Pepper Advertising March 2013


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Pepper Advertising March 2013

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. VAT Certificate 2
  3. 3. Certificate of Incorporation 3
  4. 4. Innovative Project• First ever creativity workshop in T&T
  5. 5. Our TeamVisit for more Team Member profiles 10
  6. 6. Dennis Ramdeen, Managing DirectorFounder and chief strategist at Pepper Advertising• Managing Director at McCann Erickson Worldwide• Regional Marketing Manager at priszm brandz• Marketing Manager at Yum! Restaurants International• Marketing Manager at Prestige Holdings Ltd.• Divisional Marketing Manager at Carib Brewery Limited• Marketing Manager at First Citizens Bank• Marketing Director at Sterling Drugs• Marketing Director at Cannings Limited• Marketing Manager at National Brewing Company Limited 11
  7. 7. Liliana Ragbir, Team Lead – Client Services • Team Lead - Client Services and Pepper-e • Key part of Pepper’s strategy team, developing new business pitches and driving client brand positioning • Graduated with First Class Honours from UWI’s B. Sc Management Studies programme and has a Grade A Certificate of Proficiency in Project Management • Holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in Marketing from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, UK 12
  8. 8. Aisha Williams, New Media Designer • Instrumental in setting up pepper-e and driving pepper’s online presence • Master of Fine Arts degree in Design & Technology from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York • Freelance Web & Graphic Designer at Aisha Williams New York • 4-year tenure as Webmaster for the Office of Healthy Carolinians, an office within North Carolina’s Department of Health & Human Services • Webmaster at Michel Licensing Inc • Past Graphic Designer at Sunny Group of Companies • Administrative Supervisor, Academic Technology at The New School 13
  9. 9. Acklima Maharaj,Accountant, Team Lead- Admin/ HR • Canadian by birth, Acklima has lived and traveled all around the world • Education includes: a degree in Economics, McGill University, Canada; MBA from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland; ACCA-qualified • Has lived Middle East for 7 years – in Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Cyprus, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria & Lebanon, traveling extensively throughout Europe for work • Work Experience includes: Financial Consultant for an Offshore Financial Company from the Isle of Man & a term at the United Nations International School in Israel 14
  10. 10. Bjorn Stodart, Team Lead - Creative • B.A. in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida • 6 years experience in publishing/advertising • His positive vibe is influential on both fellow Pepperites & clients alike • 26 countries down, dozens more to go, always in the centre of a good time 15
  11. 11. Creative Team Graphic Designer Graphic • Over 8 years’ Artist/Illustrator • Studied Graphic experience in design Design at A Levels at and advertising St Augustine Senior • Verse in typography Secondary & John logo & identity design Donaldson Technical and image enhancing Institute Dameon Edwards • 10 years working in theJanelle Jocelon Advertising Industry Senior Copywriter Graphic Artist/Illustrator • 7 time Cacique • Graduated magna cum- Award Winner laude with a BFA from • 10 years’ the Savannah College of experience in Art and Design (SCAD University) in Savannah, publishing/advertis Georgia ing • Worked at NickelodeonEric Barry • Theatre Arts and MTV networks in graduate UWI NYC (2010) Centre for Festival Marie-Elena Joseph • Fluent in Spanish and Creative Arts
  12. 12. Our Clients 17
  13. 13. Our WorkVisit for our full Portfolio 19
  14. 14. Advertising and Marketing Portfolio
  15. 15. Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business IMBDI ProgrammeLok Jack GSB launched itsnew Master’s Programme inFebruary, 2011. Pepper wasresponsible for the creativeconcept and execution ofPress, Banners, Flyers,Brochure, Online Elementssuch as Webslide, FacebookAds & Landing Page. Theresult was a successfullaunch as the class target wasmet.
