Local Search Rankings (PubCon 2012)


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Local search is a valuable market for businesses of all sizes. Learn how to engage your customers to leave positive reviews, gain clout in your community and also solidify your company among a sea of competitors as a reputable and trusted local business.

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  • Point here is that there local businesses need a multi-channel strategy to getting ranked in local SERP ’s, including directories, local e-commerce sites, social media sites, and Google. Might be an opportunity to note that one of the most important things to keep in mind here is the importance of having accurate geographical information and naming conventions across each site.
  • Centroid is how close your business is to the center-point (centroid) of the user’s search. Other important ranking factors may include: Number of Actions Taken by Searchers on a Place Page (e.g. Driving Directions, Mobile Phone Calls) Numerical Percentage of Place Page Completeness Marginal Category Associations Inclusion of Offer on Place Page
  • Other review ranking factors may include: High Numerical Ratings by Authority Reviewers (e.g.Yelp Elite, Multiple Places Reviewers, etc) Overall Velocity of Reviews (Native + Third-Party) Quantity of Third-Party Unstructured Reviews Quantity of Native Google Places Ratings (no text) High Numerical Ratings of Place by Google Users (e.g. 4-5) Positive Sentiment in Reviews
  • Other important factors include: City, State in Most/All Website Title Tags City, State in Places Landing Page H1/H2 City, State in Most/All H1/H2 Tags KML File on Domain Name Loadtime of Places Landing Page
  • Other important off-site ranking factors include: Quantity of Inbound Links to Domain from Locally-Relevant Domains Quantity of Unstructured Citations (Newspaper Articles, Blog Posts) Quality/Authority of Inbound Links to Places Landing Page URL Quantity of Inbound Links to Domain Diversity of Inbound Links to Domain Quantity of Inbound Links to Places Landing Page URL
  • Other important social media and mobile ranking factors may be: Number of Followers/Mentions on Twitter Authority of Followers/Mentions on Twitter Velocity of Check-Ins on Popular Services (e.g. Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter) Velocity of Followers/Mentions on Twitter Velocity / Authority of Shares/Likes on Facebook
  • Other negative ranking factors may include: Absence of Crawlable NAP on Website and Places / + Page Choosing to Hide Place Page Address Presence of Multiple Crawlable NAP on Places Landing Page Negative sentiment in reviews Mis-Matched or Private WHOIS Information
  • Local Search Rankings (PubCon 2012)

    1. 1. Local Search Rankings Presented by: Kristopher B. Jones Chairman, Internet Marketing Ninjas
    2. 2. About me 2008, 2010 1999 – 2009 Over 50,000 sold Pepperjam Full Service Internet Marketing / Affiliate Network 2009 – 2011 Pepperjam acquired by GSI Commerce in 2009; eBay in 2011. Pepperjam Network powers over 1,500 internet retailers, including Babies R Us, Toys R Us, and the NFL. 2010 – 2012 Found KBJ Capital in 2010; Invested in 12 early stage technology companies, including ReferLocal.com where I’m CEO. Joined Internet Marketing Ninjas as Chairman in 2012.
    3. 3. Ways to Get Ranked Locally• Your Web site (Organic / PPC)• Your Google Places / + Local page• Social Media sites (LinkedIn / Twitter)• YouTube and other Video sites• Directories (Yelp / Merchant Circle)• Local Commerce Sites (Groupon, Living Social & ReferLocal)• Yahoo / Bing
    4. 4. Blended / Integrated Search
    5. 5. Optimize Your Google Places / + Page
    6. 6. Google + Local Ranking Factors• Physical Address in City of Search• Distance of your business to the center-point (centroid) of the user’s search.• Level of engagement on page, including reviews and interaction w/ pictures & maps• Product / service / location keyword in business title• Local area code on Page• Age of Page
    7. 7. Review Ranking FactorsWith Google’s acquisition of Zagat…reviews are becomingincreasingly important• Quantity / velocity of native Google Reviews• Ratings – likely more important with recent changes to remove 1-5 and auto-score• Product / service keywords in reviews• Quantity / velocity of third-party reviews (Yelp, Foursquare)• Location Keywords in Reviews• Authority / Reputation of Reviewers
    8. 8. Google + Local Optimization Tips• (Physically) verify your Google Page• Improve / expand category associations• Add a local # to your listing (no 800’s)• Encourage patrons to write reviews• Upload lots of images (think action, fun)• Make sure address / contact info is accurate on Page and across the Web• Optimize page with best practices SEO
    9. 9. Optimize Your Web site for Local Search Results
    10. 10. On-site Ranking Factors• Domain authority of Web site• City, State in Places Landing Page Title• HTML NAP Matching Place Page NAP• Page Authority of Landing Page Specified in Place• Product / Service Keyword in Website URL• Geographic Keyword in Website URL
    11. 11. Off-Site Ranking Factors• Quantity / authority of structured citations (Yelp, Local.com, YP.com, etc.)• Consistency of structured citations• Quality / authority of unstructured citations (newspaper articles, blog posts)• Quality / authority (and quantity) of inbound links to domain
    12. 12. Social Media Ranking Factors• Number of +1s on Web site; Also influenced by velocity of +1’s and authority of + user• Number of shares / adds on Google+; Velocity and reputation also likely considered• Click-through rate from search results• Volume of mobile check-Ins (i.e. Foursquare)• Number of Shares/Likes or Follows on Facebook and Twitter; Velocity / authority also likely considered
    13. 13. Negative Ranking Factors• Inaccurate or inconsistent contact information and DBA conventions• Presence of multiple place pages with same/similar business title, address, phone #• Non-compliant categories• Listing 800 number as only phone number on Google page• Low ratings on + / Place Page
    14. 14. Conclusions• Get a Google + Local or Places Page if you don’t have one!• Make certain your business and contact info is up-to-date across the Web!• Encourage customers to write reviews and be social with your site and local pages!• Focus attention on the quality, quantity, and velocity of reviews, social signals, and citations going to your Web site and pages!