Oscar perillo media presentation for the lego movie


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Oscar perillo media presentation for the lego movie

  1. 1. About the films: The worlds End The worlds end Director/s Edgar Wright Production company Working title films Plot summary In an attempt to re-enact a pub crawl from their childhood, Gary king leads his four closest friends into disaster when they find that the town has been overtaken by robots with the intention of creating a better earth… what? Cast: actors Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman and Paddy Considine Cast: crew/animators budget $20 million Current earnings from box office $46,089,287
  2. 2. Pre-production: The worlds End  Starting off as an idea created by Edgar wright at the age of 21, In which a group of young guys go on a pub crawl, he later realised that the concept would work better with adults who are returning to their old home town.  The ideas behind the film were to take the idea of “feeling alienated in your own home town” too literally and ending up with a sci-fi.
  3. 3. Production of the film  Principal photography for The World's End began on 28 September 2012.  Filming took place in Hertfordshire, at Elstree Studios, Letchworth Garden City, and Welwyn Garden City. Part of the film was also shot at High Wycombe railway station, Buckinghamshire.  Production started with the collection of the cast, made easier by the fact that they are all actual childhood friends. Similar to the other cornetto trilogy films that feature a similar cast.  Compared to the other cornetto films, it is clear that there was a vast amount more technology used in the films creation, probably due to Edgar’s involvement in Scott Pilgrim Vs the world.  What has not changed is Edgar and Simon’s passion for the film, and the extraordinary detail that goes into it.  Filming ended on 22 December 2012.
  4. 4. Producers  Nira Park Big talk productions: producer for Spaced, Black Books and all later Edgar Wright films.  Tim Bevan Co-founder of Working title films  Eric Fellner Partner with working title films
  5. 5. Distribution  Like most British films, the act of distributing a film has gone to a large American company (universal pictures). This has meant that global success was achieved, but the film was also accompanied by the reputation that Edgar Wright has developed since Shaun of the dead (possible the best zombie comedy of all time)  Due to the film’s mainstream success, it was shown at all major cinema companies
  6. 6. Advertisement  The film was advertised through the use of posters and trailers like most films.  This appears to have been the major way in which the film was advertised as, like most British films, commercial devices like toys and internet campaigns is left to the American films.
  7. 7. trailers  Unlike the Lego movie, there were few trailers released in the end. And these were long, descriptive trailers that gave us the plot synopsis almost instantly.
  8. 8. Exhibition  The film was shown in almost all UK mainstream cinema’s due to the predicted demand. The film was first shown at Empire cinema for it’s premier 9 days before it’s official release date on the 19th of July. The premier was greatly successful.  The film was very popular with the fan-base that Edgar had, although some people (not critics) think that he ended his trilogy poorly with too much repetition.Company Review (out of 100) Rotten tomatoes 89 IMDB 71 The guardian 80  Due to the film’s mainstream success, it was shown at all major cinema companies and made an decent $46,089,287.
  9. 9. Exchange  The movie itself has been
  10. 10. - Technology is not a key factor in the films success and in fact was not altogether that impressive. - As any Edgar Wright film now does, there is a cult following that will always be willing to attend the cinema to watch a film of his. - The rating of the film was 15+ the same as his other cornetto films. Technology and audience
  11. 11. The Lego movie The Lego movie Director/s Phil Lord/Christopher Miller Production company Warner brothers pictures Plot summary An ordinary LEGO minifigure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil LEGO tyrant from gluing the universe together. Cast: actors Chris Prat,Will Arnett, Elizabeth banks, Morgan freeman, will Ferrell Cast: crew/animators Animal logic (Australian company) budget $60 million Current earnings from box office $275,515,455! (and it’s still only in it’s third week)
  12. 12. Pre-production  The film has been in development at Warner Bros. since 2008. By august of that year, a script was being written and in 2010 the popular children’s film directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller had been selected to direct the production.  Green-lit in 2011 it was said to be released on February 28th 2014*.The films title was released in march of 2012 and a script written.  The Lego movie was set up with a pre-existing product to work from.
  13. 13. producers  Roy Lee- creator of Virtigo entertainment and was one of two producers of the Lego movie.  Dan Lin- owner and founder of Lin pictures and the Lego movie has been his first film with him as the producer.
  14. 14. production  The production of the film mostly took place in the hands of Australian animators: animal logic. These people are currently being referred to as the unsung heroes of the Lego movie, as they produced 80% of the animation that you see throughout the film, the rest being left to stop animation.  The cast of voice actors is immense with cameos from Channing Tatum and even Billy Dee Williams (Lando)
  15. 15. distribution  Being a big American production, Distribution is automatically taken care of by Warner brothers pictures, who are capable to distributing any film to the massess
  16. 16. Technology and audience  Technology is key to the films success and in-fact the film would be at a massive loss without it.  Having come from such a well known brand, the Lego movie developed large success from all audiences, as it is a film that anyone who had a childhood can enjoy.
  17. 17. Thanks for listening
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