Local Lead Acquisition for Dummies


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This is the full power point presentation I gave at Online Marketing Summit 2012 in San Diego, California. The focus of the presentation was on how businesses can use local tactics to drive new customer leads and create raving fan customers. For instance, I discuss the power of leveraging Facebook Fan Pages to drive interaction with existing and prospective customers, while also using Pages to drive energy and excitement into your brand identity. Facebook Ads is a power tool to generate leads and provides extraordinary targeting capabilities from targeting based on age, sex, geography, and education to interest. I also cover the power of properly setting up daily deals as a way to generate cash flow and prime the pump for new customer acquisition. Google is covered, including the ability to leverage Google Video, Google News, Google Products, and Google Adwords to drive new customer leads and share subject matter expertise.

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Local Lead Acquisition for Dummies

  1. 1. Local Lead Acquisition for Dummies Kristopher B. Jones Founder / CEO ReferLocal.com - A KBJ Capital Company -
  2. 2. About Kris• Founder / CEO of Pepperjam – internet marketing agency and affiliate network sold to GSI Commerce in 2009 and acquired by eBay (NASDAQ – EBAY) in 2011• Best selling author of SEO Visual Blueprint (Wiley, 2008, 2010)• Founder of early stage technology investment fund KBJ Capital – investments include ReferLocal.com, Yumm.com, Highlighter.com, APPEK Mobile Apps and several others• Founder / CEO of ReferLocal – we help newspapers, radio, TV, and other media companies make more money online
  3. 3. Overview• Traditional advertising strategies are declining in popularity, while Internet advertising methods are booming.• Facebook is becoming an essential tool for creating raving fans and generating new leads• The daily deal model presents a unique opportunity to get paid for growing your sales• Google is much more than a search engine and allows you to generate leads through video, press release distribution, product listings, mobile devices, and hanging out in Circles on Google+
  4. 4. The Old School Way of GeneratingCustomer Leads – Traditional Advertising• Newspapers, radio, and television ads• Direct mail pieces / Coupon Clippers / Lists• Chambers of Commerce Membership• Local networking events like ribbon cuttings, professional mixers, industry groups• In-person sales pitches / demonstrations• Word of mouth referrals
  5. 5. Newspaper Classified Revenue has Dropped 92% in the Last 10 Years
  6. 6. The New Way of Generating Customer Leads –Online Advertising• Social Networks• Search Engines (SEO / PPC)• Video Web sites• Online Communities / Forums• Blogs / News Web sites• E-Mail• Mobile (Apps / SMS)• Daily deal sites• Yelp, Angie’s List, craigslist, Quora, Yext, FourSquare
  7. 7. Interactive Media Spend is Skyrocketing –Most Growth Expected in Social and Mobile
  8. 8. Local Lead Generation Strategy #1: FACEBOOK
  9. 9. Facebook has dramatically changed the wayyour business connects with existing andprospective customers HIGHLIGHTS FROM FB IPO FILING: - 845 million monthly active users - 2.7 billion Likes and Comments per day - 250 million photos uploaded per day - 100 billion friendships - 2011 FB Revenue was nearly $4 billion; Exceeded $1 billion in profit - FB offers free advertising for your business via Facebook Pages and paid advertising via Facebook Ads. Let’s take a closer look…
  10. 10. Thanks to Zuck it’s RidiculouslyEasy (and Inexpensive) to GenerateLeads and Connect with CustomersThrough (1) Facebook Pages and (2)Facebook Ads
  11. 11. FACEBOOK FAN PAGESFacebook Fan pages are FREE to create and provide unparalleled access to communicate with existing andprospective customers. Get your very own fan page - http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
  12. 12. 5 Compelling Reasons to LeverageFacebook Fan Pages to Generate Leads1. Promote your business for FREE - connect with “Fans” (aka, customers, friends, prospects)2. Easily Communicate with Customers – Post special offers and deals, distribute news, run FB-only contests3. Deliver Happiness and Create Raving Fans - deliver superior customer support, wow your fans, and drive leads!4. Better Control Your Brand – manage your reputation and be part of the conversation peopleare havingabout your business5. Everyone Else is Doing It – don’t risk being left behind
