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A few of the iPhone apps I use when traveling across the world that nicely replaces schlepping around a laptop.

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  • Travels With iPhone

    1. 1. Travels with iPhone - How to use the apps that are putting an end to schlepping around your heavy laptop on business or leisure trips across the world Per Håkansson February 23, 2010
    2. 2. Imagine being able to only bring your iPhone on your worldwide travels. No PowerBook or heavy chargers. No books or paper presentations. Nothing but a pocket brain. Everything you need is available in the palm of your hand. Impossible you say. Nevah, I say. Let me show you. Well it might work, you say, but only for leisure travels, not business. Nevah, I say. Again, let me show you. Over the next few slides I’ll map out which apps you need and how to use them to replace your heavy laptop with the iPhone. Same functionality, smarter use.
    3. 3. Let’s first specify the 7 needs... ✤ Phone number for incoming calls, cheap outgoing calls, free text ✤ Access to mail, contacts, calendars and voice Must have ✤ Write, edit and share docs and spreadsheets online and offline access ✤ Interact with friends on social network ✤ Stay up-to-date on news and industry knowledge ✤ Manage travel logistics and itinerary ✤ Take notes during meetings, save whiteboard sessions
    4. 4. Then take a look at the solutions... Need Solution Phone number for incoming Google Voice for dedicated number, incoming call email transcripts and calls, cheap outgoing calls free text messages; Skype for free / cheap outgoing calls Access to mail, contacts, Google Mail, Contacts and Calendars via Exchange, sync all calendars via calendars and task list using iCal, Things for tasks, Contacts for addresses Write, edit and share docs and Access to all Google Docs via Office2, also offering offline creation, editing spreadsheets, share prezzos and sharing of documents, iPod to share presentations via mp4 Interact with friends on social Either of all of the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Foursquare network (location-based) apps; Silentale when they release an iPhone app Stay up-to-date on news and Access all RSS feeds on Google Reader via Byline, caching all feeds for industry knowledge ✤ offline reading Manage travel logistics and Save dates and information in mailbox and/or in synced web calendar, itinerary ✤ accessible via iCal Take notes during meetings, Using Docs in Office2 for notes and native Camera for shooting save whiteboard sessions whiteboards, wireframes or prototypes; email to quickly share
    5. 5. What are the limitations... ✤ Writing docs from scratch is challenging but forces you to be brief, just like in emails ✤ Sharing presentations via mp4 is dependent on composite cables for viewing on a bigger screen ✤ The search in contacts is limited to names, location / proximity search would make it easier to find local friends and venues (Foursquare is a great option) ✤ Rebooking travel and hotels is tricky, I wish for a simple one-click checkout; booking a restaurant table would be great ✤ Price comparison for airport to city transfer option app would be great, could be community driven like GasBuddy
    6. 6. Tips! ✤ GMail: Use “Find Duplicates” in ✤ Google Voice: Uncheck call forwarding Contacts to consolidate contacts in Settings > Phone when abroad ✤ iPhone: Make sure all of your folders ✤ Google Voice: Customize greetings for are being correctly synced via Exchange different groups for better experience ✤ iCal: Make sure to select calendar feeds ✤ Upload emails: Give real names to to be synced via upload emails for Facebook and Tumblr to find them faster in Contacts ✤ Byline: Sync all feeds so they cache before going offline (before flight) ✤ Keep hotel and other directions in Inbox for offline usage; add to Contacts ✤ Set up pre-shared folders in GDocs to automatically share new docs via ✤ Always test all functionality and Office2 - move to folders when online applications setup before departure
    7. 7. Summary ✤ I’ve tested to travel with only my iPhone during several cross-atlantic trips and fine- tuned the concept and apps that works for me on a daily basis ✤ One of the key criteria was that the applications should perform both online (via G3 and WiFi) and offline to keeping roaming charges low and in-flight friendly ✤ The result is amazing; no schlepping around a clunky laptop, more efficient interaction with apps, focus on meeting people, realtime sharing of notes and minutes ✤ But you have to store all your data in the cloud to make this work, plan B is always to borrow a local computer to create new presentations or documents, re-book flights et cetera ✤ The cost of all these apps is less than $20 - only Office2, Things and Byline charge