An introduction to IBM BlueMix

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What is IBM BlueMix? …

What is IBM BlueMix?

"A platform where developers can act like kids in a sandbox
- except this box is enterprise-grade."

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  • 1. Codename: BlueMix Introduction Per Henrik Lausten, June 2014
  • 2. What is IBM BlueMix? "A platform where developers can act like kids in a sandbox - except this box is enterprise-grade." Runtimes: Liberty for Java, Node.js , Ruby Web and Application: Data Cache, Session Cache, Elastic MQ, Rules, Single Sign On, Travel Boundary, Validate Address, Reverse Geocoding, Geocoding, Redis, RabbitMQ, RapidApps, Cloud Integration, CloudAMQP, RedisLabs, SendGrid, Application Auto- Scaling, Log Analysis, Twilio Mobile: Push, Internet of Things Cloud, Mobile Data, Mobile Application Security, Mobile Quality Assurance, Twilio, Square Data Management: SQL Database, Cloudant NoSQL Database, ClearDB, ElephantSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL Big Data: Analytics Warehouse, Analytics for Hadoop, Time Series Database DevOps: Monitoring and Analytics, Mobile Quality Assurance, Git Hosting, Web IDE, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery Pipeline, Agile Planning and Tracking, BlazeMeter, Load Impact
  • 3. What is IBM BlueMix? • Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) • Based on Cloud Foundry (a standard for PaaS) • IBM DevOps (JazzHub): online edit (Eclipse Orion), commit, build & deploy • IBM BlueMix is in beta • Pricing not yet revealed • Other PaaS offerings: Heroku, Google App Engine, OpenShift, Pivotal One
  • 4. Resources • IBM BlueMix: • IBM DevOps: • IBM BlueMix Lab: • IBM BlueMix community: • Github: • BlueMix Sample: ToDo Apps Built Using Your Favorite Language: language/
  • 5. Let's clone and deploy an app • Lab A-2 from the BlueMix Lab • Clone the source code • Install CloudFoundry (cf): • Setup cf: cf login -a • Deploy to BlueMix
  • 6. Let's clone, edit and deploy an app • Lab B from the BlueMix Lab • Fork (clone) the source code using JazzHub • Edit the code and commit • Auto deploy to BlueMix