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A powerful web application server (intravision IBM Connect 2013 Update) February 25, 2013
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A powerful web application server (intravision IBM Connect 2013 Update) February 25, 2013


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I gave this presentation at the IBM Connect 2013 Update seminar hosted by Intravision on February 25 at IBM in …

I gave this presentation at the IBM Connect 2013 Update seminar hosted by Intravision on February 25 at IBM in Copenhagen.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. A powerful web application server IBM Connect 2013 Update Per Henrik LaustenFebruary 25, 2013
  • 2. About Per Henrik Lausten● Full-time developer and part-time administrator with my own one-man company PHL Consult● Lead developer for Sherlock Web● Chairman of NotesNet – an assocation of 25 independent consultants● Member of the board at OpenNTF – open source for IBM Notes/Domino and IBM Connections● Member of the board at DanNotes● 2013 IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions● Mentor for XPages developers in several companies● 5K rank on Stack Overflow with >180 answers primarily on XPages● Experienced XPages web application developer ● ● ● ● ● ● and more
  • 3. Agenda● What is XPages?● XPages news from IBM Connect 2013● IBM Domino Designer 9.0● IBM Social Business Toolkit
  • 4. What is XPages?● Web development platform based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.2● Uses HTML, CSS, server-side Javascript, client-side Javascript, Java, Dojo Javascript framework● Runs on IBM Domino 8.5+ and IBM XWork Server 8.5+● Can use 3rd party (commercial and open source) frameworks such as: ● UI: Blueprint, Twitter bootstrap, etc. ● Mobile UI: jQuery Mobile, Dojo Mobile, Sencha Touch, etc. ● Java: Google Guava, iText, JDBC connectors, etc.● Uses the Notes/Domino NSF for data storage (NoSQL)● Can easily extend and modernize existing Notes applications● Part of the IBM MobileFirst platform● Its the future!
  • 5. What is XPages? (continued)● XPages can do anything web related● XPages is for everybody ● From formula and SSJS to Java ● From beginners to advanced developers
  • 6. Examples of XPages applications
  • 7. More examples of XPages applications
  • 8. XPages in IBM Domino 9.0● 40+ sessions on XPages at IBM Connect 2013● XPages Extension Library (Upgrade Pack 1+) now part of the default installation ● IBM Notes 9.0 and Domino Designer 9.0 ● IBM Domino 9.0 and IBM XWork Server 9.0● New license terms for IBM XWork Server 9.0: $1.000 per 8 databases ● Still unlimited number of users, no PVU licensing
  • 9. XPages in Domino 9.0 (cont.)● OneUI 3.0● Dojo 1.8.1● CKEditor 3.6.5● XPiNC performance improvements● New Redirect Control● New SendMail action ● Supports Embedded Experience (JSON or XML payload)● DEMO: Dojo 1.8.1 and OneUI 3.0
  • 10. IBM Domino Designer 9.0● Productivity improvements ● Faster builds ● SSJS debugging (Java debugging since 8.5.x) ● Content assist in XSP source editor ● Hyperlink navigation ● Hover help ● Jar design element
  • 11. IBM Social Business Toolkit● IBM SBT allows you to integrate the different IBM Collaboration Solutions products● Example: use the SBT to create embedded experiences in XPages that runs in the activity stream of IBM Connections● DEMO: IBM SBT Playground● IBM Social Business Toolkit:● Social Business Toolkit Playground:
  • 12. Embedded experiences● OpenSocial● IBM Connections 4.0● IBM Notes 9.0 ● Requires IBM Domino 9.0 + Domino 9.0 OpenSocial component + Apache Shindig server
  • 13. News and resources● Collaboration Today ● ● ●● Stack Overflow #xpages #ibmsbt● Public presentations from IBM Connect 2013 ●
  • 14. OpenNTF Appathon
  • 15. Questions? Per Henrik Lausten @perlausten