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  1. 1. Applications and Technology21/09/12 What is the purpose of film trailers? The purpose of a film trailer is to make people want to watch the film within 2 and half minutes. There are several techniques that are active in order to tantalize the viewer. Music helps to set the mood of the film, normally the music used on the trailer isn’t actually in the film but may be put on the soundtrack The History behind film trailers. The first movie trailer was for a film called ‘the pleasure seekers’ by a Loews cinemas company1913, apparently it was a short What is User generated context persuasive scene that played before the film. It’s anything that is uploaded by the The early trailers were made out of different clip user, most of the social networking from the movie cut with text. The company that websites such as Facebook, Twitter, made trailers was the national screen service in YouTube, MySpace or Flickr. Theses 1950s.As films started to change in 60s, so did websites are for mostly uploading trailers. The larger, open age of culture brought pictures, videos, documents etc. different types of films which would need to be Facebook was created in 2003 however advertised in a different way. released in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Trailers trailers tend to follow the same pattern Mark created a website so you could as a film, they have a beginning or an share your own personalized profiles introduction sequence, also they have a with friends. problem following by a solution, and this shows Twitter was created in March 2006 and what the film is about in a trailer. However it has launched in July that year Jack Dorsey, been discussed that the trailer shows too much. twitter was originally called twtter, For example the trailer for ‘life as we know it’ Twitter is website where you can share a trailers have 3 common pieces, so they would text to people known as a tweet. be separated by 3 songs. Myspace: MySpace was launched in The advantages of film trailers is that it gives a August 2003 and is headquartered in glimpse of the film and gets people excited for Beverly Hills, California. In June 2012, it, The dis-advantages give all the good parts MySpace had 25 million unique U.S. away and could be misleading. visitor
  2. 2. E-learningWhat is E-learning?E-learning is a different way of learning in aclassroom anywhere and anytime. E-learningmeans electronic learning, it can be CD-ROMbased or internet based or network based. It cancontain information, text, photos, videos, audios,animations and virtual environments. E- Learningallows the creation of very effective learningenvironments that can overwhelm you in thematerial. The advantages of eLearning are thateLearning can accommodate different learningstyles and facilitate learning through a variety ofactivities. Dis-advantages is having Slow Internetconnections or older computers may makeaccessing course materials frustratingWhat does E-Learning provide the student? Mobile DevicesIt provides the student with information that can It’s a hand held device or a handheldbe accessed in free time, this is so the student can computer. Having either a touch screengo through it at their own can show for example iPhone, Samsung Galaxy,progress and achievement from the student with HTC and LG or with mini keypad forcustom feedback and an evaluation available in example Blackberry, Nokia, andan interactive environment. Samsung. There are many types ofWhat are the typical elements of eLearning mobile devices; the common ones arematerial? mobile phones, smartphones, PDAS,The element of eLearning material comes fromgood instructions and it’s similar to what is used in pagers and personal navigation and educational lessons. Introduction or Advantages of mobile devices are that ifoverview, Information presentation, Practice items you were in an emergency you couldwith customized, Instructive feedback, call someone, you can connect to aAssessments, Evaluation feedback. social networking site and you can take pictures on them. Disadvantages of a mobile device are that they are very distracting, reception is very poor on mobile devices and they are too expensive.
