business close to the user or Proximity does it serve the user’s location? 3. Popularity Have people rated or searched for this business frequently? Popularity
  34. 34. Citationso Citations are defined as “mentions” of your business name and address on other web pages, even if there is no link to your website. An example of a citation might be an online yellow pages directory where your business is listed, but not linked to. It can also be a local chamber of commerce, or a local business association where your business information can be found, even if they are not linking at all to your website .
  35. 35. Citations vs. Links Citations Links Example of a citation – Example of a link – major factor in maps contributes to organic optimization lifto Citation: A mention of a business name, address, and o Link: A connection between one web page and another. phone # (NAP). o Benefit: The more links you have back to your site, theo Benefit: Used by the search engines to weigh both the more authoritative you appear, which contributes to a accuracy and popularity of businesses in their local search rise in organic web site rankings. results.
  36. 36. Citations vs. Links Citations help your maps optimization Links help your organic rankings
  37. 37. Citation Sources
  38. 38. Ratings & Reviews
  39. 39. Ratings & Reviews
  40. 40. Google AlertsGoogle Alerts is a great tool for Online Reputation Management
  41. 41. Local Ranking Factors
  42. 42. What Are Your COMPETITORS Doing? How Are You DIFFERENTIATING Yourself?
  43. 43. Competitive Analysis Restaurant Claimed Citations Google Listing Reviews1 Charlie Gitto’s On the Hill Yes 135 922 Zia’s Restaurant Yes 108 563 Tony’s No 148 1414 LoRusso’s Cucina Yes 115 695 Favazza’s No 74 296 Charlie Gitto’s Downtown No 114 307 Kemoll’s Yes 163 54
  44. 44. Online Video Benefits of Online Video • Videos generate interest, buzz, inbound links, and web site traffic • Videos can help a web site achieve better rankings overall • Google’s Universal search provides extra opportunity to drive traffic
  45. 45. Online VideoCreate a YouTube channel for you business to house your online videos
  46. 46. Online VideoVideo DistributionThe basic idea behind videosyndication is to take asingle video and distribute itacross as many videochannels as possible. Theadvantages from a brandingperspective are clear. Themore places your brandedmessage appears, the likelierthe chance that people willwatch your video and beexposed to a brandimpression. In short, bringyour video to the peoplerather than expecting themto come to you.
  47. 47. Online Video
  48. 48. Online Video
  49. 49. Social Media
  50. 50. Facebook
  51. 51. Facebook TipsBe Engaged With Your FansTry to respond to everyone’s posts, whetherit’s positive or negative. Post Pictures Food not only tastes delicious but it looks beautiful. Post great pictures of your dishes to make people salivate and get them in the door. Be Transparent Responding to negative reviews shows initiative to regain customer’s trust.
  52. 52. Facebook TipsEducate Your FansShowcase your food, provide recipes,explain the origin of the dish and shootvideos of the chefs in action. Share Your Press You’ve worked hard to get good reviews so why not share it with the world. More publicity mean more customers as long as your food is delicious and your customer service remains excellent. Offer Specials Promotions are a great way to keep people coming back to your restaurant. Consider offering a code or buzzword on Facebook for in-store redemption to help get a sense of your social media influence.
  53. 53. Twitter
  54. 54. Twitter TipsShare The Latest NewsTwitter is a great place share things as theyhappen. Tweet about your daily specials, Run Contestssoup of the day, and upload photos of your You can offer a free dinner giveaway tobest menu items. one person a day. To be eligible you must retweet the restaurant website. This now opens your website up to each followers’ network and if someone in their network is interested, they may retweet as well. Now you’re getting your website in front on another network. Welcome to Viral Offer Exclusive Deals Marketing. Offer daily deals, exclusively to your Twitter followers, to give your casual customers a push to come in more often. For example, offer a free appetizer to the first person who mentions your promotional tweet, or a discount to everyone who retweets your daily special.
  55. 55. Pinterest
  56. 56. Pinterest TipsCreate Specific PinboardsIdeas for pinboards for a restaurant include:• Menu Items: pin images of entrees• Daily specials: pin a new picture each day of Offer Promotions your daily special Include pins that people can either print• Locations: pin images of each of your a coupon or contains a link to where they locations can get the coupon.• Recipes: pin recipes of your menu items or specials instead of just the photo Cross Promote Your Pins Share your pins with your Twitter followers and Facebook fans.
  57. 57. Foursquare
  58. 58. Check In Specials
  59. 59. Social Mention
  60. 60. Social Mention
  61. 61. QR CodesOtto Pizzeria & Enoteca in New YorkCity includes QR (or QuickResponse) Codes on the menu thattakes the user to a video greetingfrom owner Mario Batali thatincludes a short introduction to hisrestaurant and menu suggestionsfor his seasonal favorites.
  62. 62. QR CodesDuke’s Barefoot Bar & Grill inWaikiki includes QR (or QuickResponse) Codes in their printadvertising that takes the user to anonline video from former MissHawaii that includes a shortintroduction to the restaurant andan overview of upcoming events.
  63. 63. Analytics & Tracking SEO PPC Mobile Social MediaLocal Directories
  64. 64. Questions & Answers