Excel information formulae par ii ameet z academy


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Excel information formulae par ii ameet z academy

  1. 1. An Easy Learning SourceExcel Tips and Tricks AmeetZ Academy
  2. 2. As in this graphicshown here , wecan get the list ofdifferent set offormulae. One ofsuch set offormulae areInformationFormulae. AmeetZ Academy
  3. 3. Why Information Formulae ?Excels Information functions gives you informationabout the data in a cell or range of cells. Thisinformation includes whether the data is a number,the formatting applied to the cell, or even if the cell isempty.Each of these functions, referred to collectively as theIS functions, checks the type of and returns TRUE orFALSE depending on the outcome. For example, theISBLANK function returns the logical TRUE if is areference to an empty cell; otherwise it returns FALSE. AmeetZ Academy
  4. 4. the "IS" statements only take one cell at a time. For Convenient Reading each formula colored differently ISBLANK() ISERR() ISERROR() ISLOGICAL() ISNA() ISNONTEXT() ISNUMBER() ISREF() ISTEXT() CELL() ERROR.TYPE() INFO() ISEVEN() N() TYPE() IS EVEN() Important The "IS" statements only take one cell at a time, but not a range. AmeetZ Academy
  5. 5. ISBLANK()This Formula returns TRUE if the reference Cell isBlank . This formula is useful to find blank cell ina large range of CellsIn other words - the IsBlank function can beused to check for blank or null valuesPlease see example below: AmeetZ Academy
  6. 6. In this Example ,in Case of A1 ,the result is Falsesince A1 is notblank , where asB1 is Blank AmeetZ Academy
  7. 7. Using ISBLANK Function with other Formulae=IF(AND(ISBLANK(A1),ISBLANK(B1),ISBLANK(C1)), ”This Cell is Blank”,False)In the above Formula , we can find out , by usingIF Formula with “And” Criteria , to notify BlankCells from the large Range of Cells. AmeetZ Academy
  8. 8. Using ISBLANK Formula in Conditional Formatting In this example , I have tried to know how many Cells in the range of A1 to E2 are blank Procedure, As shown in the picture, I have opted Conditional Formatting-> Highlight Cell Rules->More Rules ->New Formatting Rules. Then I have opted for “Use a formula to determine which cell to format. I have used Formula =NOT(ISBLANK(A1:E2)) and selected the CELL FILL to be RED). In this Case If any cell contains single space also, it will be indicated with RED Fill. AmeetZ Academy
  9. 9. ISERR()In Excel, the this functioncan be used to check forerror values. In otherwords , This function, IsError Other Than NotAvailable, tests whether avalue, an expression, orcontents of a referencedcell has an error otherthan not available (#N/A) AmeetZ Academy
  10. 10. ISERROR()This function, Is Error of Any Kind, tests whether avalue, an expression, or contents of a referencedcell has any kind of error. AmeetZ Academy
  11. 11. Using , ISERROR with other formulae ( better usage of ISERROR) In this case, Search for a Name listed in the range F3:F11, within the range B3:B11. Return the Overtime for that name, listed in range C3:C11, and place the Overtime , in range F3:F11. If we deleted any name from range B3 to B11, the result in F3 to F11 would be #N/A inrespective cells because, the formula would not be able to find the name in range B3:C11. Tohide the error value, the formula would be:=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(E3,$B$3:$C$11,2,FALSE)),"",VLOOKUP(E3,$B$3:$C$11,2,FALSE)) AmeetZ Academy
  12. 12. ISLOGICAL()FORMULA DESCRIPTION=ISLOGICAL(TRUE) Checks whether TRUE is a logical value (Yes)=ISLOGICAL("TRUE") Checks whether "TRUE" is a logical value (No)=ISNUMBER(4) Checks whether 4 is a number (Yes) AmeetZ Academy
  13. 13. More will be in Part III, Keep WatchingAlso you can find these Power Point PresentationsAre Available in http://www.ameetz.com/gallery.htm AmeetZ Academy
  14. 14. AmeetZ Academy