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Mark Bennett's presentation to the Arc / Imperica event "Mirror Mirror", London, 05/05/13.

Mark Bennett's presentation to the Arc / Imperica event "Mirror Mirror", London, 05/05/13.



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Make your own 3D Make your own 3D Presentation Transcript

  • Stealing Sacred Fire;A crash course in 3DMark Bennettzspacemedia.blogspot.co.ukYoutube.com/blackicemagazine
  • Some of these images are 3d
  • My Introduction to 3D• Parents stereo cards• Paranormal lab and ectoplasm• Prague fold open postcards• Prague camera shop
  • The Realist my first 3D camera• Popular in the 50s• Advertised by movie stars• Harold Loydl ran the Hollywood 3D society
  • Before the 50s; Nazi 3D• Germans 3D peak• Commemorative invasion books• Various subjects covered• Repackaged after the war
  • Viewing Stereo Pairs• Eye distance defines sizes• Stereoscopes havent changed• Anaglyphs still cheap and easy; even for video
  • How to take photographs like an Astronaut• Cha-cha method with 1 camera• used with iPad, iPhone and Android app• Mock 3D cameras with one lens (pentax)• Assemble in Photoshop torturous• Free or almost free software: Stereo PhotoMaker, Stereo Movie Maker, Anaglyph Maker• Full colour or B/W?
  • Projected 3D; the Game changer that InspiredMe into Filming• VR headsets instant headaches• Brian Mcclaves; Solar 1+2 at the Catalyst Club• Low res PAL output to 100hz projectors• Mirror rig one camera, two fields• www.site-eye.co.uk/timelapse_films.html
  • It takes Two Cameras??• How to link them Stereo Data Maker• Hijacking Canons cameras operating system• Cross your fingers and hope its in sync Canon Ixus• GoPros special cable and case• It takes One Camera with two lenses• Four Lens or more???• Bullet time on a budget
  • What I Shoot & Show With• 120mm 3D• Sputnik• Stereo realist• Sony Dev 3• Sony TD10• Sony MTS muxed file format
  • Glassless 3D; it’s bigger each year• How it works• The Fuji W1, the Fuji W3 and the 3d glasslessmobiles• Tablet errors and quality control at Gadmei• Apple iPad demo footage and its already hascontent
  • Digital Distribution• 3D TVs are passe its Smart TVs (with 3d)• Set top boxes• Countries are dead. Why wait for Sky and theBBC?• www.3doo.com and more internationally• 3D Kickstarter campaign and venue supportThe Torture Garden
  • Make it Personal• Experience with 3D glassless tablets• Richer Sounds feedback• Poke vs Explore 3D• The Keepers of 3D; The Stereoscopic Society• Phil McNally aka Captain 3D• Its about experience• Will BBC and Sky ever catch up