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Successful implementation of HR technology does not depend on the robustness of the platform, but on employee engagement during the process

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HR Technology Service Providers slide_share_2013

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  2. 2. www.peoplematters.inKEY POINTSA key challenge for all HR organisations is how to choose the right technology in line with the budget andimplement it correctlyAs companies go global, HR technology helps them to maintain a standard interface for all employees. If itis implemented in a bad way, it can have adverse effects on the morale and motivation of employeesIndian organisations still view technology as a tool for process efficiency rather than an opportunity toincrease their touch points with employees
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  6. 6. Click for full storywww.peoplematters.inHere in India, organisations are looking for intelligent recruitment applicationsthat can streamline and make the recruitment process faster and efficient.Whatever is the basis for selecting a technology, the most important aspectwhile choosing a technology service is whether the provider has a productroadmap.
  7. 7. Click for full storywww.peoplematters.inThe topmost trend for HR organisations in the coming times is the reliance ontechnology for talent acquisition and retention. Progressive recruiters havestartedusing consumer and social technologies such as LinkedIn to acquire and retaintalent. Secondly, the use of data to make informed hiring decisions is gainingmore prominence. Thirdly, the trend of mapping skills against jobs based on datais changing the way organisations manage their workforce.
  8. 8. Click for full storywww.peoplematters.inA few valuable technology advancements in the recent past have been1.Online Assessments2.Simulation-based Assessments3.Automated spoken English Assessments4.Analytics5.Video Interviews
  9. 9. Click for full storywww.peoplematters.inOver the last few decades, Indian companies have not only championed thecause of building better technologies, but also have been proactive in its adoptionto optimise benefits.These days, companies are looking at automating or deploying technology to itstruest sense – in running assessments and surveys.
  10. 10. Click for full storywww.peoplematters.inCloud and social media technologies have the capabilities of catalysing a varietyof functions in an HR ecosystem, making them more efficient and effective. It isthe next evolution to talent acquisition and management. Time and again,technology was deployed without keeping in mind the basic ethos of the buildingblocks of the HR functions.
  11. 11. Click for full storywww.peoplematters.inService providers and organisations view the mobile technology space as themost promising thanks to its deep penetration in the Indian market. Soon,enterprise learning on the mobile platform will likely see a boom. The ability tomap an individual’s talent profile against enterprise requirements and then createon-the-go and measurable learning solutions to cater to that approach will definethe future of HR services in the coming times.
  12. 12. Click for full storywww.peoplematters.inThe following trends are driving technology enhancements leading to developmentof new features:1.Social Recognition2.Gamification3.Health & Wellness4.Cloud Computing and SaaS5.Mobile
  13. 13. HR TechnologyJune 2013For Further InformationKindly Contact+91 (124) 4148102info@peoplematters.inwww.peoplematters.inConnect with us onSubscriber Now!