  3. 3. Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue new text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue Digital film formats text here. newsletter Mpg: it’s one of the common digital video formats standardized by moving pictures here. Continue newslette Continue newsletter text experts groups. It’s also known as mpeg1 here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue new or mpeg2, it’s often used for creating movies that are distributed on the newsletter text here. Continue text here. Continue internet. newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text her Mp4: it’s very common as well. It’s either a movie or a video clip that uses mpeg4 here. Continue newsletter text compression. Developed by the moving picture experts group. It’s known for sharing music files Continue newsletter text here. Continue newslette on the internet or for a portable media device.Lossy vs. lossless here. Continue newsletter text here. Continue new Mov: (Apple QuickTime movie) it’s aLossless compression means that there’s common multimedia format often used text here. Continue newsletter text here. Continuecompression that has occurred with no loss for saving movies or video files. Its newsletter text here. Continue newsletter text herof data, however Lossy compression means developed by apple computers. Its well-that there have been some loss of data. suited with both Macintosh newsletter text here. Continue newslette Continue and windows platforms.Lossless: it’s method that compresses data here. Avi: (audio video interleave) it can beby losing some of it. The files stores and played by many video players.combines them into achieves that take up Stores video data that may be fixed in aless physical space in memory, the file size will variety of codecs typically use lessbecome smaller, it’s used when uploading compression than formats such as Mpegonto the web, it may cause bad image and Mov. The player must support thequality. codec used to translate the video data.Lossy: Wmv: (windows media video) it’s a videoBased on irrelevancy decrease plans but will file based on Microsoft ASF (advanced systems format) and flattened withusually also employ some redundancy windows media compression, like an Asfstrategies. It transforms and simplify the file and contains video set with one ofmedia information in a way that gives much Wmv exclusive codecs.larger reductions in file size than lossless Flv: (flash video) its compatible video filecompressions. A typical lossless compression transferred by flash video exporter plug orcan be likely to cut file sizes down to three other programs with Flv file support. Itsquarters or two thirds of the original, perhaps contains a short header, interleavedeven by half if it can. In contrast, a Lossy audio and video.compression can reduce the file size to as Swf:(shockwave flash movie) Animation created with adobe flash may containlittle as 1% of the original, although anything text or vector or raster graphics.less than 10% is likely to distort the files Also may include interactive writtencontent. actions. It can be played on web browsers. Also named small web format.
  4. 4. Digital rights management systems: a system for protecting the copyrights ofAspect ratio: data spread via the Internet or other digitalThe ratio of width to height of an object. media by enabling safe distribution andStating from the joining of one side to the disabling illegal distribution of the data.other, it is widely used to describe the Typically, a system protects intellectualshape of a TV or computer screen. property by either converting the data so For example, the aspect ratio of a that it can only be accessed by authorizedstandard screen is 4:3, which is a square users or marking the content with a digitalrectangle. The 4:3 means "4 to 3," or four watermark or similar method so that theunits wide to three units high. High- content cannot be freely distributed.definition TV has a 16:9 ratio, which is awide rectangle closer in width, but stillnot as wide, as most cinema screens.
  5. 5. Streaming methodsStreaming media media players :is multimedia that is constantly received by is a term typically used to call a computerand presented to an end-user while being software for playing back multimedia files.sent by a provider refers to the process of many media players can play both audio and video, others look only on one mediadelivering media in this style. You can do type or the other. Such players are knownstreaming media on mobile phones, iPods, as either audio players or video players andcomputers, laptops. often have a user interface designed forDownloading: the specific media type.When downloading a file, the entire file is QuickTime:saved onto your computer which you can Is a powerful multimedia technology with aopen and view. The advantages of built-in media player, QuickTime allows youdownloading is that it’s such a quicker access view Internet video, HD movie trailers, andto different parts of the file and it’s on your personal media in a wide range of filecomputer where you can find straight away, formats. Also you can view them in remarkably high quality. The classic versionhowever the disadvantages is having to wait of QuickTime is available for Windows X.for the entire file to download before you canview it. The easiest way to providedownloadable video files is to use a simplehyperlink to the file. More advanced methodis to embed the file in a web page usingspecial HTML code. Windows Media Player:Streaming: is a media player and media libraryThe view can start watching the file almost as application developed by Microsoft, itssoon as it begins downloading. The file is sent used to play video, audio and viewingto the user in a constant stream, and the user images on personal computers. Runningwatches it as it arrives. The Advantages is that the Microsoft operate lets usersno waiting Is involved, disadvantage is that listen and organise their digital music files on their computers and on the internet.the ones you may streaming could bedangerous.