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Positive Public Relations--Building Your Image from the Ground Up. ...

Positive Public Relations--Building Your Image from the Ground Up.
Presentation Slides by Rhea Allen, Integrative Marketing Consultant, Principal at Peppershock Media.

Peppershock is a hybrid agency. Fresh Marketing Strategy + Creative Productions Services; Video Production, Web & Graphic Design.



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  • Four types of Marketing orientations

2010_peppershock marketing_branding_healthcare_image 2010_peppershock marketing_branding_healthcare_image Presentation Transcript

    • Positive Public Relations—
    • Building Your Image from the Ground Up
    • Workshop: 2010 Annual Convention & Trade Show
    • Presentation Date: 07/19/2010
    • Time: 1:15pm - 2:45pm
    • Speakers: 
      • Rhea Allen, President/CEO, Integrative Marketing Specialist, Peppershock Media
      • Stephanie Worrell , Principal, Red Sky Public Relations
    • Positive Public Relations—Building Your Image from the Ground Up
    • Bad press for the facility down the street is bad press for everyone! This session will provide you with tools to increase your organization’s visibility in the community, suggestions on media and family relations after a bad outcome, guidance on handling bad press, and information of how we can improve our public image industry-wide.
    • www.peppershock.com & www.RedSkyPR.com
      • Marketing?
      • AMA definition: the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering an exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.
    Sales Sell it, push it, be aggressive Societal Marketing Satisfy customer wants/needs & preserve society’s long-term best interests Production “ If we build it they will come.” Market Customer purchases perceived value, wants/needs
    • “ Marketing is too important to be left only to the marketing department.”
    • – David Packard, co-founder of HP
      • What’s in a Brand?
        • More than just a logo, slogan, letterhead & signage!
        • It’s a promise, expectation, feeling or emotion, an experience —a customer, patient, guest, vendor, visitor, physician, or employee—has with your product or service.
        • It’s a consistent clarifying message about your product or service
        • It’s your identity that sets you apart from other health care or hospice organizations in your market
      • Branding is about informing and inspiring people, looking beyond metrics, like profit or market share, to what you want your brand to stand for—how it should be perceived, both within the organization and to the general public.
    • Industry Specific Action Ideas for Brand Building:
    • Event, awareness activities, educational, Community events
      • Healthcare Reality Forum Example: Expert Panel, break-out sessions, workshops, PSAs, flyers, social media, goody bags, tradeshow booths
      • Sponsorships of target audience, video messaging
      • Tradeshow participation & engaging/interactive booth space
      • Promotional materials that elicit positive response & conveniences related to your industry—Be creative! Be unique! Be memorable!
    • Building Customer/Patient value,
        • Simple conveniences, thoughtful praises
        • Thanks you notes or other communications tools for follow ups
        • Little things count a lot for perceived value and building customer belief & brand loyalty
    • Industry Specific Action Ideas for Brand Building:
      • Employee & family recognitions, vendor appreciations can lead to direct referrals & positive sentiments toward your organization, people talk!
      • Informative Advertising with white space
      • Interactive advertising that engages your target audience in participation
        • Polls, Contest, Comments, Fun Branding Questionnaires.
      • Website branding & web videos
        • Overview, Testimonial, “Edutainment” with slight persuasive messaging, but more insightful & emotionally compelling
        • Blog—tips, best practices, top 5-7 lists,
        • Facebook Page updates, post your videos
        • Tweet links to meaningful/useful links
    • Breakout Session
    • What’s your company’s main image or reputation issue?
    • What are the clarifying questions?
    • Solutions.
    • Positive Public Relations—
    • Building Your Image from the Ground Up
    • Rhea Allen, M.B.A. Integrative Marketing Consultant President/CEO, Peppershock Media. [email_address]
    • Twitter: @Peppershock 208.461.5070
    • www.peppershock.com
    • Mention this presentation to receive a 15% discount on our services.
    • Stephanie Worrell, Owner Red Sky Public Relations
    • 208.484.9470
    • [email_address]