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Careers tiana

  1. 1. Accountant vs. Financial Analyst <br />By: Tiana Peoples<br />
  2. 2. Inside Look<br />Accounting<br />Financial Analyst<br />Have a bachelor's degree <br />Earn $73,150 per year (national median)<br />Major in accounting or finance<br /> Have good research skills<br />Use computers frequently<br />Have a bachelor's degree<br />Earn $59,430 per year (national median)<br />Major in accounting<br />Have a license as a CPA with stands for (certified public accountant) <br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />(“Financial Analyst”)<br />
  3. 3. Clemson is an excellent school to attend for college.<br />Clemson offers both accountant and financial management programs.<br />Clemson is located in Clemson S.C. <br />The admission requirements include your high school transcript, and a written essay.<br />have a high score on the SAT or ACT <br />Average GPA is 3.8 or higher for a Clemson student.<br />What College Offers Both Programs?<br />(Clemson<br />
  4. 4. What College Courses Are Helpful For Both Careers? <br />Good majors for both accounting and a financial analyst are finance, accounting, and economics.<br />“Taking courses in accounting, finance, economics, business, mathematics, investments, taxes, estate planning, and risk management are also very helpful for both careers.”<br />(“Financial Analyst” par 1-2)<br />
  5. 5. <ul><li>Both Accountants and Financial Analyst share the following interests:
  6. 6. They like to see results of their work and to use their abilities.
  7. 7. They like to get a feeling of achievement from their work.
  8. 8. They like to make decisions and try out ideas on their own.
  9. 9. They prefer jobs where they can plan their work on their own with little supervision. </li></ul> What Interests Do Accountants And Financial Analysts Share?<br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />(“Financial Analyst”)<br />
  10. 10. Accountants and Financial Analysts have many common tasks in the physical demand field.<br />Both must be able to do a series of tasks such as:<br /><ul><li> Sitting or standing for long periods of time.
  11. 11. Do the same movements over and over again.
  12. 12. Use computers and other tools
  13. 13. When speaking talk clearly so listeners can understand</li></ul>Similarities In Physical Demand<br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />(“Financial Analyst”)<br />
  14. 14. To be an accountant you must meet the following requirements:<br /><ul><li>Have a high school diploma.
  15. 15. Have a bachelor's degree.
  16. 16. major in accounting
  17. 17. complete a five-year, 150 credit hour accounting program (awards a bachelor's or master's degree)
  18. 18. have accounting experience through summer jobs as an intern
  19. 19. Have a CPA (to be certified)</li></ul>Training And Education For An Accountant<br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />
  20. 20. To be a financial analyst you must meet the following requirements:<br /><ul><li>Have a high school diploma.
  21. 21. Complete a bachelor's degree.
  22. 22. have strong analytical skills and be persuasive
  23. 23. Have a knowledge of personal finance, economics, and accounting.
  24. 24. Have a master of business administration degree(MBA) </li></ul>Training And Education For A Financial Analyst<br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />
  25. 25. Helpful Work Experiences<br />Accountant<br />Financial Analyst <br />“While in college, you can gain experience through summer or part-time internship programs.” <br />Accountants must always be honest because they work with other people's money.<br />“Working in an accounting office, with a securities firm, or in a bank can give you good experience and contacts.” <br />Working as a research assistant canalso be good to gain experience.<br />(“Accountants and Auditors” par 5)<br />(“Financial Analyst” par. 4)<br />
  26. 26. Work Activities That Accountants And Financial Analysts Share<br />Common Activities:<br />Accountants and Financial Analysts organize, plan, and develop strategies. <br />They communicate with people inside the work place daily.<br />They are able to document information and perform many tasks.<br />They make many decisions and carry out ideas. <br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />(“Financial Analyst”)<br />
  27. 27. How Much Do Accountants And Financial Analysts Make Yearly?<br />Charlotte<br />United States<br />I plan on living in Charlotte as an adult.<br />Accountant:<br />Beginning-44,880<br />Average-55,860<br />Financial Analyst:<br />Beginning-56,910<br />Average-71,750<br />In the united States Accountants and Financial Analyst make a good amount of money. <br />Accountant:<br />Beginning-45,900<br />Average-59,430<br />Financial Analyst <br />Beginning-54,930<br />Average-73,150<br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />(“Financial Analyst”)<br />
  28. 28. Major Companies To Consider<br />Accountant <br />Financial Analyst<br />Major employers: <br />Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll firms <br />Federal, state, and local government agencies <br />Business management companies <br />Major employers: <br />Stock brokers and dealers <br />Business management companies <br />Banks and credit unions <br />Insurance companies <br />(“Accountants and Auditors”)<br />(“Financial Analyst”)<br />
  29. 29. Jobs As An Accountant And A Financial Analyst<br />Accountant<br />Financial Analyst<br />Jobs to consider in an accounting field:<br />Accounting Assistant<br />Accounting Clerk<br />Accounting Manager<br />Accounting Specialist<br />Accounts Payable Clerk<br />Accounts Payable Manager<br />Bookkeeper <br />Jobs to consider in as a financial analyst:<br />CFO/Chief Financial Officer<br />Director of Finance<br />Financial Planning & Analysis<br />Financial Reporting<br />VP of Finance<br />Business Analyst <br />Finance Manager <br />(Accounting Job Description)<br />
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