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Peralta Family Tree
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Peralta Family Tree


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  • 1. Karen Talken b. 1959 Carla Marie m1. Dale Robert Temple 1978 b. 1977 m2. Robert T Nielson 1985 Linda Claire Quadros b. 1964 Lynne Anne Scalberg b. 1962 Stacy Anne b. 1964 Jon Richard b. 1981 Rick Joseph Silva b. 1967 Where are the Peraltas today? Glen Talken b. 1961 Nancy Louise Quadros Chris Charles Scalberg David Arthur Angela Louise Paul Dante Silva Ken Talken b. 1966 b. 1966 b. 1968 b. 1982 b. 1969 b. 1964 Married 1950, El Cerrito, California Married 1984 Married 1962, El Cerrito, California Married 1965 Married 1976 Married 1964 Married 1986, Sedona, Arizona Married 1917 Beverly Jean Daniel Joseph Enz Alice Louise Charles Arthur John Mary Jane Sheryl Lynn Carol Anne James Joseph Warren Rupf Ruth Warren Arthur Diane Rose Peralta Quadros Peralta Scalberg Peralta, Jr. Marinovich Granzella Solmi Silva b. 1943 b. ~1918 Guam Talken Spingolo b. 1930, Albany, California b. 1936, Albany, California. b. 1942, Albany, California. b. 1945 Warren is a sheriff in b. 1930 b. August 7, 1934 d. 1988 Contra Costa County Leslie Warren b.~1920 Guantánamo Bay Cuba Robert Roy Don Luis Peralta b. 1930 Donald Warren Ingle b. 1924 San Diego CA James W. b. 1930 Edward Leavitt Ingle Patsy A. Warren b. 1920; d. 1946 buried Kathryn Peralta b. 1932 b. ~1927 Oregon Italy Clare Ingle b. 1936 Douglas Warren Paul Cone Maximillian b. ~Jan 1929 Virginia Ingle unnamed Joseph Peralta Peraltas in b. 1922 b. 1937 b. 1933 Albert H. Peralta b. 1890; d. 1946 Hollywood? m. Ethyl Ladelle Mattocks How did María Carlotta Peralta b. 1891; d. 1973 Floyd Thomas Peralta Movies in m1. Frank Silva 1933 Married 1926, Oakland, California. b. 1906, Richmond. d. 1906 Married 1934 Married 1917 Married Married Married 1928 Married 1969 Married m2. George Burnett 1955 I discover Arthur John Leona María Vincent Nelson Peralta Mary Sophia Dante Solmi Ruth Clare Warren Julian Catherine Charles Wesley Robert Ingle Donald M. Emily Henry Talken Joseph Curio George Maximillian Elinor C. Elinor Peralta Lenia Peralta Peralta Ream Peralta Peralta Warren Dolores Ingle Peralta Lehman b. 1902 Lehman Peralta McMullin b. 1898 Fruitvale? b. 1906, Richmond. d. 1906 b. 1892 d. 1964 Floyd and Vincent Peralta were b. 1903, Richmond, California b. 1905 d. 1972 twins. b. 1909, Richmond. d. 1980, Martinez, b. 1896, Oakland. b. 1892 Oregon d. 1966 San Bernardino Peralta b. ca. 1888 Tennessee d. 1964, buried Golden b. 1908, Hilo, Hawaii d. 1978, Alameda b. 1909, Hilo, Hawaii Unmarried. b. 1897 b. ~1895 María Gertrudis Peralta my story? d. 1967 San Francisco California California b. 1899, Oakland Gate National Cemetery b. 1893 Marie Florence Lucretium Peralta b. 1895 What am I doing Frederic (Fred) Peralta b. 1897; d. 1947 m1. Cleopatra Augsberger 1926 m2. Ethyl Ladelle Mattocks 1947 on the Peralta Emily Louisiana Peralta What was my b. 1900 m. Manuel L. Sueyres 1915 family tree? Guillermo Peralta international b. 1902; d. after 1916 Brest (WWI) Ynez Seabury, Carlota Galindo’s daughter, on right. career? What were José Galindo J. Vicente Galindo Caroline Peralta b. 1864, Mission San José; d. 1955, Oakland, California.. my abilities Jacoba Galindo Carlota