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The Periphèria Vision presented by Prof. Alvaro Oliveira on the Periphèria Observatory meeting in Palmela, May 6th 2011.

The Periphèria Vision presented by Prof. Alvaro Oliveira on the Periphèria Observatory meeting in Palmela, May 6th 2011.

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  • 1. 1st Wave – 192nd Wave – 323rd Wave – 684th Wave – 935th Wave - 62 Total 274
  • 2. EU and City Digital Agenda Future Internet PPPdevelopments CIP pilots (FP7) Smart Cities Internet of Things action planSmart city Enterprise-friendly infrastructuresinnovations Smart energy Empowered citizens Collaborative working Sustainable development facilities Smart mobility Health and careInnovation City-based living labs Living lab Connected experimentationecosystems methodologies facilities FIRE facilities / Regional partnerships platforms E-participationNetworked platforms Collaborative networksapplications Intelligent utility Connected Interoperability networks workplaces support Common platforms Trust, security, identityService Semantic web Orchestration systems managementinfrastructure Platform integration FP7-ICT projects Future Internet Composable services and architecture networksInternet Virtualisation Sensor networksTechnology FIRE projects GENI Federated networks Access technologies AKARI (JP)
  • 3. ”The map of opportunities” Testbeds in FP7: OneLab2, PII, VITAL++, WISEBED, FEDERICA Future Technologies Smart City (federated) User driven Internet For Smart Applications Research Testbeds Cities innovation FIRE experimentally-driven Living Labs: ENoLL (200+ living labs), advanced research projects APOLLON etc Smart City Internet pilots: (OPNEX, ECODE, NANODATACENTERS, N4C Creative media, health and care, etc) energy Data mining OLAP Wiki’s Content JOOMLA Barcelona, Manchester, Web design Helsinki etc Management Visualisation Intelligence mashupsCollective intelligence 3D tools Simulation for Access for all Co-design tools decision making Broadband CollaborationCrowdsourcing networks Web Community Security and trust Virtual collaborationsupport
  • 4. 13Source:
  • 5. Deploy convergent Future Internet (FI) platforms and services for the promotion of sustainable lifestyles in and across emergent networks of “smart” peripheral cities in Europe.
  • 7. Neighbour- Street Square Museum- City Hall hood Bremen Athens Park Palmela Malmoe GenoaCo-housing cooperative Management of city Citizen engagement in Tourist and citizen Use an ICT-equippedwanting to go sustainable. parking. developing, co-designing participation in learning mobile vehicle to extend and prioritising green about material and delivery of city e-govVisualisation of collaborative Integrated ICT and city policies: immaterial cultural and services to territory.e-participation ideas. mobile services for •Traffic management natural heritage (FP6 drivers including and info services ISAAC). •Accessibility andCommunity resource sharing. reservation of spaces. mobility for All project •Waste collection Management and (awareness and trainingLink with local supermarket Introduction of management and info protection of cultural and in schools and publicfor sustainable food. facilities for electric system natural heritage. administration) cars, bicycles andInter-cultural communication related services. •Planning of green city Safety and quality of life •Services to automotivewith immigrant communities. spaces in open urban spaces. SME network cluster Integration with publicReal-estate management transport networksfirm to renovate public and food logistics.spaces with technologyexperiences.Mobile games to exploreunfamiliar parts of the city. 23
  • 8. RFID Sensor networksLocation ServiceBased compositionServicesInternet of People Internet of Services Modelling Media and Simulation and 3D
  • 9. 26
  • 10. Square Neighbourhood • E‐participation in public debate • Community interactionIoP • Collective simulations of sustainable futures • Collective transport systems • Inter-square cafés • Public information services • Entertainment, social and interaction • Orientation services. services.IoS • Social and civic interaction services. • City services to the family, the community. • Public events, shows, collective media • Logistics and distribution services (last mile). events. • Intense density of sensor-awareness. • Related to things that “belong” to an • Concentration of information with respect individual, a family. to remote sensed systems (weather, traffic, • Sensor networks for city distribution urban systems, etc.) services (water, waste, etc.) • People as things (importance of monitoring • Sensor networks for distribution of goods,IoT density, position, movement, etc.) logistics. • Things for art. • Involved urban objects: green spaces, • Involved urban objects: cars dissuaders, housing, local commercial facilities, local buildings walls, urban furniture, urban associations sculptures, green infrastructures 27
  • 11. City Hall Street Museum and Park • E-Government • Orientation and guidance • Service promoting sport and services services. interaction with nature.IoS • Social and civic interaction • Services for culture, knowledge, services. learning. • City services e.g. waste • Services to guarantee individual management safety • E-Participation • Logistics and distribution. • Leisure time interaction.IoP services • Street cafés • Collective learning, culture. • Collective transport systems • Personal safety • Group city services • Identity • Linear sensor networks detecting • Sensor networks for management management flows along pathways (e.g. traffic) of park natural systems • Document • Sensor networks for city • Sensor networks for personal management distribution services (water, waste, safety. • Involved urban etc.) • IoT for tracking and identificationIoT objects: objects • Sensor networks for distribution of elements of heritage. located where city of goods, logistics. • Involved urban objects: built hall activities take • Involved urban objects: built environment, cultural objects, place, urban environment, urban furniture, urban furniture, green furniture (trees, green strips, local green infrastructures (trees, green strips, areas) local green areas) 28
  • 12. Social Periphèria Arenas: People in Placesworld Institutional Business Community Individual Services Services Services ServicesDigitalworld Public Commons Modular Open Source API Semantic Toolkit (social, relational, time, place, culture, etc.) Real Event and Institu-world Commer- Business Social sensor tional cial data data data data data Internet Internet Internet Of Things Of Services Of People 29