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IAF Market Place is a useful resource where you can find companies offering a range of products and services to the fish feeding and aquatic industries. It is part of International Aquafeed magazine.

IAF Market Place is a useful resource where you can find companies offering a range of products and services to the fish feeding and aquatic industries. It is part of International Aquafeed magazine.



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    IAF Market Place IAF Market Place Presentation Transcript

    • The Market Place The market place for aquaculture and aquatic feed products Internatinal Aquafeed Classified Advertisers information International Aquafeed is published five times a year by Perendale Publishers Ltd of the United Kingdom. All data is published in good faith, based on information received, and while every care is taken to prevent inaccuracies, the publishers accept no liability for any errors or omissions or for the consequences of action taken on the basis of information published. ©Copyright 20 Perendale Publishers Ltd. All rights reser ved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed by Perendale Publishers Ltd. ISSN: 1464-0058The International magazine for the aquaculture feed industry
    • AttractantsAquativAQUATIV  specialises in the conception, manufacturingand application of natural palatability solutions for fish andshrimp feed. Thanks to its dedicated research center and its partnershipswith well known  nutrition laboratories, AQUATIV hasdeveloped real expertise in the field of palatability.Feed manufacturers can rely on AQUATIV  internationalsales and industrial network to receive high quality productsand services.AQUATIV is part of the group DIANA INGREDIENTS whichis a major natural ingredients manufacturers. Aquativ prod-ucts meet the high palatability needs of: grower, pre-grower and starter feeds- medicated feeds- Plant feedstuffs based feedsAquativ solutions allow:- feed intake increase- high feed efficiency- faster fish and shrimp growthContact: Telephone 0084 (0)906 11 65 94email contact@aquativ-diana.com
    • ExtrudersBuhlerExtrusion: The solution for sophisticated food producersThe advantages of the extrusion process are evident inthe production of high-quality foods for the aquacultureindustryBuhler can look back on 140 years of experience in rawmaterials processing and has continuously refined conven-tional processes such as grinding, mixing, and cooking. Thelatest process technology is Extrusion. It allows preservableand carefully balanced fish foods and aquaculture nutritionfeeds to be produced on the basis of the latest findings inthe field of marine nutrition.Contact:Buhler Group - ExtrusionP: +41 71 955 37 97F: +41 71 955 33 88extrusion@buhlergroup.com
    • Nutritional AdditivesChemoforma LtdCHEMOFORMA Ltd. is producing natural feed additives based onbalanced formulation of purified RNA and purified nucleotides tomeet the increase demand for these building blocks of life upondevelopment, growth, stress and health challenges in livestockindustry and aquaculture. Increasing feed prices, demand forhigher numbers of animals and increased health concerns in animalproduction evoke the need for feed additives or feed supplementswith proven physiological benefits for the animals and simultane-ously provide protection against diseases in the target species. Theactive ingredients of all products of CHEMOFORMA Ltd. must beregarded as management tools to maintain general health, enhancedevelopment of young animals and manage the deleterious effectsof stress. The natural defence mechanisms of organisms areactively supported without generating negative side effects likeadaptation or resistance. In addition, the negative effects of stresson molecular levels are absorbed. Moreover, the performanceas well as productivity of all kind of animals is actively supportedby facilitated and accelerated cell proliferation during develop-ment and growth. The high degree of purity of RNA/nucleotidesensures the unhindered and complete uptake of the nutrients inthe intestinal tract. Thus the products of CHEMOFORMA Ltd.are shifted to conditionally essential nutrients in animal productionand fit into the classification of nutraceuticals for the developmentof functional feed.
