SharePoint: Internet, Intranet, Extranet - Bringing Organizations Together


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Microsoft SharePoint® Portal Server enables enterprises to deploy an intelligent portal that seamlessly connects users, teams, and knowledge so that people can take advantage of relevant information across business processes to help them work more efficiently. Two great examples are Washington University in St. Louis’ division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences and Cassidy Turley.

Washington University: The Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis was in need of not only a new web site, but a whole new platform to design and develop a dynamic internet presence. Bu utilizing Sharepoint, the new site has given us an efficient and smooth interface with many types of social networking, straightforward integration with existing database of information to broaden the reach of the division to our diverse audiences, and expanded ease of content management staff as well as constituents.

Cassidy Turley: Cassidy Turley is one of the biggest commercial real estate management organizations in the country, with diversified branches and numerous locations across United States – one of them being their brokerage division. In order to integrate all their business units, they needed a platform to organize and disseminate information across the organization and their existing platform was not serving their needs. By using Sharepoint 2010 they were able to create synergy within their organization across multiple divisions.

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SharePoint: Internet, Intranet, Extranet - Bringing Organizations Together

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010Internet, Intranet, Extranet – Bringing Organizations Together
  2. 2. Perficient Perficient is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout North America. Founded in 1997  Dedicated solution practices  Alliance partnerships with Headquartered in St. Louis  More than 500 enterprise major technology vendors PRFT on NASDAQ clients  Multiple vendor/industry 22 major market locations  85% repeat business rate technology and growth 2,000+ colleagues awards
  3. 3. PERFICIENT• 1 of only 7 Microsoft Worldwide National Systems Integrator (NSI) Partners – 1 of 3 in the U.S.• 1 of 3 Top NSI Partners in Terms of Competencies
  4. 4. Andrew Richards Aaron Schmeerbauch Director of Information Systems Project ManagerDivision of Biology & Biomedical Sciences Corporate Projects and Integrations Washington University in St. Louis at Cassidy Turley
  5. 5. Cutting the ties that bindrevitalizing a waning website
  6. 6. The Division ofBiology & Biomedical Sciences Who We Are • Greater than 450 Faculty Members across the University • Over 600 Ph.D. and M.D. / Ph.D. Students • 12 Graduate Programs • 1,200+ Applications Received Each Year • More than 1,400 Alumni Worldwide
  7. 7. The Division ofBiology & Biomedical Sciences Our drivers • Site design and impression • Content organization and navigation • Site performance and site maintenance • University wide migration from Lotus Notes • Social media • Mobile
  8. 8. Engaging Perficient Washington UniversityThe Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences (DBBS)
  9. 9. The Division ofBiology & Biomedical Sciences How We Got Here • Requirements analysis • Technology analysis • Visual design • Usability analysis
  10. 10. The Division ofBiology & Biomedical Sciences The Solution • Refined user interface and information architecture • Enhanced content management platform • Expanded integration options with existing systems • Integrated single identity for authentication across Washington University • Provided out of the box mobile access
  11. 11. The Division ofBiology & Biomedical Sciences CLIENT SUCCESS • Latest technology • Social Media Integration • Enhanced mobile applications / usage • Content editing capabilities Time Period: September 1 – December 15 2010 2011 Page Views 156,637 295,315 Average Page Views 3.12 5.81 Time on Site 00:03:21 00:05:06 Bounce Rate 46.01% 36.23%
  13. 13. Who We Are• Cassidy Turley is a leading commercial real estate services provider• $22 billion in transaction volume in 2011• 60 National offices• 3,500 professionals | more than 900 brokers• 455 million SF property management portfolio• 28,000 managed Corporate Services locations
  14. 14. Who We Are• 400 million SF leasing portfolio• 455 million SF property management portfolio• 20,000 lease and sale transactions closed• #1 full-service Commercial Real Estate firm and Property Management firm in St. Louis.
  15. 15. Our Drivers• Desire to consolidate communication/web platforms• Difficult to reinforce desired corporate culture using existing technology platform• Email was primary method of sharing basic information• Existing sites had limited functionality and visibility.• Legacy firms maintained their own Intranets.
  16. 16. Site opportunities• Provide quick and easy access to critical, relevant information• Improve communication and collaboration between brokers and producers• Reinforce corporate culture• Provide targeted content by job/role• Decentralize content creation and management
  17. 17. Engaging Perficient Cassidy Turley
  18. 18. How We Got Here• Client dissatisfied with current DNN platform.• Needed to identify solution that provided scalability and simple content administration• Needed a solution flexible enough to handle a rapidly growing organization and various user types (internal and external)• Selected SharePoint 2010 as the platform, since it meets all the functional and technical requirements
  19. 19. The Solution• Created dual authentication to accommodate on network employees and off network affiliates• Decentralized authorization mechanism to increase the number of content creation administrators• Integrated RSS feeds to drive company and industry news• Designed a breaking news banner that highlights critical company news• Selected SharePoint 2010 as the platform, since it meets all the functional and technical requirements
  20. 20. CLIENT SUCCESS• Successful consolidation of web platforms• Branded as eCommunity to reinforce corporate culture and need to collaborate• Reduced email traffic, increased collaboration through site tools• Incorporated majority of legacy functionality into eCommunity• Legacy firms decommissioning their intranet sites
  21. 21. Road map• Incorporate Active Directory Federation Services to simplify access to eCommunity and other corporate resources• Expand use of SharePoint to include broker team sites• Make key company resources available through mobile application
  22. 22. QUESTIONS?