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Healthcare Portals: 5 Core Items for an Exceptional Digital Experience


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Michael Porter and Mark Polly discuss five core items that make an exceptional digital experience in a healthcare portal

Michael Porter and Mark Polly discuss five core items that make an exceptional digital experience in a healthcare portal

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  • 1. BP401: Healthcare Portals: 5 Core Items for an Exceptional Digital Experience Michael Porter, Perficient Mark Polly, Perficient © 2014 IBM Corporation
  • 2. 5 Core Items  Security  Find a Provider  Integration  Mobile  Personalization 2
  • 3. Security 3
  • 4. Security By Security we mean:  The data is secure  The access point is secure  Setup is secure  The system will track anything that happens on the portal 4
  • 5. The Data Is Secure The law demands that any Personal Health Information (PHI) must be encrypted at rest. So the key things to do on your healthcare portal to meet this requirement include:  Architect the portal to add multiple layers of firewalls, etc.  Store as little PHI as possible on the portal  Make the back end data available only via a secure api or service call  Setup trusted servers between the portal back end systems  For external calls, setup a secure gateway through a tool like IBM WebSphere Datapower 5
  • 6. The Access Point Is Secure Don’t forget that the easiest hacks may come through social engineering You want to grant access to the right person: Create a secure login / profile Consider adaptive authentication similar to what banks use – Logging computer – Providing security image – Asking additional questions – Etc. Secure any login with https. (yes, it’s “no duh!” advice but still important to state) 6
  • 7. Setup Is Secure Most Hospital or Insurance security teams worry about verifying a users identity. Their nightmare is when a non-authorized user sees someone elses data. (spouses included) Some things to consider Verify their identity – Key information provided to you by snail mail – Check on government id – Online check of last procedure, unique id’s of that procedure, etc. Follow the law but don’t go overboard – If someone is in a hospital about to have their hip replaced and is sitting in the bed waiting for the procedure………. They probably are that person and you can issue a username/password 7
  • 8. The System Will Track All Activities Both Payer and Provider need to track auditable activities like changes to plans, changes to profile, viewing of PHI, etc. Auditing may not improve security but it does provide clues when things go wrong  You must track any writes  You must track any views of PHI  You must track proxy setup and proxy use  You should track bill payments and other non-PHI activities  You want to track via web analytics a variety of other site uses like find a doctor and appointment scheduling 8
  • 9. Find a Provider 9
  • 10. Why Find a Provider?  Typically the first impression of your brand  Often the most used feature  Implemented by payers and providers  Common issues we see – Complicated Interaction – Unsatisfying results – Confusing Language 10
  • 11. Real Find a Provider Example – Step 1 11
  • 12. Real Find a Provider Example – Step 2 12
  • 13. Real Find a Provider Example – Step 3 13
  • 14. Real Find a Provider Example – Step 4 14
  • 15. Real Find a Provider Example – Step 5 15
  • 16. Real Find a Provider Example – Step 6 16
  • 17. 17
  • 18. Expectations 18
  • 19. Simple Find a Provider Source: 19
  • 20. Simple Find a Provider 20
  • 21. Simple Find a Provider 21
  • 22. Find a Provider – Networks 22
  • 23. Simplify Networks 23
  • 24. Simplify Networks More 24
  • 25. Confusing Language - Specialties 25
  • 26. Simplify Specialties 26
  • 27. Integration 27
  • 28. Integration: The Hospital Version Hospitals are rushing into the sharing of data but that demands new infrastructure that may not exist.  Electronic Medical Record Systems  Invoice System  Find a Doctor  Schedule Appointment  Pre-registration  Classes and Events  Customer Service systems  Web Content between patient and consumer sites 28
  • 29. Integration: The Payer Version Payers have more extensive infrastructure but many still need a better integration layer and a common set of integration services  Claims – Members – Providers  Payments  ACO reporting  Member management systems  Authorizations  Etc. All too often, integration means digging out of a hole 29
  • 30. Integration: What To Do  Healthcare Portals must have a service layer …… or two to do their jobs right  Portals don’t want to store data, they want to make real time calls  Use or implement a common ESB  Use or implement a security gateway  Web Services and RESTful services are most common  Consider direct api calls if latency is a concern 30
  • 31. Mobile 31
  • 32. Mobile Statistics Used mobile web browser to research Used mobile product web browser to features find coupons & deals Source: It’s official: Mobile devices surpass PCs in online retail Companies plan to implement US mobile phone location based users that use it marketing as the primary Source: Econsultancy, 2013 device Source: Mobile Marketing Stats 32 Americans bring their phones to the bathroom Source: Digiday, 2013 Adults have their mobile phones within arms reach 24/7 Source: infographic
  • 33. Mobile Usage Growth 33
  • 34. Mobile Web Sites - What do you do? If you don’t have a mobile web site, you are already behind.  Payers – Mobile Web Site is a must  Providers – Mobile Web Site is a must 34
  • 35. What about a Mobile App  Do you need a Mobile App available through the App Stores (Apple, Google, etc)?  Will a Mobile Web Site suffice? 35
  • 36. Mobile Apps 36
  • 37. Health and Living - Mobile App Ranking1 1 46 67 68 57 myCigna MyHumana 37 100 United HC Kaiser Permanente 1 84 Aetna Mobile Ranking provided by App Annie 1/4/14 (
  • 38. Medical - Mobile App Ranking1 4 68 Epic MyChart 1 Anthem BCBS 1 38 Ranking provided by App Annie ( 100
  • 39. Medical - Mobile App Ranking 101 106 Mayo Clinic 39 200
  • 40. Medical - Mobile App Ranking 201 269 Novant Health 40 300
  • 41. Medical - Mobile App Ranking 301 369 Cleveland Clinic Today 41 400
  • 42. Medical - Mobile App Ranking 701 730 Spectrum Health 42 800
  • 43. Medical - Mobile App Ranking 801 818 Florida Hospital ER Wait 43 900
  • 44. Mobile App - What do you do?  Payer – You probably need a mobile app – Take advantage of location services for Rx, Find a Provider  Provider – Major health system – leverage the large number of potential users to provide a mobile app – Others consider specialized mobile app targeted to specific tasks • Request appointment, refills, etc • Location based facility mapping • Specific diseases 44
  • 45. Cleveland Clinic 45
  • 46. Mayo Clinic 46
  • 47. Abriiz 47
  • 48. Personalization 48
  • 49. Is this personalized? 49
  • 50. How about this? 50
  • 51. Personalized? 51
  • 52. Personalization  “Personalization technology enables the dynamic insertion, customization or suggestion of content in any format that is relevant to the individual user, based on the user’s implicit behaviour and preferences, and explicitly given details.” From Wikipedia – Dynamic insertion of customized and / or suggested content – Relevant to the individual user – Based on implicit and explicit behavior, preferences and attributes 52
  • 53. Now this is personalized You have regular prescription refills every month. Take advantage of our mail order prescription service and you may have no copay on some prescriptions. Learn More 53
  • 54. Personalized = Yes Get reimbursed faster by using direct deposit. Sign up now, its free! 54
  • 55. Personalized? You Bet Seems that you haven’t used your FSA Debit card in a while. Do you need a replacement card? Click here for assistance. 55
  • 56. Personalized! You can get a better price on this prescription at CVS. Learn More… 56
  • 57.  Access Connect Online to complete your session surveys using any: – Web or mobile browser – Connect Online kiosk onsite 57
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