Military Critical Infrastructure: GeoReadiness


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Military Critical Infrastructure: GeoReadiness

  1. 1. Military Critical Infrastructure GeoReadiness Mike Quin ESRI AsiaManager, Asia Pacific Defence Business Development
  2. 2. GIS and Facility ManagementDefence is using GIS today for:• All aspects of land and facility management – Range Management – Emergency Planning and Response – Force Protection and Security – Base Operations and Facility Management – Environmental Security and Resource Management – Building Management – Space Utilization 2
  3. 3. GIS Managing Military Installations …managing the total Defence Country Estate on a national scale Command Garrison Barracks Building Room Equipment Furniture 3
  4. 4. Enterprise Facility ManagementBusiness Transformation – Turning Data and Information into Operational Knowledge Planning Site Selection Energy Management Permitting GIS IWMS Emergency Preparedness & Response Design EAM ERP Environmental Code Management Enforcement Infrastructure Real Property Asset Business Facility Management Management Continuity Management 4
  5. 5. Defence Installation Management Follows Patterns Distributed (SDI) Departments Mobile Replication Enterprise Mapping Enterprise Integration Web GIS Applications IT System Fusion Center Mashups UC 5 200 8
  6. 6. Patterns Fit SOA Architecture of Net Centric Operations y c urit C4I al Se Engineering Nation Utilities and Telecommunication in as Ar e Facilities Management l iona Force protection & Security Fu nct nsGIS atio Cultural Resource Management Firewall er Op Environmental Security t ric et Cen Field Survey re -N Workforce Management (WFM) ite ctu Arch ted National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) es ien vic es Or n Ser vic atio Threat Databases Ser m Infor rise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) p ter Financial Management Systems En Mission focused, services oriented, scalable and interoperable, enterprise enabled, geospatial situational awareness 6
  7. 7. Moving Facilities Into Defence AT/FPA security program to protect personnel,information, and critical resources fromasymmetrical attacks. This is accomplished Vulnerabilities Vulnerabilitiesthrough the planned integrationof personal security, C2 Protect, physicalsecurity, and law enforcement, all supported bythe synchronization of doctrine,training, operations, intelligence, and Critical Assets Threat Threat Critical Assetsresources. GIS Extends Facilities Management into AT/FP……… 7
  8. 8. Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments Front Gate Electrical Substation
  9. 9. Soft Infrastructure Assets Food Food
  10. 10. Tracing Utilities to Mission Critical Facilities
  11. 11. Integrating Blast Modeling• Rapid planning of defensive measures for assets and personnel against explosive attacks and terroristic actions.• Blast damage prediction
  12. 12. Prioritize Critical Infrastructure Identify Critical Infrastructure Create Standoff Distances and Leathal Response Envelopes
  13. 13. Sensor Planning
  14. 14. Patrol Planning Analyzing Visual Exposure of Guard Posts Port Security and Patrol Routes of Critical FacilitiesLand movement, convoys and motorcades View Shed Analysis 14
  15. 15. Emergency Operations• ER Tools (Emergency Management)• Standards based baseline data for incident management• Collaborative sharing of data in near real-time• Supports remote editing
  16. 16. Military CAD Emergency Response• Emergency Response Management System• CAD/911 fully-integrated, scalable, and expandable GIS- based system, supporting military police, and responders• Records Management System (RMS),• Computer-Aided Dispatch• Mobile Data Terminals
  17. 17. Mobile Tactical Perimeter Security • Find • Fix • Track • Target • Engage and Assess beyond the perimeter • Garrison and expeditionary deployment
  18. 18. Tactical Perimeter Security Elements Detection C2 Elements Server COP Smart Clients MSTAR Sensors PDA Browser-Based Clients Q36 Terrain PSRS CommanderAssessment Networked Camera Video Archiving & Controller Distribution System REDCAR Response External Systems FPASS Thermal Imagers CCTV TRAP CCTV CROWS
  19. 19. Expeditionary Force Protection 19
  20. 20. GeoReadiness Summary• Public Works Systems follow a pattern for Net Centric Operations• GIS tools retooled for AT/FP assessment and response• Facilities AT/FP Systems now part of the TOC
  21. 21. Facilities GeoReadiness Infrastructure matters to theoperator