2013 Collaboration Tour - Keynote


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By Christopher Seiwald, CEO at Perforce

Hear from Perforce CEO Christopher Seiwald on the evolving role version management is playing in enabling organizations to migrate to Continuous Delivery.

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  • Today, Perforce has more than ten thousand customers, including the many future industry leaders who are currently benefiting from our free 20-user edition.So over 10,000 companies rely on Perforce to manage their most valuable IP. And they do so because they are looking to establish predictable, reliable processes based on our powerful versioning engine.
  • Much customer innovation = making their software production line better faster, more automated, more repeatable with better quality, consistency. practice makes perfect / Repeatable <-> consistency <->quality/crank faster -> SD is continuous – CI & CDprobably need VM for SD / certainly for continuous development
  • Continuous dev + version management -> Continuous integrationMainlineinterfile branching, Perforce’s sweet spotCI: VM becomes the engine, automationCI -> C build & testBuilds - Continuous release/deployment
  • Versioning really starts to appear as the whole backplaneWhy not? “Single source of truth”SAAS -> CDNYSE did, CCP games, Salesforce will “Continuous delivery” since 2008, we do it all along
  • “Up the ante” (Continuous Everything)look down the software production line – looks goodContinuous chain of custodyEverything is versioned, a key to CI & CD“are the elements of software delivery the only thing that’s changing?”Are they changing without versioning? How can you manage everything continuously changing without versioning?Isn’t “everything continuous”? Why not “continuous everything?”Luckily “Version Everything” is our tag line
  • Versioning matters. You know it gives:Faster time to marketQualityBetter collaboration, no matter how distributed the teamsRapid release cadenceFoundation for agile development and agile practices
  • For the large class of developers who are stymied by code review tools, for others on the periphery – QA, build, support engineers -- and even for the less-technical folks who might want to stalk developers, this week we are unveiling Swarm, what I can only describe as 'beautiful code review for your beautiful code'. It’s a completely new Perforce product, which brings the world of code review and collaboration, critical ingredients of continuous integration, front and center for everyone.For the ever-growing community of git users, Git Fusion plug git in at the head of the software production pipeline, where developers live, connecting everything they do into your company's overall process, powered by Perforce.For the managers and administrators who need to measure the success of your software production line, Insights, another product we are introducing this week, gives you new visibility into the performance of both your codelines and the system that houses them. And for all those folks wrestling with the Unversioned, content that may related to your product but has to live outside because not everyone is a software guru, we have Commons, a simple drag and drop interface into version management and collaboration. Commons acts as a fine broom to help collect all that otherwise unversioned content and merge them into the flow.Worried what happens when all this is dumped on the server. 100x – to raise the ceiling of the Perforce household so all can fit inData Center Scalability (cores, machines)World-wide Scalability (continents)HA/DR as you make everything continuous Perforce remains continuous
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  • Versioning matters. You know it gives:Faster time to marketQualityBetter collaboration, no matter how distributed the teamsRapid release cadenceFoundation for agile development and agile practices
  • 2013 Collaboration Tour - Keynote

    1. 1. The Road to Continuous Everything Christopher Seiwald, CEO & Founder PERFORCE
    2. 2. >10,000
    3. 3. Repeatable Consistent
    4. 4. Continuous Continuous Development Continuous Integration Interfile Branching Version Management Mainline Build & Test
    5. 5. Continuous Development Integration
    6. 6. Continuous Delivery Chain of Custody Single Source of Truth
    7. 7. Continuous Delivery Continuous Everything
    8. 8. Faster Time to Market Improved Quality Better Collaboration Rapid Release Cadence Foundation for Agile
    9. 9. New from Perforce Swarm Git Fusion 100X Commons Insights
    10. 10. Swarm Collaboration for Continuous Delivery
    11. 11. Swarm  Marries version management and social code collaboration  Primes continuous delivery pipeline  Across Git & Perforce Code Conversations
    12. 12. Commons Bring Others into the Versioning Fold
    13. 13. Commons – Simple Document Collaboration with Powerful Versioning  Expand depot to additional teams and contributors  File Valet – Let Commons do the work for you  Industry-leading merge capabilities Try @ commons.perforce.net
    14. 14. Git Fusion Enterprise Git Management
    15. 15. Git Fusion – Enterprise Readiness for Git  Virtual Git Repositories  No workflow change  Git & Perforce side-by-side Seamless Git Git Fusion Database Library Database Library Database Library
    16. 16. Perforce Insights Optimize Your Processes
    17. 17. Perforce Insights Visibility
    18. 18. Perforce Versioning Engine Speed and Scalability for Continuous Delivery
    19. 19. Perforce Version Engine (P4D) Multi-site  Large global teams  Terabytes of data  Rich tooling Any Content Secure Support for Continuous Delivery
    20. 20. Extending Perforce 100X
    21. 21. Enabling Global Continuous Delivery Data Center Scalability Worldwide Scalability +
    22. 22. Now more than ever, Versioning Matters.
    23. 23. Feedback! • Feedback Forms • P4IdeaX • Forums
    24. 24. Thank you!