Webinar: The Acceleration of Everything


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Are you struggling with a legacy SCM system that won’t support your development requirements?

Join us for a discussion with experienced migration experts on the key criteria to consider before you take the plunge. You will learn...

Watch the webinar to learn...

-The 3 signs your SCM is hindering your productivity
-Requirements for moving to faster releases
-How to determine the impact of legacy SCM and mitigate risk
-Migration planning tips
-History migration options

Sign up now and our experts will walk you through evaluating your current system to find out if it is holding back your organization, and provide lots of practical information. http://bit.ly/1gb023e

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Webinar: The Acceleration of Everything

  1. 1. The Acceleration of Everything Is your legacy SCM holding you back?
  2. 2. Who are we? Sven Erik Knop Technical Marketing Engineer Tom Tyler Senior Consultant With Perforce since 2007, originally as a Senior Consultant, Sven has helped many organizations migrate off of their legacy version control systems. Known to colleagues as “The ClearCase Guy” before he discovered Perforce in 1999, Tom consults with Perforce customers large and small.
  3. 3. Agenda •  Challenges in modern development •  Role of the version control system •  Considerations for acceleration
  4. 4. Analysts: Accelerate Now 4   Waterfall   Agile Continuous •  Annual releases •  Mostly manual •  Release more than once a year •  Some automation •  Weekly/daily updates •  Massive automation The days when a successful organization could release software once every 12 to 18 months are over. Forrester, “Continuous Delivery is reshaping the Future of ALM,” Kurt Bittner, July 22, 2013 “   ”  
  5. 5. Developers Want Choice Git Workspaces Repo Manager
  6. 6. IT Requires Manageability •  Complex release management •  Single hook for CI •  IP security and compliance •  Future-proof for growth and scale
  7. 7. Budget Demands Consolidation
  8. 8. Is your SCM holding you back? •  Developers wasting time waiting? •  Long code freezes to merge changes between branches? •  Regressions in multiple releases, customer-variants and custom drops? •  Unresponsive remote locations?
  9. 9. Legacy SCM Issues •  Subversion “120GB and 5-6 Million files took 2 hours to sync” “We spent one day a week merging changes” •  ClearCase "Activities that take up to 20 minutes with Rational ClearCase should only take 2 minutes or less, while utilizing a less expensive infrastructure.” “We have development centers throughout the world, and trying to support that with ClearCase would have been a nightmare”
  10. 10. The Risk of Status Quo 10   Size Load Sites 1000’s users Millions of xact/day 10+ sites •  Lower Productivity •  Poor Quality •  Weak Collaboration •  Slower to Market Terabytes of data Business Impact
  11. 11. Considerations for Success •  Move away from legacy •  Adopt a hybrid approach •  Consolidate to a future-proof foundation •  You are not alone!
  12. 12. Perforce Overview •  Fastest, most scalable, version management and collaboration •  Versions everything 12  
  13. 13. Migration Planning Tips •  Engage experts early •  Be aware of options •  Drive the project hard
  14. 14. History Conversion Options •  Get Latest •  Detail History Import (DHI) Part 1 Mechanical Conversion (Deterministic) Part 2 Transforms – Visualize Life in Perforce •  Baseline & Branch Import (BBI) The “BBI Now, DHI Later” Option
  15. 15. BBI Basics Capture Baselines and high-level Branching operations. A Histogram defines interesting history to capture. Captures file sets with correct contents at various points in time, enough to build from.
  16. 16. General Migration Advice •  Get buy-in on acceptance Criteria early •  Dry runs are critical •  Dry run deep! •  Expect iteration!
  17. 17. Other Things to Consider Migrations are more than just source code conversion … Version Everything for Continuous Delivery!
  18. 18. Other Things to Consider Migration for Builds, Docs & Digital Assets Server Deployment Architecture Build Tools, Defect Trackers, Workflow Managers Systems Integrations for Continuous Delivery Pipeline Cutover: Phased or Grand Opening? User and Admin Training on new system Branching Strategy Developer Desktop Tool Integrations Continuous Delivery Toolchain Bridges for Parallel Operation?
  19. 19. THANK YOU! •  Please contact us for details we didn’t address here! •  info@perforce.com •  info.perforce.com/migration