Terrence Scarborough 2014 PA-PAC Questionnaire


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Terrence Scarborough, candidate for Durham School Board of Education District 2, 2014 People's Alliance PAC Questionnaire

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Terrence Scarborough 2014 PA-PAC Questionnaire

  1. 1. 1 Terrence “T.R.” Scarborough PA-PAC Questionnaire for Durham Public School Board of Education 2014 Candidate Name:_Terrence “T.R.” Scarborough Address: 6310 Coronado Lane; Durham, NC 27713 E-mail address: tr_scarborough@yahoo.com Phone: (919) 489-0707 School Board 1. Why do you want to serve on the Durham Public School (DPS) Board of Education? What is the role of a board member? I would like to serve on the DPS Board of Education to use the knowledge and experience I have gained, both personally and professionally, to help navigate the system through the challenges facing public education. DPS impacts our community in a plethora of ways and our students deserve an educational experience that is fair, equitable, and of high quality. Recently passed legislation in the North Carolina (NC) General Assembly threatens this educational experience. I would like to serve to help DPS withstand this attack. The role of a board member is to provide stability, resolve, and adaptive leadership at all times. Not only are members entrusted to lead the system, they are obligated to manifest and uphold the principles that they are trying to implement. Board members should speak with intention, lead with integrity, and have an open and inclusive mind. Members should never forget that they are representing the students, their district, and the system. It is a role that should not be taken lightly. 2. The board will be involved in the hiring of a new superintendent. What should the search process look like? What qualities should the successful candidate possess? The search process for a new superintendent should look like the search process for a chancellor or president of a college or university. Prior to a search firm being identified, the board should solicit input and suggestions from the community via town hall meetings. Parents, students, business owners, faculty, and administrators are important stakeholders and deserve a voice in the process. Once a search firm has been identified, the finalists for the position should undergo interviews, via town hall meetings, to give the community a chance to evaluate the potential superintendent. After all stakeholders have had the chance to participate in the process, the board interviews and makes the final decision. The successful candidate should possess the following qualities: integrity, high principle values, discipline, patience, charisma, vision, be inclusive, and intentional. They must also be an adaptive leader that is not rigid in their thinking but nimble enough to bend when warranted without compromising the greater goal.
  2. 2. 2 3. How should teachers and administrators be evaluated? Are the current state standards effective? I do not believe the current state standards for teacher and administrator evaluations are effective. We should have standards to measure competency and effectiveness. However, I do not believe a random 45-minute visit to a classroom 3 times a year provides a true assessment of a teacher. The teacher could have been sick the day of the visit and performed poorly. Or, they may have received some bad news and was simply not at their best. I am not sure what the answer is but I am confident that we can improve this process. 4. How should students be assessed? What role should standardized tests play in evaluating students? Students should be evaluated on their performance throughout the academic year. More weight should be placed on regular tests and finals. Every test should be approached and prepared for in the same manner. I also believe that students should not be told the significance of a test. If students are told that performing poorly on a test will cause them to fail, what do we expect to happen? If we remove some of the pressure and stress associated with test-taking by changing how we approach tests and the value placed on them, our students will be better off. Standardized tests should play a minimal role in student evaluation. There are too many variables that can come into play on any one day of testing (i.e. sickness, fatigue, anxiety, hunger, and poor family conditions) which can adversely impact a student’s test scores. 5. In spite of the introduction of magnet schools, it appears that Durham Public Schools have become increasingly segregated by socioeconomic status and race. What are your thoughts on this situation? I agree that DPS has become more segregated by socioeconomic status and race. Though the School Board has made efforts to prevent the segregation of schools by introducing the magnet school program, DPS has been unsuccessful in avoiding this predicament. In 2012-2013, there were 11 schools with ten or fewer white students enrolled, and 1 school did not have any white students enrolled. I do not find it to be a coincidence that the majority of the 11 schools have traditionally served minority students. Conversely, schools that have traditionally served white students have the highest concentration of white students enrolled. The concept and implementation of diversifying our schools needs to be re-evaluated. 6. Does DPS need to make changes to its school suspension policy? If so, what changes would you work for as a Board Member? I believe that overall, the suspension policy does not need to be changed. However, the recent policy amendment that gives individual administrators more flexibility in determining when to suspend a student is a progressive step forward. The issue is not the suspension policy, but the inconsistent interpretation and application of the Code of Student Conduct policy. It is this policy that is grossly abused.