  16. 16. Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business IMBDI Programme Boot Camp Mind Map
  17. 17. Trinidad Cement LimitedWith a changing competitive landscape,Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL)engaged Pepper to develop a StrategicCommunications Campaign that wouldallow it to maintain its dominant marketposition and continue its bond withTrinidadians & Tobagonians. We workedclosely with the TCL team to prepare aCampaign around the insight that TCLhas built T&T, literally. The campaignincluded Press, Radio, Online, Billboardand Point of Sale materials. Thus far thecampaign is meeting client’s expectationswith regard to its sales and awarenesstargets.
  18. 18. Trinidad Cement Limited
  19. 19. 26
  20. 20. Busshed
  21. 21. Adaptation of materialfor Guyana market
  22. 22. Bhagwansingh’s and Dansteel
  23. 23. Standard Distributors
  24. 24. TTMF
  25. 25. CDA
  26. 26. HADCO – Ocean Spray
  27. 27. ANSA Merchant Bank
  28. 28. ANSA McAL
  29. 29. DeSK Restaurants – Wendy’s
  30. 30. UNIPET
  31. 31. 59
  32. 32. 60
  33. 33. 61
  34. 34. Posters 62
  35. 35. POS Materials 63
  36. 36. Door Stickers 64
  37. 37. Recipe Cards 65
  38. 38. NCC Building Wrap
  39. 39. Logos We’ve Created
  40. 40. Logos We’ve Created
  41. 41. Logos We’ve Created
  42. 42. Digital Marketing Portfolio
  43. 43. Mario’s Website Development & Maintenance Averaged 12,000 visits per month between Jan 2012 - June 2012v 52,835 Unique Visitors between Jan 2012 – June 2012 Kids Site attracted 24,800 visits between Feb 2012 – June 2012 Monthly maintenance of: New Blog Post, new Poll, new Slideshow, new Events
  44. 44. Mario’s Spin a Slice Facebook Game Gained 5,233 fans Game playedv 338,000+ times Generated 28,631 Page views in App’s 2-month duration
  45. 45. Mario’s & Me Facebook Christmas Contest Increased Fan base by 4,400 fans in 6 weeks Generated 58,500 Pagev Visits (1,200+ per day) Generated 385 Leads/Entries
  46. 46. Mario’s Soca Thru the Years Contest Contest deployed over Mario’s YouTube Channel Over 540 views accumulated in 3 weeksv A total of 327 entrants in 3 weeks 505 unique page visits in 3 weeks 65% overall entry rate during the 3 weeks contest ran.
  47. 47. Mario’s Twitter Contests Deployed over Mario’s Twitter accountv
  48. 48. Boomers Website
  49. 49. Boomers Veggie Pop Facebook Game Game played over 34,600 times 1,100 Players participatedv 64 million points awarded during game’s run
  50. 50. Boomers Surfer Surprise Microsite
  51. 51. TTMF Website Development 143,000 Page Views between Jan 2012 – Jun 2012 21,300 Uniquev Visitors between Jan 2012 – Jun 2012 Avg. Time on Site: 5:52 Features include: Mortgage Calculator, Real Estate Listing, Events, Polls, Blogs, Email Subscription, Social Sharing Buttons
  52. 52. TTMF House Calls Landing Page Generated 4,300 Unique Page Views from April – June 2012 Grew the Email Subscriber database by 630+ Email Subscribersv 120+ Facebook Likes on the Landing Page itself
  53. 53. TTMF House Calls HTML Email Campaign Sent to an organically grown list of 2,900 Achieved a 47% Open Ratev Generated 500+ Clicks
  54. 54. TTMF Facebook & Google Ads Over 4 million Impressions / or Views on Facebook Generated 3,800 Clicks between Aprilv 2012 – June 2012 on Facebook
  55. 55. UWI Fete 2011 Facebook Custom Tab Growth of 1,327 Fans giving a sum of 4,100 Fans within 3 months 336 entries in 2 weeks for Email Sweepstakes Fanpage praised by Industry Insiders: ᾿Today I want to highlightv one Fete Fanpage on Facebook where I am impressed by how much time, dedication, updates and relevant information is constantly, timely and accurately shared to it vs. members!῀ -Trinidad Carnival Diary, 2011. Received Gold Award for this campaign in the AAATT 2009 – 2011 Creative Excellence Awards
  56. 56. Bhagwansingh’s/Dansteel Landing Page
  57. 57. Bhagwansingh’s/Dansteel Online Ads
  58. 58. TCL “Ask for Us” Landing Page
  59. 59. ANSA Merchant Bank Mutual Funds Landing Page
  60. 60. ANSA Merchant Bank Email Marketing
  61. 61. Blue Waters Website Redesign
  62. 62. Intercommercial Bank Website Redesign
  63. 63. Annual Report Portfolio
  64. 64. Our Event Work
  65. 65. Boomers Facebook ReplicaOur Goal:To increase engagement and spreadawareness on Boomers Facebook Page.What we did:• Engaged customers by taking pictures of them with their faces in the Facebook Replica.• Encouraged customers to tag themselves in these photos on Facebook.