    • Equipment for SaleExtru-Tech.Established for 25 years, Extru-Tech® has a global reputa-tion within the grain milling and aquaculture industries. Thecompany has installed numerous feed, grain and millingextrusion and drying systems throughout the world, andhas built a trusted reputation for the supply and servicingof parts and ancillary equipment for extruders and dryers.Extru-Tech has a comprehensive range of extruders anddryers suitable for the production of aquaculture and animalfeed products. Contact us at extru-technic@extru-technic.com or call us on (+1) 785-284-2153 for sales and informa-tion on extruder and dryer equipment
    • Shrimp & Fish Diet ProductsInveFish Nutrient ProductsIn fish and aquaculture hatcheries, fish are raised from theeggs to the juvenile stages, untill they are suitable for trans-fer to ponds or cages.INVE Aquaculture offers a full range of nutritional andhealth products for these delicate larval stages.Shellfish Nutrient ProductsIn hatcheries,  shellfish are raised from the eggs  untill theyare ready for transfer to ponds.INVE Aquaculture developed a unique range of innovative,pioneering solutions related to the feeding and health of thefragile baby shellfish.Contact:INVE ASIA SERVICES LtdTel. +66 (0) 2 960 02 00Fax +66 (0) 2 960 04 99E-mail iass@inveasia.co.th
    • Extruders Muyang Group With its headquarters in the historic city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Muyang Group Co., Ltd. has since its founding in 1967 grown into a well-known group corporation, whose activities cover research & development, project design, feed machinery manufacturing, installation and engineering, storage engineering, grain machinery and engineering, biomass engineering, environmental protection system, conveying equipment, automatic control systems as well as steel struc- ture. Muyang currently has over 1500 employees, including 800 technicians and engineers who specialize in machine building, heat treatment, feed processing, civil engineering, automatic control, computer science, animal nutrition, dust control, grain engineering, chemical engineering, oil engineering and marketing. In addition, the company engages a considerable number of professors and specialists from various universities and research institutes to help with R&D functions. The strong R&D capabilities and technological leading position are evidenced by launching 89 new products in the year of 2004. In the same year, the RMB20 million Research and Engineering Center was put into use. With its ecological, intelligent, environmental-friendly features, this center greatly improved the working conditions of all the technical teamsand thereby enhanced their work initiatives. National Technical Committee of Feed Machinery Standardization Administration of China settled in Muyang onJune,15th, 2008.Through years of unrelenting efforts, Muyang has developed over 100 series (more than 800 models) of high quality feed and grain processing machines. It iscapable of undertaking all types of turn-key feed engineering projects ranging from ordinary animal feed production facilities to upper-class extruded aquafeedproduction lines. Among Muyang products 18 were listed as the National New and High Technology Products. The company’s over 400 patented technologieshelp to ensure its leading position in China and have earned various national and provincial awards for remarkable technological achievements.In the past few years Muyang quickened its pace in technological innovation and procured a considerable number of advanced manufacturing equipment includingtwo heavy duty laser cutters (Swiss products), America-made steel silo manufacturing line, digital bending machines, digital gun-drills, digital lathes, electro-lighttracing cutting machines and so on. Furthermore, the company owns the best painting and surface treatment facilities in the feed industry in China. With ISO9001-2000 obtained in 2003, Muyang has drawn up clear guidelines from material procurement through to finished product inspection and shipping to customers thusensuring high quality for each and all its products and engineering projects.Meticulous and considerate design, excellent workmanship and highly controlled engineering process plus comprehensive service efforts have won for Muyangvaluable awards in the form of market recognition and customer goodwill. Satisfied clients include domestic top 10 feed manufacturers such as Hope Group, LiuheGroup, Zhenghong Group, Tongwei Group and overseas feed manufactures such as Cargill Group of US, CP Group of Thailand, Bayer Group of Germany, GoldCoin Group of Switzerland, BMBM Group of France, ABN Group of UK, CJ Group of Korea, Rainbow Group of Korea, Suntory Group of Japan. Muyang products,solutions and engineering projects have won wide recognition in various parts of the world. This is evidenced by its exporting complete feed production lines orturn-key projects to over 70 countries including New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Egypt, Iran, Viet Nam, Syria, Belgium,Brazil, Turkey, Russia and so on.In the 21 century Muyang Group with its well-defined corporate spirit focusing on innovation, responsibility, operation, and high efficiency will continue its effortsto achieve its goal of growing into a global leading machine building and engineering corporation.
    • ExtrudersKahlKahl plan, design, and build machines, plants, and turnkeyproduction factories for the conditioning and compactingof many different products from a wide variety of industrialprocesses.Today, AMANDUS KAHL are partners of the food industry,the feed industry, the chemical industry, and the recyclingindustry.The constantly advanced flat die press and the annular gapexpander have been the most successful Kahl products ofthe past 10 years.Our products for the Aquaculture, Fish Farming and FishNutrition Industries include: complete compound feed fac-tories, plants, pelleting plants and individual machines.Contact Us:Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KGDieselstrasse 5D-21465 ReinbekTel: +49(40) 727 71-0Fax: +49(40) 727 71-100info@amandus-kahl-group.de
    • ExtrudersOttevanger Milling EngineersOttevanger Milling Engineers, established in 1909, is one of the leading European companies who havespecialised in the design and manufacture of equipment and complete plants for the grain processing andcompound feed industry up to 100 T/H.Our expertise based on many years of experience and know how make Ottevanger the ideal partner forrealisation of your project. From basic design through to turn-key delivery and training.Ottevanger Miling Engineers, specialist in conventional and containerised mills for: • premix plants • pet food plants • feedmills • complete flour mills • concentrate plants • cereal processing plantsThe containerized feed mill which can be put together in a matter of weeks at a production site. From2 tph to 30 tph a large variation of combinations can be made. It is built to the size of standard 20-feet(6 meters) containers. At the plant location the containers are stacked to form a complete mill. Feedsfor different species can be produced. Separate units have been designed for production of petfood andtreatment of raw materials, such as soybeans. The concept has also been developed for flour production.Our product range also includes mixers, hammer mills, pellet mills, conditioners, extruders, driers/coolers,crumblers, crushers, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, chain conveyors, liquid dosing systems, storage silosfor grain and feed, spare parts, electric control and fully process automation, after sales service worldwide.T +31 79 593 22 21F +31 79 593 11 47E mkp@ottevanger.comW www.ottevanger.com
    • Supply ChainPalm View TradeWe are the world leading producer of Banana by productswhich are all natural and very unique and sustainable for usein all kinds of feed. This is one of the many quality productswe produce and supply globally to our valued  clients. Theother quality feed products we also export in good quanti-ties all year round are: Tuna Fish Meal, Crude Tuna FishOil, Tapioca Chips, Tapioca Powder, and Tapioca Starch.You can reach us anytime for quotations and inquiries onour products at palmview@pldtdsl.net or call us at +63918-8884623. Looking forward in serving you soon.