  3. 3. 3 As a Board member, I would ensure that students, parents, faculty and administrators understand the difference between the two policies. I would set up workshops specifically for faculty and administrators to explain how to interpret the policy and how to identify which consequence or behavioral intervention is to be applied to situations. I would also suggest distribution of the policy to students and parents at the beginning of each academic year. 7. What is your opinion about the Charter School movement? The Charter School movement is a surreptitious and strategic initiative to bring the state closer to privatization of education. It is a deliberate and intentional move to further the segregation of school systems throughout the state. When created with the proper intent, not all charter schools are bad. They provide an invaluable service to students and the school system. However, with minimal legislation in place to mandate certain standards, charter schools can significantly impair the public educational system. 8. What is your opinion about school vouchers? I do not believe in the school voucher program. Many private institutions already have endowment funds that help low-resourced students pay for tuition. There is no need to use taxpayer dollars to enhance a system that does not need its help. The school voucher system is the accomplice to the charter school program. Both take taxpayer dollars and use those dollars to fund charter and private school education, and in some instances discriminate against those that have paid taxes into the system. 9. As a board member how would you lead the decisions addressing the needs of the students who are at risk for low achievement and dropping out? This discussion is a difficult one to have. However, it is one that must take place if we are to strengthen our school system. I would begin this conversation by asking all parties involved to be candid and transparent about their needs, concerns, suggestions, and ideas. Our intentional communication, leaves no room for misinterpretation. Participants would say exactly what they mean and express exactly how they feel; all assumptions would be removed. I would ask that our dialogue be inclusive, meaning we remove all preconceived judgments and stereotypes of one another. It will give us the opportunity to be open to other perspectives and ideas. I think it prudent that we understand that we must act and speak with integrity. We are individual people and have different approaches, thoughts, ideas, concepts, and opinions. But our differences do not give us permission to mistreat one another. Practicing integrity is a daily lesson of self-examination which allows me to see my weaknesses, thus providing the opportunity for me to see your strengths. Once we are unified on the approach needed to make these tough decisions, I would encourage that we work collectively and creatively to address the identified needs. It will
  4. 4. 4 require everyone to contribute where and how they can. As the old adage goes, it truly does take a village to raise a child. 10. Why do you think that parents choose to take their children out of the public schools in Durham or don’t choose them at all? How would you address this issue? DPS has a negative stigma imbrued on its name. Parents are skeptical about the integrity of the curriculum, the qualifications of the teachers, and the resources available to the system. Consequently, they are reluctant to leave their children in our public schools or fear sending them at all. To address this issue, DPS must strengthen its marketing to highlight its successes and achievements. Board Members must visit with the community frequently to increase awareness. I am an advocate of Town Hall meetings because they make Board Members visible, therefore relatable to the people. These meetings are about adaptive leadership and changing perception. 11. If you could do three things to improve Durham Public Schools, what would they be? 1. Increase per student spending to the national average. 2. Improve school personnel working conditions (i.e. increase salaries for all employees that work in public schools, implement mentoring programs, evaluate students and teachers fairly, etc.) 3. Reduce class sizes. Personal Information 12. Please describe your educational background, noting any degrees and honors you have earned. (skip if resume included) Please see attached resume. 13. Do you have children? Where do they or did they attend school? Yes, I have children and they attend City of Medicine Academy and Rogers-Herr Middle School. 14. Please describe your adult employment history (skip if resume included) Please see attached resume.