  66. 66. Boomers Facebook ReplicaThe Result:Facebook likes and involvementmet client’s goals.
  67. 67. Grace Porridge LaunchOur Goal:To create excitement and awareness atCity Gate, POS for Grace Porridgeduring the ‘blitz day.’What we did:Distributed samples both prepared andpackaged of Grace Porridge.
  68. 68. Grace Porridge LaunchThe Result:Approximately 5,000samples were distributedand media blitz wassuccessful.
  69. 69. Grace Frozen Entrees LaunchOur Goal:• To create awareness of the new Grace product – Frozen entrees and to generate buzz based on authentic Caribbean taste and convenience.• To strengthen relationships with distributors.• To leverage this event as a sampling experience.What we did:Invite guests to an evening atrestaurant Veni Mange to sampleGrace Frozen Entrees.
  70. 70. Grace Frozen Entrees LaunchThe Results:200 guests attended the eventincluding key media and traderepresentatives. The launchwas published in our threeTrinidadian Newspapers andthe client met the launchdistribution targets among A &B supermarkets.
  71. 71. Past Events Client: Unipet Event: Sod Turning for Medford state –of-the-art CNG station Date: May 2011 Venue: Brentwood, Chaguanas
  72. 72. Past Events 126
  73. 73. Past Events Client: ANSA Merchant Bank Event: Launch of the Euro Fund Date: November 2009 Venue: Hyatt Regency
  74. 74. Past Events
  75. 75. Past Events
  76. 76. Past Events
  77. 77. Past Events
  78. 78. Client References Adi Mabel Montas Director Marketing & Student Recruitment Centres Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business Max Richard Drive, Uriah Buttler Highway Tel: 645-6700 ext 341, Cell: 792-1646 Email: Rodney Cowan Marketing Manager Trinidad Cement Limited Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay Tel: 659- 2381, Cell: 389-6356 Email: 132
  79. 79. Client References Marsha Rae Leben Manager, Marketing and Public Relations Albion Court, 61 Dundonald Street, POS Tel: 623- 8863 or 625- 8863 Email: Kathleen Galy Marketing Executive ANSA Merchant Bank Limited ANSA Centre, 11 Maraval Road, POS Tel: 623-8672 ext.122; Cell: 290-3311 Email: Roger Harford Assistant General Manager Mario’s Pizzeria L.P. 80 EL Socorro Ext. Rd, El Socorro Tel: 623-5464; Cell: 310-1900 Email:
  80. 80. Contact Us 622-2762, 329-2777 9 Warner Street, Newtown Port of Spain www.peppertt.comCopyright © 2012 Pepper Advertising Limited. All Rights Reserved. All persons in possession or who read this document acknowledgePepper Advertising Limited’s ownership of the copyright and Intellectual Property.