End to End Integration with Force.com


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Salesforce is a key part of Perforce's operational infrastructure. Randy DeFauw and Charlie McLouth presented this outline of how we have leveraged the Force.com APIs to integrate our engineering processes into our internal IT environment. In particular, we discussed lessons learnt on how we use the Metadata API to retrieve configuration data and store it in Perforce to help protect against configuration changes.

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  • Briefly introduce selves. Might be nice to lend a perspective on why we focus on integration and process.
  • TODO: list key benefits or just talk about them?This slide should give the background on Perforce CRM past, present, and future.Like many companies, Perforce built some home grown CRM solutions in the past. We were not big enough to afford Big Iron software and these home brewed solutions served us well. Calltrack was simple, lightweight tech support portal. Fast and scalable.Syrup was simple, lightweight customer database. We started to outgrow these solutions.Needed to provide holistic tech support to enterprise accounts.Needed to mine TS info for product management.Marketing campaigns required a real lead tracking and generation system.Sales team needed an easy way to track the sales cycle.Entire process was more complicated, e.g. adding records for P4RA and consulting was kludgyMarketo: gave structure to marketing campaignsSalesforce introduced in 2010-2011 windowBrought structure to the sales process and handoffs between sales, marketing, consultingVisibility and metrics
  • Perforce is at the ‘critical’ level.
  • Salesforce has a big future at Perforce.Salesforce integrated with:MarketoSyrupCalltrackJobsNetSuiteSalesforce to be used by TS, consulting, sales, and marketing, replacing Calltrack and Syrup
  • RANDYJobs are Perforce’s internal defect tracking and enhancement request system: engineering’s system of record.Not an original goal to integrate jobs with SF, but turns out to be highly useful.provides visibility into account status (how many complaints, outstanding requests)a key linkage for tech supportThis plugin is built using:a web service to expose jobs in a public URLa Visualforce extension that displays jobs on the account pageTODO: rehearse and record demo, embed videoshow git repo (SmartGit), pull up job finder sourceshow p4v jobsshow those jobs in an accountthis is a demo site only
  • CHARLIEPlugin source not officially versioned.SF metadata not formally controlled.Charlie was stuck on the train for 1.5 days and we didn’t know how to restore a good configuration. TODO: Charlie can you provide more color here?
  • We were somewhere between the bottom two tiers.
  • RANDYPerforce web site captured in depot and later Chronicle.All builds stored in SCM.Etc…
  • This plugin uses the metadata API in a Java program to push/pull metadata. The zips are saved in the depot.TODO: demo script and videoimprovement over using Force.com IDE to manually deploy/retrieveuses listMetadata API to discover objectsnew plugin that captures SF configurationretrievefolder diff (12128, head)deploy to sandbox (limited, future) (don’t show, just talk)show stream graph for config changes going through dev/deploy branching (future)stream graph lets us know what’s actually deployed right now (future)stream graph lets us see what’s different between sites – right click and show diff stream against parentreview latest config in Commons to see comments about what’s deployed (e.g. VP Sales goes there to see what Charlie did)
  • We’re getting there but still a ways to go:Full CRM rollout later this yearPlugins need some polishnot possible to automatically rollback everything right nowwould like a push button deploy from stream graphmake metadata plugin ‘streams aware’Need to coordinate with IT for management
  • TODO: coordinate with Bob/Julia on other marketing angles for participation
  • End to End Integration with Force.com

    1. 1. End to End Integrationwith Force.comRandy DeFauw, Perforce Software, Technical Marketing Manager@rdefauwCharlie McLouth, Perforce Software, Director of Technical Salescmclouth@perforce.com
    2. 2. Introductions Randy DeFauw The Integration Guy Charlie McLouth The Process Guy
    3. 3. Agenda Salesforce at Perforce  Mission critical Applying DevOps Principles  Why Charlie isn’t allowed to ride Amtrak anymore Demos Q&A
    4. 4. Perforce Software  Version management for any team, any data, and any location  Used by over 5,000 customers in software, gaming, multimedia, firmware, finance, and other industries  Fast, scalable version control  Available on over 50 platforms
    5. 5. CRM at Perforce 1995 – 2010: Homegrown solutions 2010 – 2012: A real sales team and process
    6. 6. POLL How vital is Salesforce to your operations?  Critical to the entire organization  Useful for sales and marketing  Chatter keeps the sales guys happy
    7. 7. Salesforce at Perforce 2012 – Future Integrated CRM Used by the entire firm
    8. 8. Salesforce and Jobs DEMO!
    9. 9. But if it’s critical… Playing fast and loose with Salesforce configuration The train trip disaster
    10. 10. POLL Can you restore your entire Salesforce deployment to last week’s configuration?  With 100% confidence  With some manual effort  Don’t jinx us
    11. 11. Well, duh… Perforce makes version management software Perforce IT practices DevOps with other critical systems Let’s do that with Salesforce!
    12. 12. DevOps and Salesforce Version everything that affects Salesforce  Plugin source code  Metadata
    13. 13. Salesforce snapshots DEMO!
    14. 14. Commons Perforce Service Visual Tools:  Streams  Revision Graph  Time-lapse view
    15. 15. End to end with Force.com  Salesforce is critical infrastructure  Force.com and DevOps give us the tools to treat it that way  From development to configuration data to usage: a full part of life at Perforce
    16. 16. Takeaways  Don’t pretend that Salesforce doesn’t need DevOps just because it’s SaaS  Talk to your Salesforce user community and make sure you have a configuration management plan  Our plugins are published! info.perforce.com/dreamforce
    17. 17. Randy DeFauw Charlie McLouthTechnical Marketing Manager, Director of Technical Sales @rdefauw cmclouth@perforce.com