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While there are endless rankings of business schools in India, is this intelligence of any use to employers in corporate India? Excerpts from discussions with industry experts who share their views on the disconnect between what B-school rankings say and what employers seek from it.

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What Employers Want

  1. 1. www.peoplematters.inWhile there are endlessrankings of business schools inIndia, is this intelligence of anyuse to employers in corporateIndia? Excerpts fromdiscussions with industryexpertswho share their views on thedisconnect between whatB-school rankings say and whatemployers seek from it By Rajlakshmi Saikia
  2. 2. www.peoplematters.inWhat Employers WantIn the absence of any credible ranking system, most employers resort to perception andintuition, which have emerged as a common guiding light for organizations. But, is thisgood enough?The obvious repercussion of such a practice has led organizations to restrict themselvesto the usual suspects, thus exposing most organizations only to talent available in thetop rung B-schools as per available rankings today.While employers seek information on the academic rigor, quality of faculty, studentintake and quality of research, the current B-school rankings do not have the requiredframework to present the true picture
  3. 3. www.peoplematters.in S.Y. Siddiqui COO, Administration (HR, Fin, IT, Company Law & Legal), Maruti Suzuki“A good B-school should emphasize on high quality faculty, supported by real research,and a credible student intake process. Subsequent weightage can also be given toinfrastructure, corporate connectedness, and extra-curriculum activities.” Click for full story
  4. 4. www.peoplematters.inP. Dwarakanath,Director Group Human Capital, Max Group“Ranking should be independent of commercial considerations. It must reflect theoverall governance in admission of students, hiring of faculty, infrastructure and otherfacilities for research, executive education, as well as the quality of student output andtheir contribution to the corporate world.” Click for full story
  5. 5. www.peoplematters.in Rajeev Dubey President (HR, After-Market & Corporate Services), Mahindra & Mahindra“A credible ranking must provide information on methodology of student intake,student profile, quality of faculty, and the student to faculty ratio. Other factors thatmust also be considered include infrastructure and industry tie-ups.” Click for full story
  6. 6. www.peoplematters.inDr. Arvind Agarwal,President Corporate Development & Group HR, RPG“Today, employers choose a B-school on the basis of its branding or the generalperception about a particular B-school. A credible ranking will help in identifying evena tier II institute, which is doing well and caters to developing the kind of candidatesthat we look for.” Click for full story
  7. 7. www.peoplematters.inS.P. SinghDirector-HR, National Termal Power Corporation“A ranking would help in understanding where each school stands vis-à-vis others interms of the key criteria of employability. However, rankings cannot be the sole criteriafor selecting a B-School for placement. The quality of students is most important.” Click for full story
  8. 8. www.peoplematters.in Radhakrishnan Nair Talent Acquisition, Group Human Resources, Tata Group“A useful B-school ranking would be one that brings clarity of understanding about a B-school’s academic rigor, student diversity, input process and quality, faculty-studentrelationship as well as non-academic curriculum.” Click for full story
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