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VitalSuite 11.0 with Web 2.0 Workflow


New Web 2.0 GUI …

New Web 2.0 GUI
VMWare Performance Dashboard
Multi Vendor Collectors
Alcatel-Lucent and Genesys Collectors
Enhancement MRs
Platform Enhancements

Published in Technology
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  • 1. VitalSuite 11.0 with Web 2.0 Workflow
    Mark Anthony, Perficient
    Dennis Borin, Perficient
  • 2. About Perficient
    Perficient is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout North America.
    We help clients implement business-driven technology solutions that integrate business processes, improve worker productivity, increase customer loyalty and create a more agile enterprise to better respond to new business opportunities.
  • 3. New Web 2.0 GUI
    VMWare Performance Dashboard
    Multi Vendor Collectors
    Alcatel-Lucent and Genesys Collectors
    Enhancement MRs
    Platform Enhancements
    What we will discuss today
  • 4. VitalSuite 11.0 GUI - Features
    Dynamic, Interactive Web 2.0 GUI
    • Improved Workflow – click directly to lower level pages
    • 5. “Sticky” Domain selection, Autofilter for resource type or domain pulldown lists
    • 6. New GUI Page: Network->Devices for device-centric view
    Interactive Charts
    • Zoom in/out with a mouse click
    • 7. Show / Hide data easily
    • 8. Mouse over to view exact measurement values
    Powerful Tables
    • Scrolling, sorting, filtering, hide/show controls on each table
    • 9. Quickly find the data of interest
    • 10. Drag and drop to re-order columns
    Dynamic MyVital Portlet
    • Drag and drop portlet objects to customize MyVital view
  • GUI - MyVital
    Drag & Drop portlets to change layout
    2D and 3D chart options
    Click to show/hide or delete
  • 11. GUI – Heat Charts
    Mouse over to show resource counts
    Click to drill down to detail report
  • 12. GUI – Network->Operations
    Powerful individual table controls for each resource type
    Drag & Drop columns to change display order
    Show/Hide individual KPIs
  • 13. GUI – Detail Graphs
    Click to Zoom or slide time scale
    Mouse over to show exact values and time
    Click to Show/Hide KPIs
  • 14. GUI – Network->Devices Page
    Drill Down to Device Details
  • 15. GUI – Operations Filters
    Specify Filters on one or more fields
  • 16. GUI - Reports
  • 17. GUI - VitalFlow
  • 18. GUI - Workflow
    Domain name is now “sticky” across multiple GUI pages
    Navigate directly to low level GUI page
    Autofilter matches your typed characters to quickly filter specific resource types or domain names
    Quickly access saved searches
  • 19. GUI – Search Button
    Automatically performs 3 different search types
    Autofilter quickly matches as you type more characters
    Search for a Device IP address
    Search for a Device Name
    Search for a GUI Page within VitalSuite
  • 20. IPv6 Support
    IPv6 Device Monitoring
    • Autodiscovery and Data Collection for many IPv6 device types
    • 21. Custom Reporting via VitalART
    • 22. Netflow monitoring via VitalFlow
    IPv4/IPv6 Environments
    • Runs in hybrid environments
    • 23. Autodiscovery of IPv4 and IPv6 devices
    • 24. Data Collection from IPv4 and IPv6 devices
    VitalSuite Platform on IPv4 or IPv6
    • VitalSuite Server platform can run on IPv4
    • 25. VitalSuite Server platform can run on IPv6 (Windows 2008 Server only)
    Northbound IPv6 Traps
    • VitalSuite Server can send SNMP traps northbound to IPv4 or IPv6 northbound system (e.g. the Trap Receiver).
  • IPv6 Device Addresses
    IPv6 devices
  • 26. IPv6 Device Discovery
    Specify IPv6 Address and Range
  • 27. Hybrid IPv4/IPv6 Networks
    Deploy VitalSuite R11.0 on dual-stack servers to monitor Hybrid IPv4/IPv6 networks
  • 28. VMWare Performance Dashboard
    VMWare ESXi Hosts – click to drill down to an individual host and its VM instances
  • 29. New Collectors – Multi Vendor Devices
    Juniper EX, MX, SRX (7)
    Riverbed Steelhead (2)
    Cisco Process MIB (1)
    Cisco WAAS (3)
    Juniper Netscreen (3)
    VMWare ESXi (6)
    Riverbed System- CPU Util, temperature, health
    Riverbed Optimization - Connections, bandwidth
    Cisco Process MIB -
    Server Connectivity - Messages, Bytes, Compression
    EdgeServer CIFS – Requests, Sessions, Bytes, Files
    EdgeServer Cache - Util
    Policy – pkts, bytes, sessions
    VPN – packets, bytes
    IfFlow – packets, bytes
    Host interface
    VM CPU
    VM Disk
    VM Network
    Forwarding Process
    LDP Forwarding
    Services Proc Unit
    Ethernet MAC
    Security Interface
    Extensions Interface
  • 33. New Collectors – Alcatel-Lucent and Genesys Devices
    Genesys T-Server
    Genesys SIP Server
    Genesys SIP Agent
    Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP (4)