  13. 13. FACEBOOK ADS (SELF-SERVE ADVERTISING PLATFORM)Facebook Ads allow anyone with a Facebook account to easily create ads and promote just about anything. Youcan use Facebook Ads to generate more “likes” on your FREE Facebook Fan Page OR generate traffic to yourWeb site or anywhere else. Start advertising through Facebook Ads - http://www.facebook.com/business/ads
  14. 14. 7 Sure Fire Reasons to LeverageFacebook Ads to Generate More Leads1. Target with Precision – Only show ads to the audience you want (geography, age, sex, education, interest…)2. Pay for Performance – Pay only for clicks or “likes”3. Quickly Generate more “Likes” - Easy way to target new customers to like your FB Fan Page4. Test Multiple Ads at Once – Maximize ROI5. Easily Set Daily Spending Limits – Control spend6. Create Image Ads – Use attractive images to drive traffic to your FB Fan Page or Web site7. Control the Size of Your Audience – Leverage FB’s tools to easily determine the estimated reach of your ad.
  15. 15. OMG, did I mention…The average person spends 8 hours per monthon Facebook.In contrast…..The average person barely spends 2 hours permonth on Google.
  16. 16. Local Lead Generation Strategy #2: DAILY DEALS
  17. 17. Daily Deals – Expected to be a nearly $7 billion opportunity by next year
  18. 18. Did you Know? Groupon grew from $0 to$2 billion in sales in less than 36 months.The company is now publicly traded witha market cap of nearly $16 Billion. That’sa lot of cabbage. Just saying. - KBJ
  19. 19. 5 Reasons Why Running a Daily Deal isSmarter than Placing an Ad in a Newspaper1. Accountability – No Up-front Cost / Unlike traditional media placements daily deal sites are strictly performance based2. Get a Check versus Write a Check – Most daily deal sites will share revenue on every transaction (cash in the door)3. Control – Strategically structure / package deals that make sense to your business; Up-sell / Cross sell to maximize ROI4. Manage Excess Capacity – Leverage daily deals during slow times of the week or year to strategically fill excess capacity5. Predictable / Fixed Cost – Once you “do the math” and decide what it’s worth to acquire a customer you can structure a deal to protect your downside risk and maximize upside potential
  20. 20. Local Lead Generation Strategy #3: GOOGLESearch, News, Video, Product, Mobile, Social
  21. 21. Google – The Most Powerful LeadGeneration Machine Ever!• Google is by far the #1 search-engine with 66% market share and 18.24 billion US searches in December• Google Video (i.e. YouTube) received 157.2 million unique viewers in December 2011• Google News allows you to deliver press releases to literally millions of prospective customers• Google+ is approaching 100 million members• Google Product search is free and allows you to show-up in Google’s popular shopping category• Google’s Android operating system powers over 200 million phones and serves mobile ads on all of them
  22. 22. 5 Proven Strategies to Generate MoreProfitable Leads with Google Adwords1. Set-up Google Analytics and Google Conversion Tracking (for FREE!)2. Opt out of Google’s display network3. Write no less than 5 ads per ad group4. Geo-target your ads5. Make sure your keywordsare directly relatedto your ad copy and the content of your landing page
  23. 23. Top 3 Ways to Leverage Google Video1. Provide VALUE to your viewers. Be THE expert. Share knowledge generously.2. Optimize video like you would your Web page – use keyword dense titles, tags, and descriptions.3. Take Action. Get cracking and make some video! It starts with turning on the camera.
  24. 24. 5 No-Brainer Tips for GeneratingLeads with Google News1. Write press releases no less than once every two weeks and submit through services like PrWeb, PR Newswire, PR.com, etc.2. SEO Optimize the content of your press releases3. Use press releases to build links4. Use press releases to get speaking gigs5. Include links to your videos and other recent news within every press release
  25. 25. Thank You! Twitter - @krisjonescom Facebook – krisjonescom LinkedIn – internetceoe-mail – kris@krisjones.com