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Where in iceland to see fox
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Where in iceland to see fox

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About foxes in Island

About foxes in Island

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  • 1. Sölvi Sveinsson Where in Iceland can you find artic fox ?
  • 2. General about artic fox in Iceland  You can find artic fox anywhere in Iceland if you are fortuned  Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is home to Iceland´s most dense arctic fox population, making it a great place for watching them in their natural environment.  The fox have been able to live there undisturbed for 17 years or since 1995 when hunting artic fox was forbidden in the area. The area was conservated 1975.
  • 3. Iceland
  • 4. Vestfirðir (Westfjords)
  • 5. Hornstrandir  Hornstrandir is very beutiful area with harsh landscape  High and narrow mountains  Big cliffs full of seabirds  Last man (lighthouse keeper) living in the area whole year around moved away in the year 1995 Only way to get there is by boat (or walking)  Snow blizzards and other extreme weather during the winter is one of Hornstrandir characteristic  Nice weather during the summer
  • 6. Melrakkasetrið....  In the small town Súðavík that is about 17 min(20 km.) driving from Ísafjörður is the Melrakkasetrið (Muesum of Artic Fox) locaded
  • 7. Melrakkasetrið  Melrakkasetrið is dedicated to the artic fox that lives in Iceland  Melrakki is an old name for the fox and setrið means museum  Founded in sepember 2007  The goal with the museum is to collect knowledge, things and the history about the fox in one place  Operated by companys, communitys and idivituals that are interested in the artic fox  The museum runs a very good webpage with alot of informations. http://www.melrakki.is/
  • 8. Melrakkasetrið
  • 9. Video: Fox in Hornstrandir  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyYzIuG92Ds
  • 10. Traveling to Iceland from europe  If you want to come to Iceland and see artic fox, the best way to get there is by fligth  Scheduled fligths all year around from many destinations in europe  For example: Italy, Spain, England, France, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Danmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands  An other option is taking an ferry from Danmark
  • 11. Taking ferry from Danmark  The ferry sails to a small town, Seyðisfjörður in east –Iceland  10 hours driving from Seyðisfjörður to Ísafjörður  You are able to take your own car that saves money for rented car  Takes longer time then flight and a little bit expensivere
  • 12. How to get to Hornstrandir from Reykjavík ?  The easiest way is flying from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður  There are two fligths a day, all year around  The fligth only takes 40 minutes  Other ways to get to Ísafjörður is by bus or car  The only way from Ísafjörður to Hornstrandir is by boat
  • 13. How to get to Hornstrandir ?  The best and easiest option is to go on an daytour (10 hours) with West-Tours called Fox Watching Day (Searching for the Arctic Fox)  An description taken from West-Tours homepage: We depart with a boat from Ísafjörður in the morning for the Hornstrandir area. The length of the hike to the den is uncertain. We hike to the den and spend time watching the cubs play around. Hopefully we´ll get to see their parents bring them some food
  • 14. How to get to Hornstrandir ?  The Iceland Touring Association also plans tours to the area.  They are longer and more expensive then the day tour  You could also take an boat and be there on your own  Please notice that the Hornstrandir area is impossible from 1.th september to 31.th may
  • 15. Examples of prices traveling from europe to Hornstrandir  Flight London – Reykjavík with return from 210€ to 250€  Flight Reykjavík – Ísafjörður with return from 80€ to 110€  Car rented for three days 200€ (The cheapest car from Hertz car rental)  Bus from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður 81€  Boat from Ísafjörður – Hornstrandir with an return 50€  Fox Watching Day is about 110€ (incl. guide and boat)  5 days trip with The Iceland Touring Association is about 190€  So the trip could cost from 400€ up to 1100€ (Accommodation, food, fuel, etc. not included)  We are not responsible for the price and it can
  • 16. Distances and other good information when traveling in Iceland  From Seyðisfjörður to Ísafjörður 892. km, 10 hours and 30 minutes with no stop  From Reykjavík to Ísafjörður 451. km, 5 hours and 40 minutes with non stop  From Keflavík Airport to Reykjavík 48. km, 43 minutes.  In Iceland the maximum speed on the route is 90 and 80 on gravel roads( None routs here above are gravel)  Cheapest accommodation on an hostel is about 20€-23€ per. nigth (1 bed)  The liter of petrol is 1,63€ and the liter of disel
  • 17. Links  www.wowiceland.co.uk/(airlines)  www.icelandair.com (airlines)  www.easyjet.com (airlines)  www.norwegian.com (airlines)  www.wowair.com (airlines)  www.hostel.is (cheap accommodation )  www.grapevine.is (good info when traveling to Iceland)  www.smyrilline.com (Ferry from Danmark)  www.vesturferdir.is (West-tours)  www.fi.is/en/home/ (The Iceland Touring Association)  www.sterna.is (bus company)  www.hertz.is (car rental)  www.hoteledda.is/en (summer hotels)  www.dohop.com (cheapest flights)  www.icelandtravel.is (good info when traveling to Iceland)
  • 18. Any questions ?