    • PulverisersReynolds EngineeringAn industry leader in the manufacturing of Air SweptPulverizers and replacement parts for Jacobson and Schutz-O’Neill Pulverizers and Hammermills, as well as equipmentfor manufacturing cellulose insulation. Re-manufactured andused equipment is available for diverse industries worldwide.Contact UsReynolds Engineering & Equipment, Inc.P.O. Box 707Muscatine, Iowa 52761-0012
    • AdditivesTesgoTony Go, of Indonesian-Chinese descent, became Dutchcitizen in 1955. After qualifying at the Dutch BusinessManagement Institute Nijenrode (’58), he started his inter-national career in the Animal Health and Nutrition worldin 1961 as the Export-Manager of the veterinary companyINTERVET (’61 - ’71) In 1971 he became Managing-Director of Colborn-Dawe’s(’71 - ’81), a well-known USA vitaminpremix company,which was sold to Roche in 1983, after a period under ShellAnimal Nutrition.With his extensive knowledge of International Marketing, hefounded in 1981 Tesgo Services export consultancy, focus-ing on the Far East market, ranging from Thailand to Japan.Many European companies in the Animal Health andNutrition sector, were able to expand to Asia thanks toTony’s expertise, and are still seeking his advice.Tesgo Services evolved into Tesgo International, with morethan 25 years of experience, an extensive network of part-ners and customers throughout Asia and China.Tony’s market knowledge is unrivalled, since he is one ofthe few agro marketing experts who has observed andexperienced the tremendous growth of the feed market inAsia as early as 1981!Nowadays Tesgo International focuses on the marketing ofNutri-Performance immuno-nutrition specialties for younganimals, and the transfer of animal nutrition know-howunder the banner of H.A.C.A.N.I. (Holland-Asia Centre ofAnimal Nutrition Intelligence).
    • Vacuum CoatingWynveen InternationalWynveen International is a manufacturer of Feed mills for animal feeds, petfood and fishfeed.Many years of experience have enabled us to come up with interesting solutions for thisindustry. Wynveen holds a leading position in manufacturing of complete fish feed factories.From the processing of the raw materials, grinding, sifting, mixing and drying, to the subse-quent unique vacuum coating system (40% liquids).Our key-activities are: 1. process and machine development 2. lay-out engineering 3. product engineering 4. operator manuals and customer supportSeveral standard designs are available, tenfold of 10 to 60 t/h feedmill installations aredesigned over the last 25 years. Several designs have been made for the fish feed industry,line capacities from 9 to 20 tons/hour. Wynveen manufactures the main production machinesthemselves, these are o.a. hammer mills, 3000 and 1500 rpm, ribbon- and paddle mixers,double shaft paddle mixers, rotary sifters, coaters for liquids (vacuum or atmospheric) and allconveying equipment like elevators, chain conveyors, screw conveyors. To ensure its qualitystandards Wynveen assembles and tests all key equipment. Wynveen exports roughly 80 %of its current production outside the Netherlands. We are focusing solely on the develop-ment and construction of high quality innovative machines and installations for manufacturinglivestock, fish feed and pet food.Our motto ‘versatility in feed processing’ will continue to apply and we wish to distinguishourselves by quality, innovation, client focus and added value.Wynveen International B.V.T 026 479 0699F 026 479 0698E info@wynveen.comW www.wynveen.com
    • ExtrudersZCMEWith  sophisticated  engineering  technolo-gy,  advanced  feed  machiney and  fast  solution  of  mar-ket  challenges, we  have  built  more  than  2,000  turn-key projects worldwide in one century covering areas of live-stock and poultry feed, aquatics feed, pet feed, premix, con-centrated feed, fertilizer, silo storage, sawdust pellet and rub-bish treatment.