Galindo and my m. John G. Bogardus (d. 1920), 1919, Oakland. Clara A. Peralta Francisca Galindo b. 1868? d. 1949 Antonia Miriam disabilities? Peralta Teresa Galindo Arturo Antonio Peralta b, 1867 Oakland b. 1873, Baja, California; d. 1919, Los Angeles m1. Ruby Dawson 1903, San Francisco. Christium Zedrum Ruperto Galindo m2. Adelia Valein 1917 Denver Married 1902, San Rafael Married in Pleasanton, California. Married Married 1924, New York City Married Oakland, California Married ~1896 Married 1888 Peralta Divorced 1909, San Francisco. b. 1869 Oakland Alexander Galindo Fulgencio Florencio (Floyd) Peralta Nelson John Peralta Mary Ann Joseph Vincent Peralta Lillian M. Olga Seror Julia Seror Loreta F. María Antonia Conrad Fernando A. Maximillian Ella Rose Antonio Juana (Jenny) b. 1875, Baja California; d. 1951, Portland, b. 1865, Warm Springs (Fremont), Redding b. 1867, Baja, California, bap. Old St. Cone d. 1923, New York, New b. 1881 Peralta (Toñita) Peralta Lehman Ferdinand J. Peralta Robinson Mario Peralta Welch Sylvester Antonio Joséfa Galindo California. Mary’s, Oakland, California. York d. 1961 Oregon. m1. Mazie Miller 1904, Denver, Colorado d. 1952, Martinez, California, buried b. 1871 d. 1953, Oakland, California b. 1878 b. 1872. b. 1877, Baja, California b. 1877 Peralta b. 1868 b. 1875 b. 1865 b. 1868 Peralta Mission San José (Fremont). d. 1956 d. 1953, San Leandro d. 1954 d. 1906 d. 1943 d. 1947 d. 1838 d. 1911 m2. Ida Lynn 1920, Denver, Colorado. b. 1863 b. 1870 Martinez Ma. Ysabel Galindo María Ignacia del Carmen Peralta What centuries Notes about the Family Tree b. 1819, bap. Mission Santa Clara; d. 1852. and places did m. José de Jesús Martínez 1838, Mission San Jose José Francisco Peralta i. The family tree is chronological, bap. 1821, Mission Santa Clara; d. ca. 1879 María Francisca Where are m. Isadora Briones 1841,Mission San José our lives span? bottom to top. Isadora Peralta Miguel Antonio Peralta b. 1836, bap. Mission Santa Clara m. Juan Nepucemo Nino ii. Antonio María Peralta’s line of descent bap. 1824, Mission Dolores; d. 1869, Alameda County. m. 1859, Francisca Rodríguez, Our Lady of Sorrows, Santa Barbara. José Guadalupe de Gracia our stories? José Ramón Antonio Peralta Peralta is shown in red. Joaquín Peralta b. 1837 bap. Mission Santa Clara bap. 1832, Santa Clara, d. 1892, Livermore. b. 1827; d. 1860, Alameda County. m. María Antonia Miranda 1890. iii. Individuals known to have died in infancy María Loreto Was I María Ludovina Peralta Valentina Peralta Antonio Fernando Peralta are in italics. b. 1828; d. 1917, San Leandro, buried St. Mary’s Cemetery b. 1839, bap. Mission Santa Clara b. 1834. m. William Ivey m. José Maríano Vallejo 1864, Old St. Mary’s iv. Living descendants’ names are not shown Jesus María Antonio Peralta Luís María Peralta María del Refugio a bandido? bap. 1835, Santa Clara. without consent. b. 1829, Mission San Jose; d. 1874, buried St. Mary’s Cemetery Francisca Elena Peralta m. Victoria Tapia 1871, Old St. Mary’s. bap. 1842 Mission Santa Clara María Rosa Antonia Peralta v. Due to space limitations, this chart b. 1836, Santa Clara; d. 1911. José de Jesús y Albino Peralta m. José R. Mendizabal 1855, Mission San José. shows only Antonio’s line past the first b. 1831, Mission Santa Clara. Luís María Peralta m. Leonard Bontan m. Catarina