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Excel training commands not in ribbon


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  • 1. Auto formatCamera toolsSpeak cells
  • 2. To access ‘Commands not in theRibbon’, in Excel 2007, press Officebutton, select Excel options, select‘Customized’ menu and from dropdown ‘choose commands from andselect commands not in the ribbonHere you can add what everCommands you require, to theexisting menu ribbon in your Excel.
  • 3. Auto FormatSelect a range of cells Press auto formatbutton you will get auto format popup whichhas got various format options In the auto format popup by choosing options , we can use all or few options only from auto format command 2 3 1 1 2 3 4 4
  • 4. Camera ToolThe Excel Camera tool enables you to take a live picture ofa range of cells that updates dynamically while the data inthat range updates. Although Microsoft doesnt include theExcel Camera tool in the mainstream Ribbon, its quite usefulwhen you want to build Excel dashboards and reports.Before you can use the Camera tool, you need to add it toyour Quick Access Toolbar
  • 5. To make a live Camera picture of a source range:· Select a range to take your picture· Press Camera Icon, a + cursor appears· Move to destination location· Click mouse, live linked picture will be immediately placed at destination location· Move, manipulate your live picture as desired Since your picture is live, any changes (data, format, formulas) in source cells will immediately appear in your picture. Since your copy is a picture, you can move it anywhere you want, it floats over the rows/columns. This lets you be creative, mix and match charts and data pictures more freely than you ever could with just rows and columns.
  • 6. Speak CellsPlay back worksheet dataYou need speakers installed to perform this procedure.Play back a group of cellsSelect a group of cells to read back.Choose how the computer will read back your data by clicking By Rows or By Columns.Click Speak Cells .To correct an error, click Stop Speaking , and use your mouse and keyboard to makethe necessary changes.Click Speak Cells to make the computer continue to read back your selection