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Publishing: tension and attention
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Publishing: tension and attention


Published on

Paul Squires' keynote presentation to EVA London, July 2011 (slightly edited).

Paul Squires' keynote presentation to EVA London, July 2011 (slightly edited).

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. publishing:tension and attentionPaul SquiresEVA London
  • 2. PeriniImpericaXpesoPerera (Book Hackday, BookHackers, OxPub, Silicon Isis)
  • 3. caution this presentation contains references to cars, television, popular music, and kids tv.(and some stuff about digital publishing)
  • 4. video clipman and machine in perfect harmony© Ford of Europe
  • 5. man and the machine good oldin perfect days harmony
  • 6. quality is subjective.regulated quality is highly subjective.
  • 7. galtung and ruges model ofselective gatekeeping 1965a model of the way in which eventsare selected as being newsworthyand their importance relative to eachother, first passing through the mediagatekeeping filter (essentiallypersonal opinion based onexperience), then the analysis of theirnews value
  • 8. the day of easy money [for newspapers] is gone.some newspapers have shrunk, and more havedied than we like to talk about.more will shrink and die if we do not meet ourpresent-day problems.Richard W. Slocum, ANPA, 1954
  • 9. you cant just batten down yourbusiness, and hope this thing willf**k off. you have to fight your wayout of it into a better future.Andy Sandoz
  • 10. complex when it interesting was all sonot everyone simple gets it
  • 11. now
  • 12. attentioneyeballsrevenue
  • 13. the network is the computer John Gage, Sun
  • 14. everything has a price. the problem isknowing how much to pay.
  • 15. every word has monetary value
  • 16. app revenue gravity Annual cost Annual cost (app) (print) Guardian £4 £230 Wired $60 $10 Sources: Teleread, Malcolm Coles
  • 17. app revenue gravity Wired app sales 2010 (US) Source: Kinsman / PC Mag 120000 100000 80000 Wired app 60000 Wired print Sales 40000 20000 0 1 2 3 Month
  • 18. app revenue gravity Source: Malcolm Coles
  • 19. attentioneyeballsrevenue
  • 20. ”every great dialogue starts with a great monologue. surely brands should be in that business? you need to finish the conversation somewhere thats more conducive: eventually youre going to want to get home from the bar.”Richard Huntington
  • 21. cross-fertilisation at haymarket pr week pr week forum brand campaign campaign republic awards media week media week awards revenue opps brand republic: paywall
  • 22. cross-fertilisation at vice creators project magazine (intel) virtue mother website board (vice / vbs) (dell) revenue opps vice / vbs: no paywall
  • 23. id rather a brand didn’t talk to meacross multiple platforms, if theydid not have much to say in thefirst place.Anjali Ramachandran
  • 24. video clipthink big at the beginning (startups)© BBC
  • 25. differentiation: a summary short-form long-form tech first people first closed editorial brief open editorial brief no editorial position strong editorial position newspaper magazine daily daily
  • 26. build platforms and reachwithout significant investment mobile content Kindle (KFP) xpeso @imperica Flickr
  • 27. and give back (Ubuntu/Kubuntu, LibreOffice, LAMP et al...)
  • 28. and what ofthe future?
  • 29. you cant predict the future, but you can prepare for it.University of North London ad campaign, 1994
  • 30. i cannot see further than my next visit to the toilet,let alone predict the next dominant concept,and neither can anyone else.Mel Croucher
  • 31. thank© 2011 Perini Networks Europe Ltd. CC BY-NC-NDFlickr: Hyundai Stellar/Pony (MSVG), Ford Sierra (hha124l), Jarvis Cocker (Modernboy1974),Philadelphia (Kevin Burkett), Monocle (HEI)