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  1. 1. Match the definitions of the sports with the pictures of the equipment, then write the name 2 of the sports (the ones from exercise 1). a game in which the players hit an outdoor game between two a game between two teams of 11 a small white ball into holes in teams of nine players, in which players in which players try to get the ground with a set of golf players try to get points by hitting points by hitting a ball and running clubs, using as few hits as a ball and running around four between two sets of three sticks. possible. bases. Equipment: bat, ball, pads, wickets Equipment: ball, clubs, spikes Equipment: bat, ball, glove, cap Place: pitch Place: course Place: pitch the sport of moving down a game played on a table 2 hills, across land in the by two or four players who 1 snow, wearing skis. hit a small plastic ball to each other across a net. Equipment: skis, sticks / poles, goggles Equipment: bat, ball 3 4 Place: run / piste / slope Place: table to slide on ice wearing ice a sport combining tumbling skates. and acrobatic feats, 5 Equipment: ice skates usually done with 6 apparatus. Place: rink Equipment: vaulting horse, parallel bars, rings, 7 sports, games, exercises, trampoline… 8 etc. requiring physical strength, skill, stamina, speed, etc. the sport of moving yourself through water Equipment: running shoes using your arms and legs. or spikes, discus, javelin, 9 10 pole… Equipment: swimming suit, goggles, swimming cap Place: track Place: pool 12 11 a game played between two teams of five players, the sport or activity of in which each team tries riding horses. to win points by throwing a 14 ball through a net. Equipment: addle, crop, cap 13 Equipment: ball Place: racecourse Place: court a game for two people or two pairs of a game played by two teams of a Japanese sport or method of people who use rackets to hit a small eleven players who try to kick defence in which you try to soft ball backwards and forwards over a round ball into the other throw your opponent onto the a net. team's goal. ground. Equipment: racket, ball Equipment: ball, spikes Equipment: judo suit, belt Place: court Place: pitch Place: tatami mat
  2. 2. Work in pairs, ask each other questions from the box below. Then you can ask any other 3 questions you can think of. What sport(s) do you like doing or playing? Is there any sport that you are good at? What spot(s) do you like watching? Are there any sports you would like to try? Are there ant sports you would never consider trying? What are the sports you like most / least? What is the most dangerous sport in your opinion? What is the most boring sport for you? What are the most popular sports in your country? Can you name… … five sports which are played with a ball? … three sports which are played with a bat and a ball? … four water sports? … three people who are popular in three different sports? … four team sports? … four individual sports? No, I can’t. But I can Can you swim? run very fast. 4 Read the text and then answer the questions.
  3. 3. Lacrosse – A great game! It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s dangerous – it’s lacrosse, one of the most exciting team games that you can play. Lacrosse is played in some schools and universities in England and in the USA, but it’s also an Olympic sport and it’s an exciting game to watch either live or on TV. Write a description of your favourite sport or an interesting and unusual Modern lacrosse looks like a combination of football and necessary equipment… sport that you know about: characteristics, rules, hockey. Like football, it’s (120-180 words). played on a pitch with goals at each end. There are ten members in each team, and the__________________________________________________________ aim is to get the ball into your opponents’ goal using a lacrosse stick. This is a cross between a tennis racket and a fishing net, and it means you can catch the ball __________________________________________________________ or throw it at great speed from one end of the pitch to the other. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ So if you ever get the chance to see or play it, have a go. __________________________________________________________ It’s been called the fastest game on two feet and is a great game. __________________________________________________________ Text from the book: Countdown to first certificate __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Is lacrosse a team sport or an individual sport? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Where is this sport played mainly? __________________________________________________________ Which sports does lacrosse look like? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ How many players play a match? __________________________________________________________ Do the players catch and throw the ball with their hands? Why? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ Is it a boring game? __________________________________________________________ Why do you think the text says lacrosse is a dangerous sport? __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 5