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Rhea Allen, President of Peppershock Media shares with the 2011 Statewide Idaho Nonprofit Conference attendees about "Integrating Video in your Marketing Toolbox."

Since Peppershock’s inception in 2003, Rhea Allen has managed and expanded Peppershock Media Productions, LLC. In addition to her expertise in social media, Rhea has in-depth experience in media strategy and planning and has directed many award winning videos with the Peppershock Production crew. She has a passion for discovering and telling stories through visual and audible mediums. Her television news and promotions background provides investigative, documentary, testimonial and “edutainment” style to her celebrated work.

Rhea has also gained local notoriety in her persistent passion for charitable causes. She is involved with the communities of Idaho and has a vast working knowledge of how to generate awareness for a number of brands and causes. As a community leader, Rhea has served on several boards and committees and deeply understands the intricacies of a working board. Currently she is a board member of the Nampa Rotary Club, the Nampa Chamber of Commerce, and in the past was a founding member of the Boise Young Professionals group where she was an instrumental part in building what is now a group of over 1000 members. She recently contributed her efforts to the Go Red for Women campaign for the American Heart Association and is on the Idaho Shakespeare Festival Board of Directors.
Rhea is the wife of Drew Allen, Production Manager and Co-owner of Peppershock Media, together they have two young boys, and two dogs!
To contact Peppershock Media call (208)461-5070 or email For more information about Peppershock Media, visit:

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Video in your Nonprofit Marketing Toolbox

  1. 1. Integrating Videos into Your Marketing Toolbox prepared for Workshop: Integrating Video into Your Marketing Toolbox Presentation Date: Sept 23, 2011 Time: 1:15pm - 2:30pm •  Marketing Track Presenter: Rhea Allen | Director/Producer | Integrative Marketing Specialist | President/CEO Peppershock MediaWhether it’s on your website, your Facebook Page or at yourfundraising events, video is a great way to share yournonprofit’s story!
  2. 2. What you will learn:• Importance• What to Expect• Methods• Best Practices• Things to Consider• Funding the Effort• Distribution• Tracking Results• Examples & Why it Works
  3. 3. Importance Why is a compelling video important?• Bring controlled attention to a cause• Visual way for people to connect or reconnect with an issue• A compelling story will be shared with the WORLD • New audience online • Online action, reaction • 30 seconds instead of 3,000 words of text • Video is passive, not as much work to watch a video as it does to read online • People get distracted easily when reading online • Video can elicit quick response
  4. 4. What to Expect When working with a video production team.1. Pre-pro The more we plan ahead, the better the outcome! 2. Production 3. Post-Production
  5. 5. Methods•Overviews •Vlogs— video logs,• Testimonial / Interviews chronological• “Edutainment” = documentations with Educational by way of use of video entertaining the •Informational: tips, best audience practices, top 5-7 lists• Documentaries •Interactive or audience• Persuasive messaging, engaging videos; i.e. insightful & emotionally “Chose your own compelling Adventure” – video programming on YouTube
  6. 6. Things to Consider•Timelines •Props, wardrobe,•Budget costumes, staging the•Format scene(s)•Copyright/music •Image release/location licensing/Sound effects release forms, permits...•Talent: voice-over, on- •Kraft services camera, extras •Equipment &•Location transportation costs,•Lighting & sound logistics situations •Friends, family, co- workers, acquaintances!
  7. 7. Best Practices When you do it yourself.•Gear ✓Batteries charged? ✓Enough Tapes or media card space?•Audio ✓Use an external mic whenever possible ✓Hide the cords ✓Avoid external noise• Tri-pod ✓Steady and stable shots, no shakiness! ✓Set the shot for 8-10 seconds, let action happen• Lighting ✓Find a well lit area ✓Watch out for backlit faces/shadows
  8. 8. Funding the Effort Creative ways to fund the costs of production.•Grants, •Underwriting messages •Idaho Commission on •Product placement or the Arts, quickfunds endorsements •Idaho Film Bureau •Begging for pro-bono-- •Others YIKES!•Online contests/awards •Sponsorship recognitions submissions in exchange for in-kind•Fund-a-cause-video services kickoff or launch parties •Premiere parties and•Requesting funds from exclusive screening your loyal donors parties• and other •DIY with the help of crowd sourcing sites Peppershock!
  9. 9. Best Practices When you do it yourself.• Shooting Footage ✓ Move to different angles of a room ✓ Do not shoot backs of peoples heads ✓ Get speaker & crowd reaction shots ✓ Wide Shot - establish the scene ✓ Medium Shot ✓ Close Ups - to break up the shot to avoid jump cuts ✓ Extreme CU - compelling angle, hands clapping, faces smiling, emotional component ✓ Move your body closer, don’t just zoom in - shakiness!• Practice, Practice, Practice ✓ Do you know the camera settings ✓ Events -- one time shot!
  10. 10. Distribution Formats: • MPEG • USB thumb • Flash Video drives w/ • YouTube autoplay • Vimeo • email blasts • Yahoo Video linkage Google Wave • uStream for • Supply to live events media via ftp • Video Blog or tape • Facebook • DVD / CD & packaging Google Talk Hoot SuitePlan ahead so you aren’t stuck later. Work with yourwebsite vendor* to determine best video playback options.*Peppershock can become your provider of choice!
  11. 11. Tracking Results• Tracking • # of views • How long it’s been viewed? Do people quit watching after a certain point? Why? • Comments made? • Shared or RT’d, forwarded or searched? • Google Analytics or other • Hootsuite - a social media team collaboration too • • Facebook Insights - admin on your FB pageTrack conversions -- determine a monetary value of what thevideo contributed to your nonprofit over a defined period oftime. If it’s well done, it can pay for itself triple-fold!!
  12. 12. ExamplesSample Video: event video from day one of the 2011conferenceHow & why video works in augmenting your fundraising,public outreach & awareness effortsWords of Advice! •Gala Videos - Polished, Compelling - Paddle Auction •A/V Equipment •DVD player overheating - don’t leave it on too long!
  13. 13. QUESTIONS? Rhea Allen, M.B.A. Director/Producer | Integrative Marketing Specialist | President/CEO Peppershock Media | Twitter: @Peppershock | 208.461.5070 | *Mention the presentation you attended to receive a 15% non-profit discount on our marketing strategy & creative production services, (excludes hard-costs).Peppershock Media, a hybrid agency.Fresh Marketing Strategy + Creative Production Services.Campaign Planning | HD Video Production | Graphic Design | Advertising Services