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Basics of Pivot Table and Description

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Pivot table

  1. 1. What is Pivot TableMany Excel users are not familiar with, or areintimidated by Pivot Tables, one of the mostpowerful features in Excel. This presentationdescribes Pivot Tables and Few Features ofPivot Table.
  2. 2. Creating Pivot TableA pivot table is a great reporting tool thatsorts and sums independent of the originaldata layout in the spreadsheet. If you neverused one, this below example will mostinteresting for you.First, set up / create some data, in a specificrange in Excel, like below slide,
  3. 3. Selecting Data Range for Pivot Table As given in example I have created data of 3 Workers x,y,z and their,weekly payments in Various Segments. Selected a Range of (A1:D50)
  4. 4. Creating Pivot TableNow choose any cell in this tableand choose Pivot Table wizard inthe Data menu. Excel asks forthe data source and suggeststhis table. Click OK.
  5. 5. Pivot Table RangeHere We need to understandthe data range. Excel suggeststhe table as shown in aboveSlide . If you expect to adddata in the future, set the datarange to include as many rowsas you think you will everneed. Rather than A1:D50,you may want to specify$A$1:$D$500.One more suggestion is , as shown in Graphic you candefine the Destination of Pivot Table as New Sheet orExisting Sheet
  6. 6. Pivot Layout WizardNow comes the layout wizard, show below.
  7. 7. Pivot Table Field List Report Filter Column Labels Row Labels ∑ Values
  8. 8. Pivot Table Filed List DefinitionsReport Filter : Use a report filter to conveniently display a subset of data in a PivotTable report or Pivot Chart Report. A report filter helps to manage the display of large amounts of data, and to focus on a subset of data in the report, such as a product line, a time span, a Geographic regionColumn Labels : A field that is assigned a column orientation in a PivotTable report.Row Labels : A field that is assigned a row orientation in a Pivot Table report.
  9. 9. Menu Descriptions
  10. 10. Menu Descriptions
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