2013 Perforce Collaboration Tour - Procter & Gamble


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By Adam Siemiginowski, Agile Project Leader at Procter & Gamble

See how Procter & Gamble is using version management to increase the speed and predictability of their product releases.

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2013 Perforce Collaboration Tour - Procter & Gamble

  1. 1. Continuous Delivery with Postmaster Perforce enabling creation of 3D visualizations more quickly, effectively and collaboratively. Adam Siemiginowski
  2. 2. This Talk •  •  •  •  •  About P&G Postmaster, and our Business Goals Why Perforce? Our Results What’s Next for P&G and Perforce
  3. 3. 176 Years of Growth P&G celebrated a milestone in 2012 that very few companies have achieved: its 175th anniversary. The Company was founded in Cincinnati in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble  a candle maker and a soap maker who started a small business that has grown into one of the world’s most admired companies and includes brands that have become household names, used and trusted by consumers every day in nearly every part of the world. Today, P&G is the world’s largest and most profitable consumer packaged goods company.
  4. 4. P&G at a Glance Countries of Operations Countries Where Our Brands Are Sold Consumers Served by Our Brands 2012 Revenue: $83.6B 75 180 4.6 billion
  5. 5. Not just a marketing company… Over 1300 Employees working in Information and Decision Solutions IT Development and Operations is a $1B company.
  6. 6. (Some of) Our Brands
  7. 7. Postmaster Business Goals
  8. 8. Before Postmaster •  Global network of Artists and colleagues transferring large 3D visualizations via FTP. –  Often sending the whole visualization. L –  Non-systemic stewardship and maintenance… –  No revision history!
  9. 9. P&G: Improving Productivity and Creating a Cost Savings Culture 10 $ billion These productivity plans were introduced in FY 2012 to help P&G finance top-line growth, ensure our consumer value propositions are superior, overcome macro headwinds and deliver better bottom-line growth. $3B OVERHEAD $6B COST OF GOODS $1B MARKETING
  10. 10. A day in the life of Postmaster… •  Many 3D Visualizations. •  Many Clients, Project Managers, Artists and Developers. •  Many Things-that-can-go-wrong. J
  11. 11. Postmaster •  Postmaster is a platform to create and collaborate on 3D visualizations through a simple UI, the “Dashboard.” •  It is designed to reduce the time, effort and space required for large visualizations. –  Optimized File Transfers / Replication –  Status Tracking –  Automation –  Deduplication
  12. 12. Continuous Delivery w/ Postmaster •  Start Fast –  Automatic Workspaces and Access –  Branch Map Critical Files/Assets to Get Started –  Explicit Team •  Collaborate Globally –  Easy Check-out and Check-in –  Send Changes Only •  Submit Shelved Files - the fun never ends! –  Project History with Comments •  High Quality and Easy Support –  A working presentation is always a version away! –  Automated Visualization Updates –  Support Team can review defects with real assets…
  13. 13. Unique Challenges of Postmaster •  Shipping large projects around the globe! –  20-60GB. Thousands of files. –  Not Code. 3D Assets. •  Variety of Contributors: Clients, Managers, Artists, Developers… –  Easy Version Control FOR EVERYONE. •  Controlling access to specific content. •  Versioning all file types…
  14. 14. Postmaster  Replica  Distribu2on   Replica   Replica   Replica   Replica   Replica   Replica   Regional Replica w/ Build Automation Replica   Master w/ Replica   Replica   Replica   Build Automation Replica   Replica   Regional Replica w/ Build Automation Replica   Regional Replica w/ Build Automation Replica  
  15. 15. Why Perforce?
  16. 16. Key Considerations •  Flexible API –  Build custom version control workflows •  Speed –  Out-of-the-box replication •  Distributed –  Redundant Array of Content •  Scalability –  Proven examples exceed our usage plans •  Well Adopted and Supported –  Strong support network in the 3D industry –  Strong technical support to help us get started
  17. 17. Our Results
  18. 18. Delivery and Quality Improvements •  Dramatically faster. –  Changes in minutes/hours, not days. •  More flexible. –  Decreased iteration cycle = more iteration. •  Always on. –  Redundant Network of Content Servers –  Easy access to approved visualizations, even if someone overwrites a new version!
  19. 19. What’s Next For P&G and Perforce
  20. 20. Optimization! •  Continuing with Perforce Consulting to enhance: –  Continuous Deployment: shelve to submit –  Asset Management: better search and reapply with metadata and p4 attributes –  Build Automation: centralized processing with p4 triggers
  21. 21. Thank you!! Adam Siemiginowski siemiginowski.at@pg.com