Valéncia. b. 1843 or 1844; d. 1903. generation of the four brothers who owned Rita Peralta Juan Bautista Antonio Peralta Valentine María Peralta b. 1837. Rancho San Antonio. b. 1834, bap. Mission San Jose m. María Rosa Higuera 1876, Alameda County. b. 1844, bap. Santa Clara Married 1863 Married Married 1867, Benicia Married 1869, Old St. Mary’s Paula Antonia Peralta vi. The many descendants of Antonio Peralta’s Miguel Ismael Peralta b. ca. 1842; d. 1912. María Antonia Luisa Peralta b. 1845 Antonio María María de los Lorenzo Fernando Rosa Valencia Crisanto Arcadia María Antonia Inez Francisco m. Frank L. Galindo 1881, Oakland. siblings not associated with Rancho San b. 1836 San Leandro Creek, bap. Mission San Jose; d. 1926 José Vicente Antonio Peralta Antonio Peralta Antonio Sibrián Peralta (a.k.a. Inez Galindo m. William P. Toler 1853. b. 1822, Santa Clara. Francisco Clemento Peralta Severo Peralta Angeles Higuera bap. 1833, Santa Clara. Peralta Peralta Galindo) b. 1824 Francisca Antonia Saturnina Antonio are not shown. m. Mercedes Meza b. 1851, Oakland b. 1829, Mission Santa Clara. b. 1836 d. 1891 d. 1890 Peralta Gabriel Peralta d. Baja California on an unknown date, between 1876–1879 d. 1914 bap. 1838, Santa Clara. b. 1840, Mission Santa Clara d. 1913 bap. 1839 María de los Angeles bap. 1844, Mission Santa Clara. m. Elfreida Castro before 1865. Abel Militon Thomasa Peralta (Angela) b. ca. 1856. b. 1824, bap. Mission Santa Clara Rafael Peralta m1. Guadalupe Garcia bap. ca. 1840 Mission Santa Clara. m2. Maríano Miranda Virginia Gabraela María Teodora b. 1858. Antonio María Peralta m1. Juan B. Martínez b. 1786, Mission Dolores; d. 1850. María Luisa Peralta Juan Guadalupe Peralta m2. Severiano Osuna b. 1852, bap. St. Joseph’s, San José. Died in infancy m. Aplolonario José Bernal, 1801, Mission Dolores. b. 1827, Santa Clara m. Maríano Duarte, 1810, Mission Santa Clara. m. María Dolores Sais María Gertrudis Elena Peralta Edvigues Peralta Baltazar Antonio Peralta José Loreto b. 1855. d. 1893, in a fire in San Francisco Crisanto Antonio Peralta b. 1843 Rancho San Antonio, bap. Mission San Jose María Antonia b. 1863; d. in infancy m. Susie McGettigan Guadalupe Peralta b. 1834, bap. Mission San Jose b. 1787, Mission Santa Clara. Died in childhood. Bernabella Peralta d. 1844 at 9 years of age, buried, María Concepcion de la Cruz Peralta b. 1829, Santa Clara Pablo Peralta Julia Peralta Mission Santa Clara b. 1845, bap. 1846 Mission San Jose m. Francisco Garcia b. ca. 1859; d. in infancy María Trinidad Peralta b. after 1860; d. 1868, Fruitvale. b. 1789, Mission Santa Clara; d. 1872, San José. m. Maríano de la Cruz Castro, 1810. María Joséfa Peralta b. 1793, Mission Santa Clara; d. 1862. Never married, lived with father in San José. She adopted her Indian servant, María Dolores, nicknamed Chapita, and willed her the San Jose adobe when she died. María Guadalupe Peralta b. 1797, San José; d. 1890. Never married, lived with father in San José. María Luisa Fermina Peralta b. 1800, in San José; d. 1801. How many José María Serafino Peralta b. 1802, Mission Dolores; d. 1803. María Luisa Fermina Barbara Peralta children did b. 1804, Mission Dolores; d. 1805. José Francisco Antonio Peralta b. 1807, Mission Dolores; d. 1811, Santa Clara. José Vicente Peralta b. 1809, Santa Clara; d. 1810, Santa Clara. we