  5. 5. 5 T E R R E N C E R . S C A R B O R O U G H 6310 Coronado Lane , Durham, NC 27713 919.621.5577 · tr_scarborough@yahoo.com EXPERIENCE: 2013 – Present University of North Carolina – General Administration Chapel Hill, NC Assistant Director of Licensure Coordinate and manage the process of granting licensure to non-public and out-of-state institutions that wish to conduct post-secondary degree activity in North Carolina Engage in consultation with applicants about the licensure application process. Manage the annual and periodic billing cycle and track the deposit and expenditure of funds in support of this program. Oversees site visits and prepares reports for recommendation to the UNC Board of Governors. 2005 – 2013 NC State Education Assistance Authority Durham, NC Program Manager – Merit Based Scholarship-loans Fiscal Management and Analysis: Evaluated over 3,500 applications annually to determine eligibility and award acceptance. Managed a fiscal year budget of approximately $25 million of state appropriated funds. Compiled statistical reports using MS Excel for the NC General Assembly to assist in determining award recipients and program funding. Created news and press releases, and other pertinent information, while providing computer assistance, file maintenance, data entry and other general office tasks. Leadership and Communication: Managed a team of employees and supervise department employees in the absence of other team managers. Collaborated with other departments, internal and external to the SEAA, and other state agencies to assist in developing program rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Interpreted and communicated program rules, regulations and procedures to a wide variety of health care professionals, educational institutions, legislators, and citizens of North Carolina. Implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all merit based scholarship-loan programs. Collaborated with other departments, internal and external to the SEAA, and other state agencies to assist in developing, reviewing and revising proposed legislation from the NC General Assembly to implement various scholarship-loan programs. Coordinated and conducted training workshops and informational sessions to colleges, universities, and related organizations throughout the state of North Carolina to raise awareness of the Merit Based scholarship-loan programs. Facilitated agency training for the implementation of the new Career Banding Compensation Program. Coached employees on developing personal and professional skill sets. Provided career and academic counseling to high school and college students. Maintained confidentiality of student records in accordance to FERPA laws. 2001 – 2004 NC State Education Assistance Authority Durham, NC Program Assistant – Nurse Scholars Program Interpreted and communicated program rules, regulations and procedures to health care professionals. Evaluated over 1,500 applications to assist in determining eligibility and award acceptance. Provided numerical statistics for the Nurse Scholars Commission to assist in determining award recipients. Ordered, processed, and mailed tuition disbursement checks and validated the accuracy of promissory notes.
  6. 6. 6 T E R R E N C E R . S C A R B O R O U G H 6310 Coronado Lane , Durham, NC 27713 919.621.5577 · tr_scarborough@yahoo.com 1999 – 2001 Lason, Incorporated Durham, NC Accounts Receivable Specialist Assisted the Controller with month-end reconciliation, journal and general ledger entries. Investigated, reconciled, and restored accounts to appropriate status. Responsible for all aspects of the billing, invoicing, and cash receipts processes. EDUCATION: North Carolina Central University Durham, NC Master’s Degree – Public Administration (Magna Cum Laude) University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC Bachelor of Arts Degree – Industrial Relations PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2011-13 William C. Friday Fellow for Human Relations - Collaborated with a network of courageous leaders who connect across differences in identity and ideas to develop new solutions to the complex challenges facing the peoples and communities of North Carolina. - Engaged in training sessions designed to examine values, attitudes, and behaviors that are blocking progress toward a shared goal. Equal Employment Opportunity Institute (EEOI) Certified UNC – Leadership Certificate Program UNC – Supervisory/Management Certificate Program UNC – Project Management Certificate Program NCSEAA Career Banding Committee COMMUNITY SERVICE 2011 – Present Rogers-Herr Middle School (DPS Magnet School) Durham, NC Member – School Improvement Team - Help to implement the school improvement plan. - Discuss policies and provide parental perspective. - Chair of the Positive Culture Goal Team. 2012 – 2013 Duke University – School of Nursing Durham, NC Making a Difference in Nursing II (MADIN II) Advisory Board Member - The Health Equity Academy (HEA) is the next generation of the Making a Difference in Nursing II (MADIN II) program. MADIN II concludes December 31, 2013. - Focus on Social Determinants of Health (SDH), health access, health disparities, diversity and health equity in the preparation of Health Equity Academy (HEA) Scholars. 2011 – 2013 Institute of Emerging Issues Raleigh, NC Advisory Board Member - Inform board on the financial aid process. - Counsel members on how RIBN policies impact financial aid for students. - Recommend policy options that are consistent with the financial aid process.
