Federal IT in 2010
and Beyond:
An online series to solve pressing IT challenges and plan for the future

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Federal IT Webinar Schedule
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Federal IT Webinar Schedule

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It Webinar Brochure

  1. 1. Federal IT in 2010 and Beyond: An online series to solve pressing IT challenges and plan for the future During this online webinar series you will learn how to: • DISCOVER a variety of approaches that will help you • DISCOVER the virtualization fundamentals and how to begin shape your government 2.0 strategies implementing these changes within your agency today • UNDERSTAND the promise and practice of wiki infused • DISCUSS configuration management, network monitoring and innovation into the business of delivering services various best practices to protect computer networks and systems • LEVERAGE growing citizen influence to help shape • REVIEW the upcoming challenges to the new Federal IT agency strategies workforce can expect to face in the future • LEARN to combat the possible security and privacy risks • DISCOVER various methods to improve managing the cloud computing and open government presents acquisition process www.PerformanceInstitute.org/FedIT
  2. 2. SIGN UP FOR THIS WEBINAR SERIES TODAY TO BECOME BETTER EQUIPPED TO TAKE ON THE IT CHALLENGES OF 2010. Federal IT in 2010 and Beyond Advancing government IT to improve the delivery of services to taxpayers and improve agency collaboration is a high priority of this Administration. With the federal IT community receiving the one of the biggest budgets in history this year, the technology and resources are there and available for agencies to utilize. During this webinar series we will not only discuss how IT can be used to increase transparency and accountability within your agency, but also review the Open Government Plan, the National Cyber Security Initiative, cloud computing, federal IT acquisition practices and the challenges the new federal IT workforce can expect to face in this new technology focused era in government.
  3. 3. Federal IT Webinar Schedule SESSION ONE SESSION TWO Thursday, May 13, 2010 Thursday, May 27, 2010 Federal Cloud Computing Federal IT Acquisition Practices and Interest in cloud computing has increased among What Needs to Change: government agencies that see it as a way to With the current state of the Department of Defense cut costs, increasing storage and allow for IT acquisitions system deemed unacceptable from a department to shift focus no longer having to on panel focused on Defense Acquisition Reform, worry about constant server updates and other much needs to be examined if we are to enhance computing issues. This would allow for governmental this process. DOD’s mishandling of acquisitions organizations to be free to concentrate on and procurement fails to fulfill the military’s current innovation and process improvement. This new mission needs and therefore must be corrected, innovative style of computing in which the ability improved and upgraded. Federal IT acquisition to offer virtualized resources online and over the practices in general need to adapt and keep up with internet to the public and/or other agencies has the pace of the substantially changing acquisition become more than a trend and is picking up speed process of today’s modern world and we can begin within the federal arena. Cloud computing also making those changes today. This webinar will help allows the federal government to make a variety you understand the potential rewards of altering of their services and documentation available the current acquisition process and how to begin online and to the public at as much faster pace. If implementing them in your office today. successfully implemented, this would improve the government’s ability to create a transparent, open • Discover various methods to improve managing and participatory government. This webinar will help the acquisition process you understand the rewards of this new method and • Develop and incentivize the highest quality how to begin implementing it in your office today. workforce possible • Continue the migration towards a services-based • Maximize the industrial base by improving environment through Cloud Computing contracting and competitive practices • Enable rapid deployment of technology solutions within your agency to improve your ability to create a transparent, open and participatory government • Increase savings through virtualization by reducing the cost of infrastructure, building and power CIOs / CFOs / CTOs IT Analyst IT Supervisor WHO Managers of IT IT Directors Group IT Managers Chief Project Officer IT Project Managers Resource Managers SHOULD Chief of IT IT Division Chief Program Managers IT Leaders IT Deputy Manager PMO Managers ATTEND: IT Architect IT Specialist PMO Directors