adopt? María Luisa b. 1810, Santa Clara. Married 1835, Mission Santa Clara. Married 1816, Santa Inez Mission. Married 1821, Mission Santa Clara Married 1828 Married 1852 Married 1833 Married m. Guillermo Castro, 1831, Santa Clara. They left California for South America in 1865. María is believed to have died December 15, 1873, Hermengildo María Rafaela José Domingo Paulena de María Edvigues Antonio María Peralta María Antonio María Dolores José Vicente Peralta María Encarnación Manuel Miguel b. 1801, Mission Santa Clara Sánchez Pacheco García Galindo Archuleta Galindo Ayala buried at Mission Santa Clara. b. 1812, San José, bap. Mission Santa Clara Ygnacio Peralta Peralta d. 1879, Fruitvale, buried St. Mary’s Cemetery. b. 1809, bap. Mission Santa Clara b. 1828, Santa Clara d. 1871, Fruitvale, buried, St. Mary’s Cemetery b. 1814 b. 1790 San Francisco, bap. Mission Dolores b. 1795, Mission Santa Clara José Ramon and María Ramona Peralta, twins d. 1874 San Leandro, Alameda, California, d. 1865 d. ca. 1850, buried Mission San José d. 1868, Fruitvale d. 1892 b. 1811; d. 1811, Santa Clara. buried St. Mary’s Cemetery Juan José Peralta married 7 Apr 1777 Mission Dolores, San Francisco Anna Isabel What did Luís María Peralta married 1784 Mission Santa Clara María Loreto Alviso Pedro Regalado married 1785, Mission Dolores, San Francisco María de María Gertrudis married 1779, Mission Santa Clara Nicholas Antonio Luís Peralta b. 1757 Suamaca Mission, Sonora, Berryessa b. Tubac Garrison, Sonora, México; bap. August 31, 1759, b. ca 1771 San Miguel de Horcasitas, Sonora, México New Spain d. 1832 buried Mission Santa Clara Mission Guevavi, Sonora, New Spain, (now in Arizona) . d. 1851 San José, California, buried Mission Santa Clara d. 1836, buried Mission Santa Clara Peralta Carmen Grijalva Peralta Berryessa b. unknown Daughter of Domingo Alviso and b. ca. 1763 Tubac Garrison, Sonora, New b 1781 Terrnate, Sonora, Mexico b. ca. 1766, Tubac Garrison, Sonora, d. 1849, buried Mission Santa Clara Luís served in the Spanish army in California from María Angela de Trejo Spain; d. 1839, buried Mission Santa Clara d. 1813 Mission Dolores México. d. 1802. Buried Mission San Jose, Fremont age 16 and was granted Rancho San Antonio in look like? 1820. He was comisionado of the town of San José from 1807 until 1821. married, 1756, Suamaca Mission, Sonora, New Spain (now Mexico) married 1760 Were the Peraltas Gabriel Antonio Peralta b. between 1731-1735 Real de San Juan de Sonora, Presidio Terranate, New Spain (now México ) d. 1807, San José, California, buried Mission Santa Clara, Alta California María Francisca Xaviera Valenzuela b. about 1742 Terranate, Sonora, Mexico Domingo Alviso b. ? d. 1777 María Angela de Trejo b.San Miguel de Horcasitas, New Spain d. 1742, Monterey, California, 1803 With thanks to Mary Jo Wainwright, Beverly Enz, and California Genealogical Society members Judy Spanish? He came to California as a cabo (corporal) in the Anza d. 1811 Mission Santa Clara, Alta California party, 1775-1776, accompanied by his wife and four Bodycote, Lavinia Schwarz, Richard Rees, and Chris children. He was one of the founding members of the pueblo of San José in 1777. Patillo for their work in compiling this family tree. Find answers to the questions in the Peralta Family Stories Binder, on the table below.