  7. 7. 7 T E R R E N C E R . S C A R B O R O U G H 6310 Coronado Lane , Durham, NC 27713 919.621.5577 · tr_scarborough@yahoo.com 2009 – 2013 Council for Allied Health in North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC Advisory Board Member - Ensure access to a well-prepared, well-distributed allied health workforce. - Foster strategies to promote the allied health professions. - Monitor trends in the demand, supply and distribution of allied health personnel. - Inform the General Assembly through the UNC Board of Governors of imbalances in the supply and distribution of allied health personnel that adversely affect access to cost-effective, appropriate and effective healthcare. - Monitor and respond to state and federal initiatives and actions. 2007 – 2013 Foundation for Nursing Excellence Raleigh, NC Advisory Board Member - Inform board on the financial aid process. - Advised members on how policies impact financial aid for students. - Explained the synergy between financial aid and workforce development. - Recommend policy options that are consistent with the financial aid process. 2010 – 2012 City of Medicine Academy (DPS Magnet School) Durham, NC Chair – School Improvement Team - Drafted the by-laws for the SIT. - Created a Distributive Leadership & Decision-Making Policy/Model. - Established the Teachers’ Corner (an opportunity for Faculty to express themselves). - Assisted in creating the official school logo. - Chartered the Alumni Affairs Committee. - Created and approved a nomination and election process for the SIT. - Revised the Tardy Policy. - School of Distinction (1 of 3 in DPS in 2010-2011). - Founded and organized the Student Recognition Awards Assembly & Cookout. - Helped to institute the Academic Enrichment Travel Program (Costa Rica). 2010 – 2011 Southwest Guilford High School High Point, NC Assistant Coach – Women’s JV Basketball (Conference Champions) - Instilled self-discipline, a strong work ethic, and teamwork. - Encouraged Sself-confidence, perseverance, and accountability. - Provided guidance on how to select the right college for the athlete. - Taught defense, dribbling, passing, and shooting. 2001 – 2011 Kappas of Durham Foundation, Inc. (501c3 Non-Profit) Durham, NC Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer - Created a Saturday Academy in collaboration with Durham Public Schools. - Facilitated meetings and provided strategic leadership. - Disseminated organizational documents and correspondence. - Represented the foundation at various community events. - Operated and managed the annual budget. - Grant writer. - Chaired the Political Action Committee. - Responsible for obtaining a permanent location for the organization.
  8. 8. 8 T E R R E N C E R . S C A R B O R O U G H 6310 Coronado Lane , Durham, NC 27713 919.621.5577 · tr_scarborough@yahoo.com 2001 – 2011 R.N. Harris Little Brothers Mentoring Program Durham, NC Co-Coordinator - Tutored fifth graders in reading and math. - Designed the cultural curriculum. - Created the travel and extra-curricular schedule. - Maintained the budget. - Served as a mentor and big brother. 2001 – 2011 Beautillion Scholarship & Mentoring Program Durham, NC Coordinator - Designed cultural programs for high school students. - Prepared schedules and calendars for programs and workshops. - Presented financial aid and college admissions workshops. - Coordinated the ceremonial award banquet (formal affair). - Maintained and operated the budget. - Wrote and revised bylaws. - Assisted with fundraising initiatives. - Authored grant proposals. - Mentored high school students. 2007 – 2009 Upward Bound Program at UNC – Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, NC Presenter and Mentor - Provided guidance on the college admissions and financial aid processes to low-income high school students. - Explained financial literacy concepts. - Facilitated a role-play scenario where students had to create and manage a monthly budget based on their fictitious annual income. - Presented a workshop on professional etiquette. 2006 – 2008 Durham County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) Durham, NC Member At Large - Reviewed the needs of juveniles who were at risk of delinquency or who had been adjudicated undisciplined or delinquent. - Reviewed the resources available to address those needs. - Determined the services needed to address problems areas. - Develop a request for proposal for services in need. - Evaluated program performance. - Increased public awareness of the causes of delinquency and strategies to reduce the problem. - Provide funds for treatment, counseling, or rehabilitation services. 2000 – 2003 Riverside High School Durham, NC Assistant Coach – Women’s Varsity Basketball - Instilled self-discipline, a strong work ethic, and teamwork. - Encouraged Sself-confidence, perseverance, and accountability. - Provided guidance on how to select the right college for the athlete. - Taught defense, dribbling, passing, and shooting.
  9. 9. 9 T E R R E N C E R . S C A R B O R O U G H 6310 Coronado Lane , Durham, NC 27713 919.621.5577 · tr_scarborough@yahoo.com ORGANIZATIONS 2007 – 2013 Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society (PAA) Durham, NC 2005 – 2013 North Carolina Association of Student Durham, NC Financial Aid Administrators (NCASFAA) 2008 – 2009 American Society for Public Administrators (ASPA) Durham, NC