MyndPlay at Mirror Mirror


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Tre Azam's presentation to the Arc / Imperica event "Mirror Mirror", London, 05/05/13.

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MyndPlay at Mirror Mirror

  1. 1. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsMyndPlay IntroThe World’s First Mind Controlled Interactive Movie and Video Training Platform“Our core missions is to inspire change, innovation and the utilization of the powers of imagination and the mind”
  2. 2. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsMyndPlay is a multi platform, multiplayer media system that connects with EEG (Electroencephalography) BCI (Brain–ComputerInterface )Technology to allow viewers the ability to influence, interact with and direct the plot and outcome of a video, trainingvideo, or movie using only their minds. (Brainwaves relative to Relaxation & Focus/Attention states). It is available on Mac, Linux,Windows and iOS.MyndPlay has been designed to allow creatives, writers, advertisers, directors and independent film makers to create a newgenre of interactive content which combines video with gaming mechanics to engage and connect with the viewer/s like neverbefore. Using the MyndCreator we have put the power of production into the hands of each talented individual.This new media platform will revolutionise interactive training, movies and video content by truly immersing the viewer into thestoryline and the characters by getting them emotionally involved with the content, they choose who lives and dies, whether thebad guy or the good guy wins, or whether or not the hero is able to make that all important save.Whether they want to or not, their mind will determine what happens!
  3. 3. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsMyndPlay PlayerMyndPlay Overview –The Ultimate Emotional Stimulas/Response Training SystemMyndPlay was conceived to provide brain training through entertainment using revolutionary EEGtechnology; with MyndPlay the viewer not only has control over the content and a lot of fun, butalso develops control over their own mind which transfer into everyday life. This allows MyndPlayto work with not just movies and films, but applications ranging from peak performance in sportsand business to fun interactive video based neurofeedback gaming for children; MyndPlay has beendesigned to be as flexible as possible allowing the greatest amount of content to be produced bothprofessionally and by enthusiasts.MyndPlay is not just a media player but a platform designed to create custom video basedapplications making them more cost and time effective than software based apps; we can createcustom biofeedback solutions for schools, corporate environments, sports peak performance aswell as movies, entertainment, mental health and advertising.
  4. 4. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsMyndPlay BrainBandMyndPlay BrainBand EEG HeadsetThe Bluetooth MyndPlay BrainBand is a consumer EEG headset which picks up the tiny electricalsignals from the front of the brain (Brainwaves) and displays them onto your device allowing you togain direct access into your mind and emotions; you can then train your brain whilst controllingmovies, games, sports training apps and much more.The MyndPlay BrainBand uses 2 dry sensors to detect raw brainwave activity as well as a user’slevel of concentration (focus) and relaxation (meditation), the B3 unit then transmits thatinformation to the computer allowing you to control compatible applications.The MyndPlay BrainBand has been designed for constant contact and comfort as well as to offerthe option to customise; with 2 dry sensor contact points and an ear hook to sit behind the ear. Theunit can be removed and place inside a visor, cap or a custom headset or headband.The new BrainBand 2.0 is in production and will allow iOS capabilities, offer a 10 hour battery andalso come with fabric sensor option.
  5. 5. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsMyndPlay Pro & 2 PlayMyndPlay Pro Research & MultiPlayerMyndPlay Pro is an all in one EEG neurofeedback recording, reporting and analysis tool which alsoincludes the revolutionary MyndPlay media player so you can now watch any video or listen toaudio and record/view your brains reactions in real-time.It was developed with the education and research world in mind, traditionally it has been anexpensive and arduous process, with MP Pro we can automate the reporting and management tomake recording, analysing and measuring the effectiveness media ad external stimuli moreefficient and cost effective.With the new 2 player option we can also create a fun interactive brain to brain experiences whichallow viewers to play against each other whether it be a drag race, a game of tug of war or a virtualmental arm wrestle.The 2 player adds a dimension of competition ideal for events.
  6. 6. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsMyndPlay ApplicationsMyndplay applications provide the viewer with instant gratification as they interact with live videoand in turn become emotionally involved and attached to the experience or character. Myndplaymovies provide replay value as the viewer can watch the clip over and over again trying to changethe outcome of the movie. Never before have viewers had such a good reason to revisit a movie orvideo a second and third, maybe fourth time.Below are some of the different types of application ideas:Short interactive POV filmsSports Training Games and ApplicationsMental well being and stress management videosInteractive POV experiences i.e. Parkour appInteractive trailers and adverts: i.e Red BullMind navigated mazes and puzzlesMulti Player films and gamesChoose your own adventure filmsCorporate training and workplace conflict managementInteractive educational videos for learning
  7. 7. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsMyndHacksHacking into new Ideas….At MyndPlay we are geeks when it comes to new technology and could not resist the urge to getinvolved in some decent MyndHacks, we are open to ideas for new concepts and have worked on someof our own with partners…Mynd Scalextrics:We worked with one of our partners to create the worlds first multiplayer mind controlled slot car racingset which allows up to 4 people to go head to head in a race which is more about controlling your focusthen your trigger finger…using nothing but your mind and blinks you need to get the cars around as fastand controlled as possible.We can create any item, all you need to do is task us with a challenge or provide an idea or concept towork with and we will create a completely unique experience, hack or app to engage and connect withyour audience in an innovative way.
  8. 8. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsPartners & ProjectsOgilvy, JWT, HSBC, PGAUCLA Semel Institute - Well being project for students to test remote therapy apps and brainperformance enhancement, this would be extended to the whole campus.Golf & Coaching – performance enhancement through scenario based trainingBirkBeck University research ProjectMCFC – Working with youth and reserve footballers to improve on and off pitch behaviourMuseum in Barcelona – Installation of MyndPlay Kiosk for Interactive sports gamingInteractive Emotionally Controlled film course at Ravensbourne College
  9. 9. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsGetting InvolvedWhy get involved?MyndPlay offers companies and brands an opportunity to be at the forefront of cutting edgetechnologies and the latest immersive media solutions. This new innovative entertainmentplatform allows the viewer to be part of an experience above and beyond the standard videoformat as they connect with the content in an emotional and engaging way. MyndPlay is the futureof interactive video technology and always draws a crowd at live events.How?We can offer a one stop solution for EEG BCI hardware, software, platforms , apps and customdevelopment. We also offer customised cobranded headsets, a customised version of the mediaplayer or we can work together to create a “MyndPod” enclosure which offers visitors a place toimmerse themselves fully into this new technology and with the content.
  10. 10. Emotionally Controlled Media SolutionsThank YouTre AzamManaging DirectorTre.azam@myndplay.comhttp://www.myndplay.comM: 07878 946 094L: 0844 357 9725