Salesforce Innovation: Tips and Tricks for Advanced Users


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With® being one of the most innovative companies in the world, there is always something new to learn about what their cloud solutions clouds can do!

In this slideshare, we delve into a few of the newest Salesforce® enhancements, including Salesforce1 and highlights of Summer '14. Our "Advanced Tips for Maximizing Salesforce" webinar series is designed for advanced users and administrators who need expert advice, tips and shortcuts to efficiently master Salesforce.

Learn how your company can benefit from Salesforce:

Update quoting tools
Improve forecasting and analytics
Manage activities faster
Explore Chatter’s best practices
New Salesforce1 enhancements

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Salesforce Innovation: Tips and Tricks for Advanced Users

  1. 1. Advanced Salesforce… Tips & Techniques for Advanced Users & Administrators Jennifer DeLalio Senior Project Manager May 2014
  2. 2. • Founded in 1997 • Public, NASDAQ: PRFT • Major market locations throughout North America • Global delivery centers in China, Europe and India • >2,100 colleagues • Dedicated solution practices • ~85% repeat business rate • Alliance partnerships with major technology vendors • Multiple vendor/industry technology and growth awards Perficient Profile
  3. 3. • More than 450 customers │Completed ~3,000 Salesforce engagements • Expertise: Sales and Service Clouds, Chatter, Portals, Communities, Mobile and Custom Development on Salesforce Platforms • Industry Strength: Healthcare, FinServ, Hi-Tech and Consumer/Retail • One of the highest customer satisfaction ratings: 9.4 out of 10! Salesforce Practice
  4. 4. Topics • A Fresh Look at Quotes • Navigation Shortcuts • Chatter Tips • Spring ‘14 Highlights – Salesforce1 Enhancements – Feed-based Page Layouts – Analytics Enhancements – Forecasting Enhancements • Q&A
  5. 5. Quotes Overview • Sales Reps may want to offer a few pricing scenarios to a prospect • Options: – Create multiple opportunities each with different pricing characteristics – Create opportunity products representing the different scenarios These can inflate your pipeline • Ideal situation: – Create a few versions of products/pricing on the opportunity – Choose one version to use as the pricing used for the opportunity • We’re essentially describing Salesforce Quotes!!
  6. 6. Quotes Data Model Opportunity Opportunity  Products Quotes Quote Line  Items Products
  7. 7. Quotes Demo
  8. 8. Quotes - Key Features • Synching: – Oppty products are updated with the quote line items from the “synched quote” – The sync is bi-directional - an edit on an oppty product will synch down to the corresponding quote line item for the “synched quote” – Oppty amount and quantity reflect the totals from the oppty products • Templates: – PDFs can be generated that show a quote/quote line items – Configuration of these templates is possible e.g. header, footer, logo, custom fields, tables, etc. – Quote templates don’t have folder security. All templates will be available to all users
  9. 9. Quotes Configuration Tips • Create your own “new quote” button for the quotes related list on the opportunity page layout. – Add parameters to the URL such as record type id, quote expiration date, etc. • Emphasize to users what the “rules” are for selecting the quote to sync. – Is it the most pricey scenario? The least? Most likely? • Implement validation rules and approval processes to facilitate quote review/approval steps in your business process • If quoting is typically performed by a special pricing group, use Salesforce Workflow and/or Chatter to facilitate communication and handoff between sales and other teams/parties
  10. 10. Topics • A Fresh Look at Quotes • Navigation Shortcuts • Chatter Tips • Spring '14 Highlights – Salesforce1 Enhancements – Feed-based Page Layouts – Analytics Enhancements – Forecasting Enhancements • Q&A
  11. 11. Closing Activities Faster How can we save some clicks in the Activity Management process? 1. A My Open Activities list should be one click away 1 1. It should have a Close link that helps me close out open items … fast! 2 1 2
  12. 12. “My Open Activities” Sidebar Link 1. Create a View for “My Open Activities” https://{your instance}/007 2. Go into Edit mode on the View and grab the View ID from the URL https://{your instance here}/ui/list/FilterEditPage?id=00Bd0000005P0pF&retURL=%2F......... 3. Add a Custom Component/Custom Link on the Sidebar for opening the My Open Activities list in a new browser window/tab – Be sure your User Interface Setting for “Show Custom Sidebar Components on All Pages” is checked – The link will be: https://{your instance}/007?fcf={your view id}
  13. 13. “Close” Formula Field for Tasks • Create a new Activity Custom Formula Field of sub-type “Text” • Field Name = “Task Close” • Formula = HYPERLINK ("/"&Id&"/e?Close=1&tsk12=Completed&returl=%2F"&Id, "Close") Force the Status field  (tsk12) to “Completed” (or  whatever your closed  status should be)
  14. 14. Topics • A Fresh Look at Quotes • Navigation Shortcuts • Chatter Tips • Spring '14 Highlights – Salesforce1 Enhancements – Feed-based Page Layouts – Analytics Enhancements – Forecasting Enhancements • Q&A