    Genesys SCS T-Server Link
    VitalAgent Expert Module -monitors Genesys SIP transactions
    QIP DNS5 Error
    QIP DNS5 Zone Maintenance
    QIP DNS5 Measurement
    QIP DNS5 Query
    Collection via SDK from Genesys Stats Server
    • # calls by category
    • 34. Time to distribute
    Collection via special SIP Monitoring Module
    • SIP Transactions
    • 35. Invite, Register, Bye
    • 36. OK or Error responses
    • 37. Transmitted Messages (avg, peak rate)
    • 38. Received Messages (avg, peak rate)
  • Genesys T-Server
    Statistics from StatsServer via SDK
    • Peak/Avg Call Abandoned
    • 39. Peak/Avg/Total Call in Queue
    • 40. Peak/Avg Call Cleared
    • 41. Peak/Avg/Total Call Entered
    • 42. Peak/Avg Call Answered
    • 43. Pct Call In Queue
    • 44. Pct Call Abandoned
    • 45. Pct Call Cleared
    • 46. Pct Call Answered
    GUI Displays, Reports, Alarms
    Genesys Server
    SDK interface
    Genesys Server
    Genesys Stats Server
  • 47. Genesys SIP Server
    • VitalNet Collects SIP message stats
    • 48. via message collection module on SIP server
    • 49. Bulk data transferred periodically via FTP server
    • 50. Message Counts by type:
    • 51. Requests:
    • 52. Invite, ACK, Register, Subscribe, BYE, etc.
    • 53. Responses:
    • 54. 100 Trying, 200 OK, 400 Error, etc.
    GUI Displays, Reports, Alarms
    Genesys SIP Server
    FTP pull
    VitalNet SIP
    SIP Messages
    FTP push
    FTP Server
  • 55. Genesys SIP Agent – Expert Module
    • Desktop PC runs VitalAgent
    • 56. New VitalAgent Expert Module to monitor SIP transaction types (Register, Call Setup, Bye, etc.)
    • 57. Report SIP transaction response stats to VitalApps (Transaction Count, Response Time)
    GUI Displays and Reports
    Agent upload
    User Desktop
    SIP Server
    SIP Expert Module
    SIP Transactions
  • 58. VitalQIP Collectors
    QIP DNS5 Error
    QIP DNS5 Zone Maintenance
    QIP DNS5 Query
    QIP DNS5 Measurement
    • Avg, Peak errors by type
    • 59. Avg, Peak Notifies
    • 60. Avg, Peak Requests
    • 61. Avg, Peak xfer failures
    • 62. Avg, Peak Requests received
    • 63. Avg, Peak query success
    • 64. Avg, Peak referrals, recursion, duplicates
    • 65. Avg, Peak errors
    GUI Displays, Reports, Alarms
    Note: autodiscovery of these QIP resource types may require special scripts depending on VitalQIP server configuration. Contact ALU customer support for further info.
    VitalQIP Server
  • 66. Enhancement Requests in VitalSuite 11.0
    Cisco QoS classmap name
    Interface Util > 100%
    Admin Group Definitions
    QoS Bandwidth allocation
    Realtime Performance
    IPv6 Support
    Admin->Inventory Page
    31 Days of Hourly Data
    Investigate tool for users
    • Ebc0014361 / 1-2224103
    • 67. Show QoS bandwidth allocation per class
    • 68. Ebc0020764 / 1-2827213
    • 69. ebca009468
    • 70. Show classmap name in reference data
    • 71. Ebc0021702 / 1-2160262
    • 72. Show utilization > 100%
    • 73. ebca010109
    • 74. Detail graphs will now show 34 days of hourly data
    • 75. Ebc010113 / 1-2851227
    • 76. Allow selected users to access “investigate” tools
    • 77. Ebca010975 / 1-3433516
    • 78. Enhance page sorting
    • 79. Ebca010082 / 1-3118242
    • 80. Improved query performance
    • 81. Ebc0020917 / 1-1862946
    • 82. Enhance page workflow
  • VitalSuite 11.0 Platform Updates
    Oracle 11
    • VitalSuite deployments running on Solaris Platform will now run on Solaris 10 + Oracle 11.2
    VitalApps Mid-Tier Agent for Linux
    • VitalApps Mid-tier Agent runs on Linux
    • 83. tested on Red Hat 5.5 and SUSE 10
    3rd Party Software Updates
    Apache HTTP 2.2.19
    • Apache Tomcat 5.5.33
    • 84. Java JRE 1.6.0_26
    • 85. Jasper Reports 3.7.6 (VitalART)
    • 86. VitalSuite Windows + SQL Server Platform is same in 11.0 as in 10.3 SP1
  • VitalSuite 11.0 includes major new features and enhancements
    GUI redesign allows significant improvements in workflow and user interaction
    Also allows future growth in Technology- or Service-specific dashboards and customization features
    IPv6 support – both device monitoring and VitalSuite platform
    Available October 2011 (Windows Platform)
  • 87. Q&A - Today’s Panelists
    Please ask your questions by typing in the chat window
    Dennis Borin
    Senior Architect
    Mark Anthony
    Director, IP Competency Center
    Chris Pyne
    Manager, Business Development
    Jim Reiley
    Manager, Business Development
  • 88. Thank You for Attending Today’s Webinar
    For more information about VitalSuite solutions, please contact your Perficient or Alcatel-Lucent account executive.
    To receive a copy of the slides or a link to the recorded session, please send an email request to kathy.gogan@alcatel-lucent.com
  • 89. Thank You