Realize Greater "Return on Information" with Google Enterprise Search


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Google and Perficient together present this webinar about the benefits of deploying enterprise search; How search architecture solutions such as Google's Enterprise Search products aid in quicker retrieval of enterprise data and information.

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  • This is essentially our Mission Statement for customer-facing communications. It speaks first to our positioning as an IT consulting firm and second to our mission to “help clients implement business-driven IT solutions” that deliver business value in the form of integrated business processes, etc.
  • …the fast facts about Perficient that help position us as a rapidly growing, successful IT services firm with sufficient scale to handle large projects while being more flexible and responsive, based on our size relative to the large players. This slide is to provide “the facts” which are typically required in many “first meetings” and to help position our competitive differentiation, which is addressed directly in the next slide.
  • Realize Greater "Return on Information" with Google Enterprise Search

    1. 1. 1 Google Search Appliance - Return on Information with Universal Search Scott Goodhew Chad Johnson Search Channel Mgr Google Practice Mgr Google Enterprise Perficient
    2. 2. 2 Agenda 2 Perficient & Google Overview Google Search Appliance Overview • Business Problem & Return on Information • Features Customer Use Cases Q&A Watch a live audio & video recording of this webinar at:
    3. 3. About Perficient Perficient is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout North America. We help clients implement business-driven technology solutions that integrate business processes, improve worker productivity, increase customer loyalty and create a more agile enterprise to better respond to new business opportunities.
    4. 4. Fast Facts about Perficient Founded in 1997 Public, NASDAQ: PRFT 17 locations throughout the U.S. & Canada: • Austin, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fairfax, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Jose, St. Louis and Toronto 1000+ employees Dedicated solution practices Served 400+ clients in past 12 months Alliance partnerships with major technology vendors Multiple vendor/industry technology and growth awards
    5. 5. Perficient’s Solutions
    6. 6. 6 Google’s Mission make it universally accessible and useful Web Video Books Organize the world's information andallall News Enterprise Content
    7. 7. 7 Google Enterprise 1,000+ people dedicated to Enterprise Backed by Google’s core research and development Provides Google-quality search across all Enterprise Content Over 30,000 active appliance customers Mission: Organize your company’s information and make it accessible and relevant to authorized users
    8. 8. 8 Finding information on the Internet
    9. 9. Finding information inside the enterprise 9 Finding information in the enterprise
    10. 10. Impact on Productivity & Decision Making 10 1 2007 Accenture survey of middle managers 2 Butler Group research 3 McKinsey Global Executive Survey of 7,800 executives in 132 countries Employee Productivity • Middle managers spend more than 25% of their time searching for information necessary to their jobs, and when they do find it, it is often wrong1 • As much as 10% of a company’s salary costs are wasted on ineffective searches2 Making Decisions • 29% of CEOs/CIOs said it is difficult to find information on which to make company-wide decisions3 • 40% of other senior managers reported the same3
    11. 11. 11 1 MarketingSherpa, Landing Page Handbook) And on company websites, navigation doesn’t cut it 11 Many navigation options But where is the Search Box? And fancy content Visitors spend an average of 8 seconds before deciding whether or not to remain on a website1
    12. 12. 12 Users want search on websites 1 Jupiter Media Matrix 2 eTailing Group 3 Harris Interactive Site navigation Find Products Customer Self-Service When navigation attempts fail, 50% of users will turn to search1 In a study of 2,000 shoppers, 71% used keyword searches to find products2 90% of consumers who have made an online purchase said they used site search to access self-service content3
    13. 13. 1313 What is the Google Search Appliance? It’s “Google in-a-Box”… designed to offer your organization the same relevancy, comprehensiveness and performance you know and love from…
    14. 14. 14 Historical Roadmap “Universal Search” “Return on Information”
    15. 15. Google’s Search Philosophy 15 User All information ‘Real-time’ data Customizable and extendable Reach Highly secure architecture Standards-based Leverage existing security Security Intuitive, unified results Highly relevant User-friendly innovation Large corpus search Cross-enterprise management Flexible infrastructure Scale
    16. 16. Intranet SharePoint 16 Focus on the user Universal Search for Business Employee Directory Content Management Wikis File share “It now takes our sales executives 15 seconds to find something they used to burn 30 minutes looking for” – Jim Cahill, Emerson Process Management