  15. 15. Chatter Bookmarks • Keep track of useful/important posts • Other users can’t see what you have bookmarked • You can get email notifications when comments are added to posts you have bookmarked
  16. 16. Chatter Groups • Allow for focused consolidation of discussions or files within a specific subject area • Have specific users who are members; Customers can be setup external Chatter Users for collaboration purposes • Users can see all groups • Any user in the org can join a public group; however, users must request membership to private groups
  17. 17. Chatter Topics • Incorporate #Hashtag functionality into Chatter • Hashtags allow for flagging of specific posts or files as pertinent to a specific subject area, or TOPIC • This makes it easy to pull up all Chatter items (posts, files, etc.) related to that topic • Topics in Salesforce can be “Followed” similar to people and object records • Can transcend groups The Topics functionality ultimately allows us to have fewer subject-focused public groups since following a topic can allow you to achieve the same benefits (notification of new/updated information) as public group membership
  18. 18. Topics • A Fresh Look at Quotes • Navigation Shortcuts • Chatter Tips • Spring '14 Highlights – Salesforce1 Enhancements – Feed-based Page Layouts – Analytics Enhancements – Forecasting Enhancements • Q&A
  19. 19. Spring '14 – Salesforce1 Enhancements • Partner community and customer community users can now access your org using Salesforce1 – Mobile-browser only – branding is not yet supported • Branding settings are now available on Salesforce1: – Loading page background color – Loading page logo image – Salesforce1 header background color – Publisher icon images • Receive more notification types and keep notifications up to 90 days • iOS app users can set preferences on push notifications • Dashboards are now included in global search results • Add canvas apps to the Salesforce1 navigation menu
  20. 20. Spring '14 – Salesforce1 Enhancements • Customize Chatter group layouts and publisher actions • Feed search includes feed’s posts, comments, hashtag topics, mentions and files • Upload photos from mobile devices – now has mobile browser support • Call, log calls to, or send email to leads • Access social networking with Twitter for accounts, contacts and leads • View embedded report charts on record detail pages for any standard or custom object • More supported objects/features: – D&B Company, opportunity products, opportunity team, orders, quotes, and quote line items
  21. 21. Spring '14 – Salesforce1 Enhancements • Groups enhancements: – Create groups from the publisher – Add group members from the publisher – Edit group details, owner, and access level – Archive and activate groups – View group announcements – Post and view files in groups • Today enhancements: – Quickly let people know you’re running late to a meeting or won’t be able to make it – Review Salesforce user records, as well as contacts or person accounts, that are associated with a meeting’s organizer or invitees – Use today on Apple iPad devices
  22. 22. Spring '14 – Feed-based Page Layouts • The style and convenience of the Case Feed type of page layout is now available on other objects – Account, contact, opportunity, lead, custom objects • You can toggle between feed view and detail view • Feed View – Publisher allows you to perform operations pertaining to the record (e.g. create related records or log calls) – Record feed shows activity on the record, such as comments others have made about it, in chronological order • Details View – Shows in-depth information about the record, including related lists
  23. 23. Feed-Based Layout Demo
  24. 24. Spring '14 – Analytics Enhancements • Export reports without footer • Embed report charts into Visualforce pages • Hide unused Report Types
  25. 25. Spring '14 – Analytics Enhancements • Flexible sorting allows you to have different SORT CRITERIA for your various grouping levels • Floating headers for Summary and Matrix Reports Vertical Scrolling Horizontal Scrolling
  26. 26. Spring '14 – Analytics Enhancements • Named Dashboard Filters – Give an intuitive nickname to each of the dashboard filter options you present to the user • Support for percentages in Table and Metric Dashboard Components – Instead of seeing .6, you can now see 60%
  27. 27. Spring '14 – Forecasting Enhancements • Multiple Forecast Types – You can now slice and dice your forecast data from multiple angles: 1. Opportunity Revenue/Quantity/both 2. Opportunity Split Revenue 3. Product Family Revenue/Quantity/both
  28. 28. Spring '14 – Forecasting Enhancements cont’d • Overlay Forecasts (PILOT) – With opportunity splits, you can add an opportunity team member as an “overlay” – Opportunity overlay splits can be enabled as a forecast type and consequently these $$ can be viewed in the forecasts tab
  29. 29. Topics • A Fresh Look at Quotes • Navigation Shortcuts • Chatter Tips • Spring '14 Highlights – Salesforce1 Enhancements – Feed-based Page Layouts – Analytics Enhancements – Forecasting Enhancements • Q&A
  30. 30. Questions? Please enter your questions through the “Chat” or “Question” window
  31. 31. Thank You! For more information contact: 877-276-2120