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OneSearch (paid & organic) best practices from Performics.

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  • Cool Google vid on One Search- click on image
  • Performics OneSearch (Paid & Organic) Deck

    1. 1. OneSearch Synergy: The Cumulative& Powerful Effect of SEM & SEOA global digital excellence opportunityJune 2012 1
    2. 2. What is OneSearch?A more holistic searchstrategy designed to own thesearch engine results page byreaching the optimalpaid/organic mix, maximizingconversions while alsoefficiently investing in PPC 2
    3. 3. The Power of One SearchPowerful cumulative SEOperformance results from acombined search strategythat maximizes the synergy PPCof SEM and SEO through Onetactical testing and Searchbenchmarking 3
    4. 4. Why One Search? One + One = More than Two!  Paid search ads increase clicks to your site, even if you have the #1 organic listing on the search results page  A holistic web presence strategy that combines SEM with SEO tactics will ultimately drive more traffic to your site than doing either aloneSource: Google “Incremental Clicks Impact Of Search Advertising 4
    5. 5. Real Wins: Use Case Proof Points 5
    6. 6. Real Wins with Honda: Lift in Brand Affinity 2.2x What they did: 70%  Google tested organic and paid search listing placements for Honda 60% 1.5x What they found: 50%  2.2x lift in aided brand recall when brand is 40% x in top SEM and SEO results  Online consumers where 16 % more likely 30% to think of Honda as a fuel efficient car vs. automaker that did not appear on the page 20%  42% more likely to recall Honda if the 10% company appeared in both the top PPC and SEO search results 0%Honda Side Top Organic Top Top Sponsored Sponsored Listing Sponsored & Top OrganicOther Source: “The Brand Lift of Search” Google/Enquiro SEM/SEO Research Query: Unbranded (i.e., “fuel efficient cars”) 6
    7. 7. Real Wins with Chevrolet: Conversions up 380%What we did What we did:• Performics dropped paid positions with a good  When SEO ranked well PPC was increased SEO position to determine if SEO could pick up the slack What we found:What we found:  Both channels working together saw dramatic increases across the board• SEO traffic did increase, but not enough to offset PPC 7
    8. 8. Real Wins in Retail: Sales Up, Costs Down What we did: What we found:  Increased Q4 program efficiency  Utilizing a combination of SEM and SEO strategies, we drove efficiency across high  Holiday sales increased 7% YoY performing keywords while increasing visibility  Sales on MSN, Yahoo! increased by and relevant traffic for an Internet Retailer 500 133% and 144% YoY brand during the holiday season  Gained ranking lifts in Google for crucial keywords  Number of relevant links increased by 36% Sales up 7% Click cost down 60% CPCs down 19% 8
    9. 9. One Search: A Testable Opportunity 9
    10. 10. One Search Value: Testing OpportunityTesting to find the optimalpaid/organic mix that maximizesconversions while also efficientlyspending in SEM is essential to asuccessful One Search strategy 10
    11. 11. One Search Value: A Testing Roadmap • Create test and control groups Goals: Test • Reach an increasingly broad search audience • Measure incremental lifts of test • Increase BrandingMeasure performance • Lower Cost Per Click • Maximize ROI on competitive keywords • Apply One Search learning in order to Learn maximize efficiencies & increase ROI 11
    12. 12. Thank you! 12
    13. 13. Appendix 13
    14. 14. Why One Search? One + One = More than Two! 14