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Erik presentation


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Comenius : Elements of Science

Comenius : Elements of Science

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  • 1. My Family
    Parents : Emil and Janette
    Siblings : Thomas and Richard
  • 2. My Parents
    My parents names is Emil and Janette.
    My mum is 45 years old and dad is 52 years old. My mum works at the Office of Labour,Social Affairs and Family in RevúcaMy father has his own business which deals with the construction of fireplaces.
    I love my parents. They are really great.
  • 3. My Brothers
    I have two brothers both of whom are older than me. Tomas is 26 years old and the other my brother Richard is 21 years old.
    My brother Tomas graduated from university with a  sports degree. He is devoted to football and playing for FC Revuca.
    My brother Richard is studying at the Police Academy in Kosice. He also loves cars.
  • 4. My Hobby
    My hobby is football. I have played itsince I was 7 years old. I play defender on the older pupils FC Revúca team. My favorite club is Chelsea. My favorite player is John Terry. My other hobbies include computer and computer games.
  • 5. In Slovakia is very good food. Typical food in Slovakia are: pies, potato dumplings, meat balls, potato pancakes, goulash, goat cheese, cabbage soup, salty cheese and many others. I love : pizza,potato dumplings, cakes and many next.
  • 6. My Dogs
    I love animals but the best are dogs.
    I have two dogs their names are Danny and Bora. My dog bora is a German Shepherd and loves snow. My other dog danny is a deer ratlík and vice versa does not like winter or snow. Bora is in the garden and danny is at home in the apartment.
  • 7. About me
    Apart from Football and computer, I like ice hockey, skiing, swimming andbasketball. I like to listen to modern music like the BlackEyed Peas.My favourite school subject is physical education, history and geography. I like nature and been in our garden.
  • 8. Slovakia
    Slovak Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. An area of 49 035 km2 and has a population of approximately 5.43 million inhabitants. in 1918, Slovakia was part of Czech-Slovakia until 1 January 1993 was the division of the state structure of the independent Slovak Republic. The greatest sporting success is the fact that we were world champions in hockey in 2002.
  • 9. Revuca
    Revúca has 14 000 inhabitants it is a district town, it’s situated in the Slovak mountains. Revúca had the first Slovak grammar school. In the 19th century Revúca became one of the centers of the Slovak national and cultural life.