    17. 17. 17 Google Search Appliance File shares Intranets Databases Enterprise applications Content Management Universal Search: Powered by Google Search Appliance • Documentum • SharePoint • FileNet • Livelink • Any other system • Over 200 file formats • MS Office, PDF, HTML, etc. • Web servers • Portals • Oracle • SQL Server • MySQL • DB2 • Sybase • ERP systems • Business intelligence systems
    18. 18. 18 High relevance that gets even better automatically
    19. 19. 19 User-Centric Features Search-as-you-Type
    20. 20. 2020 Personalized Search Experience Marketing Engineering
    21. 21. 21 The future of Reach & Security…
    22. 22. 22 Google supports every type of enterprise security available • LDAP • Kerberos • Forms-based SSO • X.509 Certificates • NTLM v1 & v2 • Windows Integrated Authentication • SAML API
    23. 23. 23 New! Universal Login: Easily integrate across heterogeneous security systems NTLM Forms Authentication Connector SPI
    24. 24. 24 Connectivity to ECM Systems “Within a day we were crawling dozens of SharePoint sites. It was truly remarkable.” – Oliver Tsai, Sunnybrook Health Sciences 3rd Party Connectors Portal K-M Google Connectors Aqualogic
    25. 25. Drop-in Portal Integration 25 Use the Google Search Appliance to provide unified search across all your cloud and firewalled content exposed through Google Sites Drop-in WebPart for Microsoft Sharepoint gives enterprises high quality search and easy integration with their existing assets
    26. 26. 26 Secure Real-time access to business information Real-Time Access to Business Applications “The Google Search Appliance with OneBox is our command line interface to our world …adding more content and additional OneBox interfaces will only increase the value to our organization” – Danny Perri, BOC Gases Access to real-time business data with OneBox
    27. 27. 27 Customized to Your Business User Interface •Custom look & feel •XML API Security •Custom security environment •SAML SPI Content •Connector framework •Real-time data with OneBox API
    28. 28. 2828 Google Confidential Advanced search reporting • Detailed click through data – Search results available through search logs • Rich search behavior information – End-user choices – Queries with no clicks – KeyMatch clicks – Etc. • Integrate with Google Analytics – Full site tracking Track every user, click, and query
    29. 29. Traditional search systems architecture 29 + Disaster Recovery Server + Patch Deployment Management Server + Volume License Management Server Database Servers SAN Storage Load Balancing Server Index Servers Front-end Web Servers Identity Server Query Servers
    30. 30. Google architecture 30 10 million docs in a box…
    31. 31. Two simple product models: effortless scale GB-7007 New! GB-9009 Up to 10M docs 10M - billions of docs 3X computing power of previous GB-1001 Upgrade license points with no HW or SW change 5X smaller than previous GB-8008 Powered by latest Dell R710 hardware and Intel Xeon 5500 processors
    32. 32. The Alternative is Software Complexity Google Approach (based on # of documents)
    33. 33. 33 30,000 Enterprise search customers Companies have made their choice
    34. 34. Results for our customers 34 Actual Data from a Large Pharma Customer
    35. 35. Users want Google 35 Increased search queries by 750% After switching to Google, more end users are searching: 90% of website visitors use Google search Large Pharma Company Increased queries from 1,800/day to 8,200 /day Site visits up 400% Overall search satisfaction up 66% Engineer search satisfaction up 74% 100 hits in first 2 hours Internal searches up 80% Public website searches up 90% 85% search satisfaction Search queries up 900% Daily queries up 70% Intranet traffic up 300%
    36. 36. 36 Case Study: Mercer • ~2 million docs scattered across ECM system (Livelink) , SharePoint, and intranet portal • Field professionals couldn’t find right docs– losing productivity and slowing client service Challenge • Conducted RFP with many vendors • Chose GSA due to ease of use, accuracy, and low total cost of ownership (TCO) • Integrated with Livelink, SharePoint, and intranet portal (MercerLink) Solution “Mercer is very client-focused. A fast, accurate search is a must in this environment.” “The Google Search Appliance won hands-down. The fact that the Google Search Appliance provided connectivity to Livelink and SharePoint was a major selling point.” Haroon Suleman, Lead Enterprise Search Architect Testimonials 19,000 global employees Intranet Portal
    37. 37. 37 Honeywell: SharePoint, Intranet, Website • Internal site: • 1,000,000 docs - project plans, presos, etc. 130,000 unique visitors / month • Website: • 400,000 files - catalogs, data sheets, etc. • 400,000 unique visitors/month Problem • Deployed 2 GB 1001’s and a GB 5005 simultaneously • Took both out of the box, plugged them in, and within one day, had tested and optimized the appliances • Indexing content in SharePoint Solution • Manage information more effectively – Employees are benefiting from enhancing sharing • Collections feature - Employees can search all corporate content, or limit queries by business unit • Search proprietary systems – E.g. Turbo Technologies Group in Transportation Systems used the Google Content Feed API to improve search capabilities of the MatrixOne product data management solution Results $30B diversified technology leader, with 120,000 global employees Customers worldwide in aerospace, auto, control technologies, & specialty materials
