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[Perforce] Git Fusion
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[Perforce] Git Fusion


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Git has moved beyond open source projects into the enterprise software developer's toolbox. Git solves some old problems in unique ways, but introduces new challenges for developers, software …

Git has moved beyond open source projects into the enterprise software developer's toolbox. Git solves some old problems in unique ways, but introduces new challenges for developers, software architects, release engineers, and managers. See how Perforce Git Fusion overcomes these challenges while still taking advantage of everything Git has to offer.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 1  Git FusionEnterprise Git without CompromiseMatt AttawayOpen SourceCommunity ManagerRandy DeFauwTechnical MarketingManagerZig ZichtermanTechnical Lead
  • 2. 2  On the RadarGit, 2005 - Present
  • 3. 3  Open Source: Linux Kernel, 2005dictator blessedrepositorydeveloperpubliclieutenant lieutenantdeveloperpublicdeveloperpublic
  • 4. 4  Android and the Open HandsetAlliance, 2007§  Companies, individuals, and thousands ofpaid developers§  Global collaboration across company lines§  Gerrit-style codeline management§  Special tool (Repo) to manage hundreds ofrelated repositories
  • 5. 5  Git Codeline ManagementInnovations§  Task branching on a massive scale§  Code review blended with codelinemanagement (merge/pull requests)§  Portability§  Rebasing and other Git goodiesChallenges§  Global Git deployments§  Managing sets of repositories§  Slow evolution of access control
  • 6. 6  Roadmap and Vision
  • 7. 7  Roadmap2012.2§  Distributedarchitecture§  SSH22013.1§  Branch and merge§  UnicodeFuture§  Streams§  Access controlenhancements§  Code review andmerge request
  • 8. 8  Perforce Git FusionEnterprise SCM
  • 9. 9  Enterprise SCMGlobal§  Replication§  No data size/typelimitsFlexible§  Any type of workflow,team, and data§  The way you useyour data not lockedto the way it’s storedin the repositorySecure§  Consistent accesscontrol§  IP security
  • 10. 10  No compromisesDevelopers§  Use Git withoutchange§  Easy collaborationon larger cross-functional teamsRelease managers§  Proven branchingmodels for anydevelopment andrelease cycle§  Track all assets inPerforce§  Flexible data modelfor complex projectsAdministrators§  Security & IPProtection§  Availability§  Scalability
  • 11. 11  Building on Perforce Strengths
  • 12. 12  Dynamic Repository RemappingTeam  1   Team  2  Shared  library  Main  Team-­‐specific  repositories  Open  Source  Public  Repository  Other  Community  Members  
  • 13. VersioningServiceProxyProxyReplica
  • 14. 14  Security and Compliance§  Granular and consistent access control§  Built-in auditing for all your assets§  Track source code through to runtime configurations§  Partnerships for code reuse and open source compliance
  • 15. 15  A Better Git Experience
  • 16. 16  Task Branching and Code ReviewThe Recipe for Continuous DeliveryReview, test,merge(Swarm)ContributorsContributorsTest System 1Test System 2CI SystemQA TeamProductionRevisionRelease AnytimeTask container(Git Fusion,shelving, taskstreams) foreverything thatgoes into theproductMergeRequestsMergeRequestsMergeRequestsMergeRequests
  • 17. 17  Bringing Git into the Big PictureAll the task branchesyou want……  managed  in  an  efficient  framework  for  complex  projects  
  • 18. 18  Long Lived Branches: Maintenance and Customizationmain  3.0-­‐R  3.0-­‐R-­‐BigCo  Sprint7  Task892  Task895  branchmergepromote
  • 19. 19  PortabilityPublic    Git  Server  IntegraTon  Repository  (Git)  Git provides agood datatransfer toolacross otherwiseisolated networks  Git FusionRepositoryRemapping letsyou use transferrepos to sharechanges the rightway
  • 20. 20  A Peek under the Hood
  • 21. 21  Git Fusion ArchitecturePerforceCommandsLocal Git RepoSSHClone/Pull/PushReplicateDeveloper
  • 22. 22  Installation
  • 23. 23  Use
  • 24. 24  Pullingssh
  • 25. 25  Pushssh
  • 26. 26  Data StorageVersioned filesConfiguration dataGit objectsGit repos
  • 27. VersioningServiceProxyProxyReplica
  • 28. 28  A Whole New Bag of TricksUse cases
  • 29. 29  Common Development Patterns§  Task/feature branches§  Pre-flight code review (with Swarm)§  Long lived branches
  • 30. 30  Collaboration§  Outside the firewall§  Open source projects
  • 31. 31  Integration§  Make use of Git-focused tools such as Heroku,Phabricator, and many others.§  Take advantage of Git support in XCode
  • 32. 32  Git at Remote Sites§  Supporting consistent user experienceand security via replication§  Larger teams
  • 33. 33  Git and Security§  Auditing§  Access control
  • 34. 34  Visualizing Git in PerforceAndroid development in Perforce
  • 35. 35  P4V
  • 36. 36  Timelapse View
  • 37. 37  Revision Graph
  • 38. 38  Questions?See Git Fusion in the Demo LoungeFollow usRandy DeFauw:, @rdefauwMatt Attaway: mattaway@perforce.comZig Zichterman: zzichterman@perforce.comP4Ideax   Forums