  4. 4. Federal IT Webinar Schedule SESSION THREE SESSION FOUR Thursday, June 10, 2010 Thursday, June 24, 2010 The Challenges of the New Federal The Challenges of Cyber Security IT Workforce in an Open and within an Open Government Transparent Government Government organizations face ongoing pressure to improve security to reduce risk and comply with With the large amount of the Federal budget being put regulatory mandates. The appointment of a cyber in the IT arena, new IT workers are being hired at a coordinator will surely drive a federal strategy in a rapid pace. With this new workforce also come new new direction and we must be ready for that. Under challenges and an ever changing IT environment. With this administration, federal agencies are clearly the focus switching to a more open and transparent seeking new ways to integrate risk, compliance and government the old protocols for how things get done security to reduce both cost and complexity while are being rewritten. Today’s managers in IT are maintaining strong, secure uninterrupted access accountable not only for using technology to enable to government resources and applications. New government processes but also for helping shape the important topics such as, configuration management, strategic direction of their organizations and improving network monitoring and various other best practices results to the taxpayer. Improving civilian transparency to protect computer networks and systems will be key is a main objective of the administration because in successfully moving forward. During this webinar greater access to government information benefits the you will learn about the dangerous security and country by sustaining an informed citizenry, aiding privacy risks that surround the use of cutting edge government decision makers and supporting the technology and discover how the new administration economy. During this webinar you will examine the role aims to strengthen federal leadership on cyber of government IT managers and discuss a variety of security. ways you can improve citizen transparency and create an open and transparent government. • Review the important aspects of The National Cyber Security Initiative which is broadly defined • Discuss the two main objectives of the Open Government Plan • Examine the technical standards that need to be put in place to protect the national infrastructure • Discover the specific skill sets needed to succeed in this new setting and in order to become an • Do to the increasing exposure to cyber attacks effective leader given this new form of open government, discover how to best go about taking the right steps to • Guide your employees to implement and use secure our nations networks technologies to publish government information online in accordance with the Open Government Directive For more information on group discounts for Federal IT Webinar Series contact Melvin Hall at 202-739-9630 or email him at Melvin.Hall@PerformanceInstitute.org
  5. 5. Logistics & Registration Form FEDERAL IT IN 2010 AND BEYOND WEBINAR SERIES • Each session in the Federal IT Webinar Series begins at 1PM EST and lasts for a duration of 90 minutes. • Webinar registrations are accepted up to 1 day before the start time of each webinar. Each registration is valid for one logon and one phone line only. Attendees can access the webinar anywhere an Internet connection and phone lines are available. 4-Part Webinar Series $399 Single Session $150 TO REGISTER: CALL FAX this form to VISIT 877-992-9521 866-234-0680 www.PerformanceInstitute.org/FedIT Registration Form Yes! Please register me for the entire Federal IT Webinar Series 2010 Register me for a single webinar: Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Attendee Information Name Title Organization Dept. Address City State Zip Telephone Fax Email Payment Information Check Purchase Order/Training Form Credit Card Credit Card Number Expiration Date Verification no. Name on Card Billing Address Please make checks payable to: The Performance Institute ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED By: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________________________
  6. 6. About the Performance Institute Called “the leading think tank in performance measurement for government” on OMB’s ExpectMore.gov, The Performance Institute has been a leader in Performance Management training and policy since the 2000 administration transition. As part of the Government Performance Coalition, a group of good government organizations, the Institute worked in 2000 to deliver recommendations to the then new administration on what would become the President’s Management Agenda. In 2009, the Institute is leading Innovations in Government: From Transition to Transformation, or InnoGOV.org, a collection of forums, research and recommendations to bring insight and transformation to the federal government. The goal of InnoGOV.org is to centralize the importance of performance, accountability and transparency in government and to disseminate the leading best practices to government managers. The Performance Institute has published several research reports regarding performance management initiatives and trains over 10,000 government managers per year on performance-based topics. Dedicated to improving citizen The Performance Institute 805 15th Street, NW, 3rd Floor services and taxpayer transparency, the Institute uses a best- Washington, DC 20005 practices foundation to deliver the most effective and tested Ph: 877-992-9521 Fax: 866-234-0680 methodologies for improving performance. www.PerformanceInstitute.org