    38. 38. 38 • receives more than 10 million page views daily, more than 300 million monthly • Needed a robust search solution to provide users with a compelling experience • Need to search multiple types of content Problem • Chose Google Search Appliance – for its search relevance and unified results • Search real-time news, stock quotes, images, and video – in a single search box • Global - Native language search support in USA, Africa, UK, Japan, China, Italy, and India Solution • Increased number of search queries by more than 500% • Increased relevance by delivering unified results from diverse sources • “Google gave us the power and flexibility to create our own customized front-end interface. Users have easy access to business information in one place to help them make informed financial decisions faster.” – Leon Shklar, EVP of Technology, Reuters Media Results Operations in more than 100 countries and over 96,000 employees Reuters Media updates financial information up to 23,000 times per second
    39. 39. Unified Search Results 39
    40. 40. Perficient Chad Johnson Google Practice Manager
    41. 41. Google Search - Case Studies Spanning Continents Site Overload Metadata Retirement
    42. 42. Google Search - Case Studies
    43. 43. Spanning Continents Situation: • Headquarters in Europe • Remote office in US • Headquarters owns a GSA and is crawling Documentum • Remote office uses Sharepoint with built-in search Problem: • Remote office wants to search both repositories – One search box – Blended result
    44. 44. Spanning Continents Solution: • Remote office deploys a 2nd Google Search Appliance – Indexes Sharepoint and other local content • Federates Documentum results from GSA @ Headquarters – Returns blended results – Only one login against Active Directory – Authorization is delegated to the appropriate GSA • Sharepoint content is authorized by GSA @ Remote office • Documentum content is authorized on GSA @ Headquarters
    45. 45. Google Search - Case Studies
    46. 46. Site Overload Situation: • Intranet with ~700 different sub-domains • 1.6MM pages • Currently indexed with Ultraseek Problem: • Maintenance nightmare • Performance issues with re-crawling • Lack of consistency between sites
    47. 47. Site Overload Solution: • Organized: – Cataloged sites to be indexed – Identified content owners • Simplified: – Switched from managing exclusions to managing inclusions – Only identified content being indexed • Reused: – Consistent search box / results across all sites – Published style guide for how to use Google search • Optimized: – Granular control of re-crawl schedules
    48. 48. Google Search - Case Studies
    49. 49. Metadata Situation: • E-Commerce site w/Sharepoint document library • Currently using two different search engines that return separate results Problem: • E-Commerce data cannot be returned by the general site search (Sharepoint) • Want “Add to cart” function directly on search results page • Difficult to narrow or filter results
    50. 50. Metadata Solution: • Load e-Commerce data into the GSA – Export from database, convert to XML, push into GSA – Can be queried just like documents and web pages
    51. 51. Metadata Solution: • Customize the results page – Completely customizable - top to bottom – Highlight e-Commerce results with special formatting and “Add to Cart” button – Any metadata in the GSA can be used on results page • Provide more filtering options – Collections – Dynamic result clusters – Faceted search using metadata
    52. 52. Google Search - Case Studies
    53. 53. Retirement Situation: • Oil Supply company with an aging employee base • Several initiatives to capture and retain information • Sharepoint, collaboration portals, wikis Problem: • Content is being collected faster than it can be processed • One example Sharepoint DB was over 750GB • Current search solution is not helpful with so much unstructured data
    54. 54. Retirement Solution: • Google relevancy was able to make sense out of black hole repositories and junk-drives • User Contributed Results and Self-Learning Scorer provided additional ways to capture knowledge and improve results • Query reports and click tracking provided data about search effectiveness and areas for improvement
    55. 55. Download Perficient mobile apps Perficient recently launched its first mobile application for the iPhone and Android OS mobile phones! This free application lets users browse and obtain content about Enterprise IT. Search for 'Perficient' on your phone's application store!
    56. 56. Connect with Perficient Online More at Watch a live audio & video recording of this webinar at:
    57. 57. Thank You! Chad Johnson – Perficient Scott Goodhew – Google