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Presentation for Viabowling's partners

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Presentation for partners

  1. 1. Moscow, Russia Telephone: +7 (495) 22-595-00 Facebook BOWLING LinkedIn nder-shapovalov/28/38b/47/
  2. 2. We occupy 25% of the Russian bowling equipment market. GAME PLAY – the leading equipment supplier for indoor children's and family entertainment centers and amusement parks in Russia. FOR OVER 15 YEARS WE HAVE BEEN ENGAGED IN THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS in Russia, the Baltic and CIS countries, providing comprehensive solutions for FEC such as concept development, supply of bowling / gaming devices, startup, training and management. During this time 550 clients have used our services. The total area of our warehouse for the spare parts / consumer products and workshop amounts to 2000 sq. m. GAME PLAY a subdivision of VIA BOWLING PRODUCTS, world producer and supplier of bowling equipment The current business income is equal to $ 3.3 million.
  3. 3. VALUABLE GAME PLAY FINAL PRODUCT: an entertainment center with high Play-A-Bility (how much fun your family entertainment center is), launched within the scheduled date and the approved budget.
  4. 4. VIA BOWLING /GAME PLAY MISSION: To help its customers to create a highyielding, stable and competitive business, using the best experience of the entertainment industry, their own innovations and reliable equipment. PURPOSE OF THIS PRESENTATION: To build the long-term business relations with the leading manufacturers and developers of equipment for the entertainment industry, designers of the indoor amusement parks and business consultants in the entertainment field. .
  5. 5. GAME PLAY sets the priority for CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT, search for new solutions in the marketing, logistics and service fields, as well as the use of innovative technologies. Bowling in Russia 1000 900 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Today we are trying to dip into the future of the Russian entertainment market and make a forecast of its development for the next 5 years. Currently we have counted 186 SHOPPING AND ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS in Russia that are already built or under construction and plan to install a bowling alley and entertainment equipment during 2014-2017. We know each of them. And they cover only 65% OF THE MARKET. 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 We estimated THE CAPACITY OF THE MARKET of equipment for Indoor family entertainment centers (small and large) in Russia up to 2017 at nearly 300 projects. Our customer base includes 3500 POTENTIAL INVESTORS
  6. 6. THE MARKET STRUCTURE of the shopping and entertainment centers in Russia is changing in a way that the share of megacities (echelon 1) in the total demand for entertainment equipment is reducing because they have already reached saturation and the rates of introduction of the new centers are slowing down with each passing year. At the same time the share of the Premium clients typical for the metropolitan cities is also decreasing. VIA BOWLING/GAME PLAY TRADITIONALLY PROVIDES SERVICES TO THE MIDDLE CLASS CLIENTS (echelons 2 and 3 on the diagram). These are the bowling centers and bowling bars from 2 to 16 alleys, children's centers in the regional (local) shopping centers and family entertainment centers in the surrounding shopping malls. We are SECOND TO NONE in terms of quality-price ratio. LOCATION OF OUR CLIENTS: Regional shopping and entertainment centers (bedroom suburbs) with a total area of ​100 thousand sq. m, free-standing entertainment complexes, hotels, municipal sports facilities.
  7. 7. We CONSULT the clients on how to build an effective business and prevent the fatal mistakes as well as how to optimize the size of investment and reduce the time of investment return. To protect our clients from possible problems we SUPPLY the equipment from extremely reliable manufacturers, PROVIDE the equipment maintenance without a hitch and downtime. We SUPPORT our clients through a 24/7 hot line at all business stages from the first contact to business shutdown or sale We are always there for you!! We HELP our clients to find experienced staff because we know everyone, and everyone knows us!
  8. 8. COMPETENCE AND QUALITY ARE OUR CREDO! We follow trends, accumulate experience and train our clients. . We play a significant role in the Russian market development. Our customers feel confident. .
  9. 9. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Chief executive and founder Aleksandr Shapovalov Name: Aleksandr Shapovalov Age: 41 Experience in the entertainment field: 17 years Experience in the company: 17 years Why I like to work in the company: I grew up with it, I live with it, and I’m surrounded by interesting people and projects. My professional plans: self-development and learning new things. The success of VIA BOWLING /GAME PLAY is based on the qualified staff. Some employees have been working in the company since its foundation and are experts in their fields. Chief sales officer Chief technology officer 1. Name: Konstantin Osipov 2. Age: 41 3. Experience in the entertainment field : 12 years 4. Experience in the company: 8 years. 5. Why I like to work in the company: I like it, because here I am surrounded by people that are interesting and nice to talk to. And most importantly, I am not ashamed of the products we offer in Russia. 6. My professional plans: new challenges and interesting projects. Chief financial officer 1. Name: Svetlana Brusnikina 2. Age: 45 3. Experience in the entertainment field: 6 years 4. Experience in the company : 6 years. 5. Why I like to work in the company: We have a young and cheerful staff. It’s interesting not only to work together, but also to study and rest. We organize a lot of training sessions and often hold various events for employees and their families. 6. My professional plans: To work and grow in the company where I 'm surrounded by wonderful people and great professionals, my colleagues. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. Name: Anatoliy Ibleminov 2. Age: 43 3. Experience in the entertainment field: 7 years 4. Experience in the company: 7 years 5. Why I like to work in the company: The development of the entertainment business in the Russian Federation as a new business area. The ability to implement large, original and hightech projects. Understanding that we provide children and adults with joy, positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. We don’t sell equipment, we sell business. We create work places in the Russian Federation and CIS countries and develop the economy. 6. My professional plans: To increase the volume of products sold and the number of projects completed. To develop the existing business and open new directions related to it. FEC-business consultant Name: Evgeniy Shatygin Age: 53 Experience in the entertainment field : 16 years Experience in the company: 1 year Why I like to work in the company: My work is interesting and creative, it involves constant search for information and learning from the experience of the leading entertainment centers, analyzing and comparing their projects on active family pastime, novelties of the entertainment equipment from leading manufacturers. I gladly communicate with new people, together we find original concepts and participate in the creation of the new entertainment centers in and out of Russia. My professional plans : To find and implement. Participate in the implementation of outstanding amusement park projects, children's entertainment centers, family leisure centers. Find solutions that combine novelty, originality and attractiveness considering the specifics of the region and are cost effective for the clients.
  10. 10. we are looking for: Long-term partners in the U.S. and Europe: manufacturers and developers of equipment for the entertainment field, designers of indoor amusement parks, business consultants in the entertainment industry. Our offers: 1. To meet on November 18-22, 2013 аt IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando (USA). 2. To agree on a plan of goods/services promotion and sales in Russia. 3. To enter into a cooperation agreement, dealership agreement.
  11. 11. Moscow, Russia Telephone: +7 (495) 22-595-00 Facebook LinkedIn