Wearable Horizons: Wearable Bacteria and Hypersymbiotics


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Anna Dumitriu tells Imperica's Wearable Horizons event about the most intimate wearable technology that one could possess - bacteria.

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Wearable Horizons: Wearable Bacteria and Hypersymbiotics

  1. 1. Wearable Bacteria and Hypersymbiotics Anna Dumitriu Artist in Residence: The Modernising Medical Microbiology Project
  2. 2. Stranger than fiction!
  3. 3. We are already wearing bacteria
  4. 4. Your bacterial flora can affect you in many ways
  5. 5. “A positive feedback loop exists between the preferences of the host for a particular dietary regime, the composition of the gut microbiota that depends on this regime, and the preferences of the host as influenced by the gut microbiota” (Garnas)
  6. 6. And they are all communicating - “The Communicating Bacteria Dress” by Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with Dr Simon Park, Alex May and Dr John Paul
  7. 7. “The Communicating Bacteria Dress” (detail) Installation view, The Barn Gallery, University of Oxford
  8. 8. We have the ability to affect how they grow and what they do (limited by our understanding) MRSA Quilt making workshop V & A London with Anna Dumitriu and the Modernising Medical Microbiology Project/Public Health England
  9. 9. “The MRSA Quilt” (detail) by Anna Dumitriu, Dr James Price and Dr John Paul (Modernising Medical Microbiology Project) Patterned with MRSA bacteria and antibiotics (sterilised)
  10. 10. “VRSA Dress” by Anna Dumitriu, Dr John Paul and Kevin Cole Patterned with VRSA bacteria and antibiotics (sterilised) “It’s like an arms race” (Dr Simon Park)
  11. 11. “Blue Henry” by Anna Dumitriu Altered historical artefact, engraved with a “TB transmission map”
  12. 12. “Romantic Disease Dress” by Anna Dumitriu, Dr John Paul and Kevin Cole. Stained with madder root, safflower and walnut with The extracted DNA of TB, Watermans, London
  13. 13. “Where there’s dust there’s danger” by Anna Dumitriu, Dr John Paul and Kevin Cole, needle felted wool and dust lungs containing the extracted DNA of killed Tuberculosis (sterilised)
  14. 14. “The Hypersymbiont Dress” (Anna Dumitriu and Dr John Paul), Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipai, Taiwan
  15. 15. “The Hypersymbiont Salon” by Anna Dumitriu in collaboration with Dr John Paul, performance commissioned for The Wellcome Collection “Superhuman” exhibition
  16. 16. The next steps? • Every bit of new research reveals some other complex interaction • How can we truly enhance our bacterial flora to make us ‘better’ people (and by better I mean more ‘attractive’, ‘happier’, more creative, and more ‘moral’)? • What are the risks? • What are the best ‘delivery systems’?
  17. 17. Is the world ready for: HYPERSYMBIOTICS ™ © Anna Dumitriu and Dr John Paul
  18. 18. Websites Website www.normalflora.co.uk E-mail annadumitriu@hotmail.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/annadumitriu Twitter @annadumitriu