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Industry updates on key mobile trends 4 19 13



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  • 1. Industry updates on key mobile trendsWEEK ENDING 4/19/2013 1
  • 2. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 4/19/2013Mobile Trends Adobe released its “U.S. Digital Video Benchmark 2012 Review,” looking at digital video trends that can impact publishers and advertisers. Report highlights include: – Mobile video views jumped 300% last year, accounting for 10.4% of video starts, up from just 3% in 2011. Tablets are fuelling the growth. – Tablets see heavy usage on the weekends with Saturdays producing 16% and Sundays producing 17% of tablet video starts. – Twitter, though it sends just 16% of video social referrals, is three times more likely to generate referral traffic for videos than other content on media sites. – Mid-roll ads had the highest completion rate at nearly 90% in 2012. Yet, post-roll ads generated three times higher CTRs than pre- and mid-roll ads 2
  • 3. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 4/19/2013Mobile Trends (cont.) A study by Vivaki and reported by eMarketer, aimed to determine how certain enhanced tablet ads compared with standardized versions of common ad types. The study found that banner to full-page ads, pre-roll with overlay ads and rich media interstitial ads showed the greatest lift across specific metrics, compared with the standardized version of each of these ad types on tablets. Additional observations include: – At a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 8.7%, the banner to full-page ad’s clickthrough performance on tablets was more than four times greater than the static web banner. – For engagement as well, the banner to full-page ad performed 127% better than the benchmark web banner. – The banner to full-page ad showed 380% greater mobile ad awareness over the control group who had not seen any ad; for the pre-roll with overlay it was 500% higher mobile ad awareness; and for the rich media interstitial, improvement in mobile ad awareness was a whopping 800%. 3